Tyrrell: Davy suspension fair

20 April 2017

Wexford Manager Davy Fitzgerald

Jackie Tyrrell says eight weeks is "a fair suspension" for Davy Fitzgerald.

The Wexford boss has been handed a two-month ban for his pitch-encroaching antics during the Model County's league semi-final defeat to Tipperary and Kilkenny legend Tyrrell has praised the GAA for their handling of the incident:

"I think it's fair and I think the GAA have acted very well in this situation," the 2006 All-Ireland winning captain told RTE. "You have to set down a marker and you can't condone that. If the GAA went lightly on this, then other managers would start thinking about doing something similar in a match.

"We can all get a bit excited on the sideline so I think it's very much a fair suspension and the GAA have dealt with it well.

"I think it's justified. Davy, unfortunately, left himself open when he encroached on the field last weekend, and then getting involved with two Tipperary players. You just can't do that. Davy knows that this week.

"It's just unfortunate, because he has done so much good with Wexford, that he won't be involved for the next eight weeks."

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