Gaelic Grounds get permission to host concerts

01 March 2013

Cork and Clare parade before the start of the Munster SFC final at the Gaelic Grounds
Limerick GAA and Limerick Gaelic Grounds Ltd have confirmed that planning permission has been granted by Limerick City Council for the hosting of concerts at Pairc na nGael.

The association has welcomed the decision of the planning department which paves the way for the hosting concerts which will be of huge benefit to the region.

"Limerick GAA is fully aware of the concerns of local residents and would like to assure them that we will engage fully with these organisations to allay any concerns they may have as to the organisation of such concerts and the acts that will hopefully be performing," said a Limerick spokesman. "Limerick GAA will be working in conjunction with concert promoters, planning officers and city officials to meet all the necessary requirements to ensure concerts can be held with minimal inconvenience to residents. It is envisaged that the type of acts sought for the Gaelic Grounds will be cognisant of the residential surroundings and be aimed at an audience reflecting this."

Welcoming the decision, Limerick GAA Chairman, Oliver Mann, stated, "On behalf of Limerick GAA, I would like to welcome the decision of the planning authorities to grant the provisional planning permission for the hosting of major concerts and events in the Gaelic Grounds. With Limerick celebrating the City of Culture title in 2014, it allows the GAA who is steeped in music and culture through Scor and Scor na nOg, play an integral part in these celebrations. The capacity for a concert in the Gaelic Grounds will be capped at 49,000 which with full occupancy could bring an economic benefit of an estimated €10million euro to the region per concert. As with all our association activities any monies raised from such events will be reinvested in the grassroots of the organisation at city and county level. Limerick GAA also has a long held tradition of engaging with the local business community as was seen in the redevelopment of the stadium and it is our intention where possible to engage again with local businesses, contractors etc., to deliver these events. "

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