McGlynn plays down the Gallagher factor ahead of Ulster decider

June 12, 2018

Donegal's Frank McGlynn is tackled by Shay Millar of Down

Veteran Donegal star Frank McGlynn doesn't subscribe to the theory that former manager Rory Gallagher's in-depth knowledge of him and his team-mates gives Fermanagh an advantage ahead of the Ulster SFC final.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, McGlynn played down the significance of Ernesiders boss Gallagher's past involvement with the Tir Chonaill side.

"I suppose it depends on what way you look at it, we as players have a brave insight into Rory's mind, but it's all on the day," McGlynn remarked to the Irish Independent.

"We were very grateful to have Rory over the past couple of years, and he played a big part in some of the players' success.

"But at the same time, there are a lot of new players in our team that probably haven't played in an Ulster final, so it's going to be a huge day for them and huge day for everyone involved.

"I'm sure both Fermanagh and Donegal will look forward to it." 

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