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I was in the Gaelic grounds in Armgh last night. I was impressed with the stadium and I hope that we can at least reach it's standard when building our new ground. I was far from impressed however with the cynicism in Armaghs tackling. I've seen it with the likes of Tyrone or Donegal but was surprised to see that Armagh are copying their style. Armagh had a reputation of playing hard but fair. Speaking of fair play, the actions of your Maor uisce near the end was disgraceful. It was obviously a planned tactic to try to disrupt the opposition.
All in all Armagh lost not just the game but their reputation so well done there.

ged (Louth) - Posts:209 - 17/03/2013 17:41:07   1351028


Unless it involves Cross your not getting a reply. Not much interest in county team on this Forum!!

joej (Louth) - Posts:1137 - 19/03/2013 11:26:05   1351850

Good man joej. You are probably right. It was read by about 200 people so I am taking it that no response means guilty as charged.

ged (Louth) - Posts:209 - 19/03/2013 13:29:37   1351964

ged and joej I couldn't get to the game the other night but i am disappointed to hear of cynical tactics being used by Armagh, as you rightly say Armagh were never a county to do this and always played hard and fair. Hope we move on from this and start to play some better football when the team is settled. Good result for Louth and as our neighbours I'd like to see them going on a good championship run.

Tom1916 (Armagh) - Posts:1857 - 19/03/2013 13:54:42   1351980

What are armaghs chances v westmeath at the weekend, I am tempted to put a few quid on them

Donegalman (All) - Posts:2387 - 21/03/2013 11:55:23   1353293

donegal man If your smart you will keep your money,can't see anything but a westmeath win,especially in cusack park,it's a fortress at the minute

footiemad (Westmeath) - Posts:585 - 21/03/2013 13:25:50   1353397

Donegalman I'd agree with footiemad, I'd save my money as Armagh have too many players missing etc to even pose a threat, hopefully come championship time we'll be better placed.

Tom1916 (Armagh) - Posts:1857 - 21/03/2013 14:17:03   1353443

ok so I will wait till the summer, i cant see armagh going like this forever, as I cant see westmeath continuing this winning streak much longer either

Donegalman (All) - Posts:2387 - 21/03/2013 14:31:50   1353464

It been a bleak few years for the maroon. We would appreciate the points and effectively winnning Division 2. I would have loved to see Jamie Clarke in action in Mullingar hopefully you do not have a ready made replacement.

wonit1time (Westmeath) - Posts:350 - 23/03/2013 19:36:51   1354785

don't rule them out of ulster

red_rum (Down) - Posts:39 - 19/04/2013 16:03:30   1370455

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