McBride reveals Casement frustration

December 18, 2017

Antrim's Patrick McBride.
©INPHO/Presseye/Jonathan Porter.

Antrim football half back Paddy McBride believes the county is suffering in the absence of a place they can call home.

The Saffrons have been forced to play their 'home' games at Corrigan Park and other venues since Casement Park closed its doors a few years ago for redevelopment works which have yet to start.

"Casement is a killer. It is a problem," the St. John's clubman told the Irish Independent.

"It seems like there is not a GAA home for the community. Wednesday night and Friday nights, no matter what you were doing if you saw the lights on in Casement you wanted to go down there.

"Casement would help kids to enjoy it more and we would have more participants around the county."

The Belfast-based PE teacher added: "Walking into Casement, it feels like 'this is our stadium.' You want to protect it. St John's is good for us because we play there regularly now and it has sort of become a fortress for us. Anyone coming up the Whiterock Road, we are going to make it hard for them and we haven't lost a league game there in two years.

"St John's has been brilliant for us, but obviously you want to be playing Casement."

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