Daly: Dubs are faster

July 01, 2011

Dublin hurling manager Anthony Daly
Anthony Daly reckons his players are faster than Kilkenny's - but admits hurling isn't a race!

The Metropolitan boss believes his younger, fitter side could take the Cats at the Olympics, but says they need to get their hands on the sliothar on Sunday to show their true worth:

"It has been well documented that there might be a few Kilkenny lads slowing up.

"I certainly knew around 199 or 2000 that my own legs weren't as good as they were - not that they were ever hectic! Around 1994 or 1995, I was that little bit quicker.

"I'd say if our 15 and their 15 raced the length of Croke Park, more of our lads would get to the finishing line first.

"But it's all about that white thing and, if you're running, you have to have that white thing in your hand.

"We have to front up and win primary possession first."

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