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100+ things culchies love!

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Just a bit of craic lads but fierce funny... 100+ Things Culchies Love 1. A nice bit of ham 2. Buttered biscuits 3. Diggin Houles 4. Saying it's too cold to snow 5. Pretending to know about The Ra 6. Tayto Cheese & Onion 7. Pretending they're in The Ra 8. A stretch in the evenings 9. Lucozade 10. Accordions 11. Pretending to like Holy Week 12. A dinner dance 13. Gettin clattered in muck 14. Shania Twain 15. Hefers 16. Spittin in their hands before doing anything manual 17. Steel toe caps 18. A big bowl of carrots & parsnips 19. Eating sangwiches out of the boot of a car at GAA 20. Saying someones 'Opened a Book' on something. 21. The smell of fresh dung 22. Slice-Your-Own Loaf 23. Work Clothes 24. A bottle of mineral 25. Fightin' 26. Puttin on a ganzee to stop them from bein foundered 27. 'The' Hurling/Football 28. Being overweight. 29. Weemin wha resemble Hefers 30. Saying "Aaah" after taking their first sup of tae. 31. Drink driving 32. Red diesel 33. The Fear of Change 34. A nice bit of Barnbrac 35. Lying 36. Building walls 37. Being starved with the cold rather than with a lack of food 38. Pretending to like mass 39. Talking about ***** like Flax and the Corncrake. 40. A good blackthorn walkin stick 41. Shouting 'Yeeeeeoooo' when something good happens. 42. Mohammed Ali 43. Machinery 44. Strange uppy-downy walks 45. A good ****** read of Irelands Own 46 Saying "Boy" at the end of every sentence 47 Saying "you know what I mean Like" all the time !!! 48 Downing pints of Guinness when ever you get a chance 49 Wearing crappy jumpers that belong to your aul fella to a night club 50 Wearing any ancient clothes to a night club once it looks clean 51 Wearing your wellies out shopping in the town 52 Garret Brooks 53 Wearing your nirvana T-Shirts between the ages of 12 untill your 18 54 The Saw Doctors "N17" in particular 55 Signing Bang on the Ear by the "WaterBoys" 56 Copper (Slapper) Face Jacks on Hardcourt Street 57 Having a shower with Lynx instead of using water 58 Line Dancing 59 Singing " I would walk 500 miles" when your locked 60 Lumber Jack shirts 61 Walking around the town with hurlies 62 Burning Rubbish 63 Drinking unpasturised milk 64 Thinking the Dumb Believables are the funniest comedy duo act EVER !!! 65 Understanding what the hell the Dumb Believables are saying !!! 66 Taping songs off the Wireless 67 Using string instead of the belt to keep your pants up 68 Smoking pipes 69 Having a cup of tea every hour on the hour 70 A Country Practice 71 The Farmers Journal 72 Anything that Kills Liver Fluke !!! 73 Priests 74 Nuns 75 Christian Brothers 76 Anyone Holy !!! 77 Drinking Holy Water 78 Putting sheep into the back seat of the car 79 Keeping your family car for about 30 years using the scrap yard for spare parts 80 Brown Bread 81 Hunting for your dinner 82 Finally Getting Married at age 70 to a Mail Order Bride 83 Going shopping once a year to the BIG SMOKE OOOhh be god !!! 84 Cabbage everyday for dinner 85 Talking about generators for hours 86 Sticking your hands up cows 87 Daniel O'Donnel 88 Standing against a gate for hours 89 Chrisy Moore 90 Def Leopard "pour some SIUCRA on meeeee boy" 91 saying Feckthat at Funerals 92 Buying anything second hand once it's Cheaaaaapp !!! 93 Collecting useless stuff in your attics for generations 94 Keeping your life savings under the floor boards, mattress or buried down the field 95 Watching and buying movies on the awl cassette tape. (Dve, d .. you say what boy ... sure who need tat fecking ting) !!!! 96 Black and White TV's 97 Boiling water before you drink it 98 A fine bit of manure 99 Having 12 kids 100 Collecting old car tires

bad.monkey (USA) - Posts: 4536 - 22/10/2008 15:52:34    124204


84 Cabbage everyday for dinner

You'd miss the auld cabbage! One of the drawbacks of moving to the Big Smoke!

tiobraid (Tipperary) - Posts: 3111 - 22/10/2008 16:39:08    124273


stupid post you ignorant fool. list of things dubs like; -turning up late to games -come to croke park in the summer and not have a clue why they're there -call football ga -stealing cars -tuck their tracksuit bottoms under their white socks -white runners thats just a few but you get the point

depointswilcome (Westmeath) - Posts: 125 - 22/10/2008 16:42:24    124279


Could really go for a nice bowl of carrots and parsnips right about now...

Andy (Laois) - Posts: 371 - 22/10/2008 16:44:19    124280


You could put Quinns in there along with Coppers.

mid-mon man (Monaghan) - Posts: 1680 - 22/10/2008 16:45:38    124282


Ya I've seen it before, it's good, and some of those things are definitely true!

3inarow08 (Kerry) - Posts: 2455 - 22/10/2008 16:45:58    124283


impressive list i agree wiv most a em

paudi (Meath) - Posts: 681 - 22/10/2008 16:47:22    124286


Just a few more.........

Drinking Bass

Dipping their pens in holy water before doing the lotto

Having an inferiority complex

Big sturdy farming women

jimbodub (Dublin) - Posts: 20341 - 22/10/2008 16:48:02    124287


46 Saying "Boy" at the end of every sentence
47 Saying "you know what I mean Like" all the time !!!

Thats cork people not the rest of us boy, you know what i mean like?

Htaem (Meath) - Posts: 8657 - 22/10/2008 16:51:01    124292


We will all be back on the Cabage soon once the recession really kicks in. I'm already digging a plot in the back to start growing it.

Nick (Wexford) - Posts: 1100 - 22/10/2008 16:52:58    124297


he forgot to say going to school to learn how to spell....... jaysus i love the oul cabbage... up tyrone...!!!!!! its what makes ya into a winner

sons.of.erin (UK) - Posts: 343 - 22/10/2008 17:43:53    124365


County: Westmeath
Posts: 54

thats just a few but you get the point

Not really but I'm sure depointwilcome. But they are really funny - I have never seen any of them before and have just missed by bus cos I've been doubled up on the floor laughing for the last 20 minutes!

JayoCluxton (Dublin) - Posts: 2688 - 22/10/2008 17:59:10    124384


Mid-mon man took the words out of my mouth.... Quinns anyhow n Coppers tho many can't stand the place too - its a true cattlemart!!!

Fionak (Galway) - Posts: 13 - 22/10/2008 18:18:45    124399


Take the bogger test to see how much of a bogger you are.

50 Questions, total your number of Yes answers and multiple by 2 to get what percentage of bogtastic you are

Are any of your family called "Mick" "Paddy" or "Ned"
Have you seen "Ear to the Ground" more than 3 times?
Have you ever heard the death notices on radio?
Would you have Bacon and Cabbage at least once a week?
Have you ever used the phrases "Jaysus" "By god" or "Oh Lord"?
Have you ever had a "half-litre" or a "medium" of Guinness?
Should Blackie Connors have got an oscar?
Have you ever used the phrase "It's a soft day"?
Have you went to Copper Face Jacks on the 'big match day'?
Have you played football/hurling with at least two cousins on the team as well?
Can you name more than 3 manufacturers of tractors?
Have either Big Tom, Mick Flavin, Philomena Begley or Margo played a concert within 10 miles of your house?
At any stage during the summer can you step out your door & get the smell of freshly spread slurry?
Do you know how to foot turf?
Have you ever been at a "25 drive"?
Have you ever been at a "dinner dance"?
Have you ever reared or eaten any home grown produce?
Does your water supply come from a well?
Are you currently in possession of a pair of Wellington boots?
Have you ever heard anyone refer to the smell of freshly spread slurry as "a grand healthy smell"
Do you have a cattle grid or other style gate to keep wandering animals out of your front lawn / flower garden?
Have you ever taken fresh eggs from under a hen?
Can you or have you ever driven a tractor?
Is hurling the most entertaining of these activities? Soccer, Rugby or Hurling?
Is there a lack of or no street-lights in your locality?
Do you only have RTE1, NET2, TV3 & TG4 or less on your television?
Do you know the difference between Hay & Silage?
Have you ever milked a cow or goat?
If by choice you could marry a local would you do so?
Would it be desirable that he/she was an only child to a wealthy farmer?
Do you bath less than 4 times a week?
Are you in possession of a tweed cap?
Have you ever thought that a toblerone was exotic?
Have you ever drank a wee one and a chaser?
Do you know who Miley is?
Is the parish priest one of the most powerfull men in your community?
Have you ever 'traveled to the big smoke' on the 8th December?
At any stage in your life, was your chat up line ever, "are you dancing"?
Do you ever look up in the sky when you hear a helicopter?
Is your local shop more than a mile from your door?
Have you ever referred to a city person as a townie?
Is a neighbour within 5 houses on either side of you a farmer
Have you ever referred to some woman down the road who's name you can't remember as Julia
Have you been to a disco chaperoned by a local priest
Do you ever add "een" to the end of a word in reference to its diminutive dimensions?
Have you ever had to climb over walls or hedges to get anywhere
Have you ever been misunderstood because of your accent
Did you ever have a piece of wavin in your car?
Are you currently in possession of a flask?
Have you ever gone into a pub and asked if they "do a big bottle of mineral"?

I managed to score 58%.I don't know if thats good or bad.

Clash-of-da-ash (Galway) - Posts: 927 - 22/10/2008 18:22:38    124402


Thats done it for me bad.monkey, how the hell did you think of them, are some kind of insomniac or such like?

brendtheredhand (Tyrone) - Posts: 10897 - 22/10/2008 21:21:59    124482


38% oh god i failed by 2%, im the worse bogger ever :-(

Htaem (Meath) - Posts: 8657 - 22/10/2008 23:21:52    124575


Cant take credit for the list brendtheredhand but as a dub im slightly worried i scored 42% on the are you a bogger quiz. I blame the culchie missus...

bad.monkey (USA) - Posts: 4536 - 22/10/2008 23:28:06    124580


32. Red diesel

Now that is "good stuff"

Dan.Diesel (Armagh) - Posts: 34 - 22/10/2008 23:58:36    124592


G'day from down under Fecking love this country they still talk fondly of you in woollongong snuff you could have been massive apparantly, i've been walk about for the last while this outback is a piece of **** nothing compared to the bog of allen na mona. great to see the culchie flag is still flying. Don't forget culchies love our mammies too....

Hag_and_Cheese (Tipperary) - Posts: 6103 - 23/10/2008 02:49:12    124613


p.s congrats to the 3 tipp lads getting allstars and antrim and galway getting in leinster.... you know it makes sense! Talk to you in a few weeks kids you all behave now especially you jayo!

Hag_and_Cheese (Tipperary) - Posts: 6103 - 23/10/2008 02:53:13    124615