League changes approved

January 17, 2008
A war of words broke out at a recent Mayo county board meeting as a debate arose over the format for the league, which has a new look this year. A new format has been introduced where teams have been divided into six sections in a senior league that covers clubs from all grades, but there was a lot of objection to the proposal. However, a vote by delegates was in favour of the change, but Connacht Council Secretary John Prenty was less than pleased with the change along with a number of delegates. "Everyone knows its Divisions 1 to 6," said Prenty. "Teams that were in one position last year now find themselves in a different position. The divisional competitions are as useful as tits on a bull. They are absolutely no benefit." Prenty's comments raised plenty of debate from member of the county board, who stressed the new format would be of a benefit to everyone.

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