Pay refs first, blasts McGrath

December 09, 2007
Former top referee PJ McGrath, who took charge of the famous 1982 All-Ireland football final between Kerry and Offaly, has claimed that referees are more entitled to grants than players. But he is still opposed to any GAA member receiving payment. "I don't believe grants should be paid to anyone in the manner people are talking about, but if it is to happen, referees should be the first ones to get money," said McGrath, who is also a former chairman of the Mayo county board. "They make huge sacrifices. Frequently, they are in their 40s, with young families, and they are gone Sunday after Sunday, and week evenings too. They get pittance in expenses to cover their journeys and, in reality, end up losing money. "When I was refereeing at inter-county level, I had three sons in college. They were coming home at weekends and I was on the road refereeing. And no one can deny without referees, there would be no games."

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