Farrell slams McStay punditry

June 12, 2007
Meath selector Dudley Farrell has lashed out at RTE analyst Kevin McStay after the former Mayo star once again highlighted incidents involving Graham Geraghty in last Sunday week's draw with Dublin. The CCCC decided last week that Geraghty didn't have a case to answer, but Meath believe that the veteran forward has been the subject of a media witch-hunt and are especially annoyed at comments made by McStay on the two most recent evening showings of 'The Sunday Game'. Farrell blasted: "The only thing that annoys me is that Kevin McStay from Mayo was still saying on 'The Sunday Game' (on Sunday, June 10) that Graham should have went. He still has bitter memories of '96. "Anytime he has been on since the drawn game, he's highlighting Graham Geraghty's incidents. Maybe he didn't want to see the thing on the Meath player, the spear tackle, that was tried (on Seamus Kenny). I'd be telling him to get on with his life and forget about '96. "When the media are picking out clips from games, they'd want to consider that there are two sides in every match."

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