Feeney's warning to Horan

December 01, 2010
Mayo secretary Sean Feeney has questioned the desire of the county's senior footballers after a disastrous 2010.

Writing in his report to next Tuesday's annual convention, the long-serving official welcomed James Horan's appointment as manager, but warned that he faced the same problems "as those confronted by John Maughan and John O'Mahony and unless we solve our spinal problems we will not progress."

Describing the heavy National League final defeat to Cork as a "disaster", Feeney said the subsequent Connacht championship loss to Sligo was a "game that was there for the taking" where "too many players failed to perform with newcomer Alan Freeman the only player to emerge with reputation intact."

And on the shock All-Ireland qualifier loss to Longford, he added: "No one expected Mayo to fall to Longford in the qualifiers but it sure did happen. This ended John O Mahony's second term. No effort was spared in preparing the team but too many players did not perform when the going got tough."

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