Staunton calls for quick appointment

November 30, 2010

Mayo's Cora Staunton
Cora Staunton has called on the Mayo ladies board to appoint a new senior manager before the end of the year.

Mayo temporarily withdrew from the Connacht and All-Ireland championships this year following the controversy which surrounded Pat Costello's resignation as manager.

"I honestly think we're not that far away from winning an All-Ireland with Mayo if things are done right and organised, and we start off the year properly," Staunton said ahead of her club Carnacon's All-Ireland final against Inch Rovers on Sunday.

"The players are there, we've shown that in Carnacon, but we just need to get everybody going in the one direction.

"We hadn't the right set-up in the last few years," she added.

"It was too late when the manager was being appointed. Managers were being changed every year. Only one of them, our last manager, left because he said he couldn't work with the players. Every other manager was let go by the county board.

"All we were looking for is some consistency. We need to make ladies football attractive again and get girls out playing for Mayo. At the moment that's not happening."

The former All-Ireland winner has vowed to play on if the proper structures and manager are in place.

"I will be playing next year if the right structures are in place, and a manager is put in place properly," she confirmed.

"All this stuff in the last year has been hard but I still think Mayo are good enough to win the All-Ireland. When I don't think that's the case anymore, then I'll step aside."

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