Brawl clubs told to name culprits

November 22, 2006
The Ulster Council has launched its investigation into the mass brawl which erupted at the end of last Sunday's provincial intermediate club semi-final between Ballymacnab and Stewartstown. Players, mentors and supporters were involved in the fracas alongside the tunnel area at Casement Park after the final whistle. The Ulster Council were quick to condemn the scenes and promptly set up an investigation committee on Tuesday night, November 21 to deal with the matter. Officials from both clubs attended the meeting in Armagh and they were ordered to identify culprits to the Ulster Council investigation committee on the match video. It was decided that the re-fixing of the game would be adjourned until the committee had completed its deliberations and all matters relating to the incidents that occurred have been dealt with. But the possibility of the clubs being thrown out of the championship certainly cannot be ruled out.

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