Dunning 'drained' after campaign

May 29, 2008
Being an inter-county manager is never easy, but former London football manager Noel Dunning is adamant that the role is much tougher across the Irish Sea. Dunning announced that he was stepping down immediately after the defeat to Sligo last weekend and he admits that it has been a tiring role for the past four years. "It's been very tough. If you can manage an inter-county team in London then you can manage it anywhere because you'll never come across the difficulties you face here in London. That's no disrespect to the county board, it's just the way things are," said Dunning. "I knew that whenever we lost, whether it was today or some stage in the future, it wasn't going to be me leading the team. It was always in my mind. I'm going to cut my ties now. It's time that London and Noel Dunning moved on."

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