Ulster Council enraged by Farrell comments

December 07, 2007
The Ulster Council has blasted GPA chief executive Dessie Farrell over his "unwarranted attack" on 'grassroots' GAA members who voiced their opposition to the player grants scheme at Wednesday night's meeting in Toome, Co. Antrim. Farrell described the meeting as a "small rump of malcontents", prompting the Ulster Council to reply in a statement: "The committee were deeply incensed at the unwarranted attack on the people involved in the most derogatory of terms." As a result of the Toome meeting and opposition to the administering of the grants money in Derry and Tyrone, the Ulster Council will forward a "detailed response" to Central Council ahead of its meeting on Saturday. Following its meeting on Thursday night, the Ulster Council said it was concerned about documentation regarding the grants scheme. The statement added: "The administration of the Government awards scheme for inter-county GAA players has already been raised by Ulster Council and it is hoped that these issues can be dealt within the operational plan required for the outworking of the proposed scheme."

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