Football competitions 2008

October 30, 2007
The GAA have released their master plan for intercounty football championship fixtures in 2008 which also includes the make up of next years competitions. Senior football championship 2008 (2007 - All Ireland Champions - Kerry) Eligible Counties for participation in the Football Qualifier Connacht - Galway, Mayo, Sligo, Leitrim, Roscommon Leinster, Louth, Meath, Dublin, Westmeath, Wexford, Kildare, Laois, Longford Munster - Limerick, Cork, Kerry Ulster - Donegal, Derry, Tyrone, Monaghan, Cavan, Armagh, Down, Fermanagh **Counties that lose in their respective Provincial Championships up to and including the Provincial Finals and are not in Division Four of the National Football League for 2009. Preliminary Round (if necessary) - 12.07.2008 In the event that any County from Division four reaches its respective Provincial Final. Round One - 19.07.08 (Sat) Sixteen Teams to be drawn to play eight games in a completely open Draw. First team drawn to play at home, subject to home venue having satisfied the National Infrastructure and Safety Committee criteria. Round Two - 26.07.08 (Sat) Eight Teams drawn from the eight First Round winners As Round 1 above. Round Three - 02/03/04.08.08 (Sat, Sun, Mon) The four Winners from Round Two drawn against the Four Provincial Final Losers. Venues to be determined by the Central Competitions Control Committee. Quarter-Finals - 09-10.08.08 (Sat/Sun) The four Provincial Champions draw against the four Round Three Winners. Venues to be determined by the Central Competitions Control Committee. Semi Finals 24.08.08 (Sun) *Connacht v *Munster 31.08.08 (Sun) *Leinster v *Ulster * The Provincial Champions or a team that defeats them All Ireland Final 21.09.08 (05.10.08Replay) Tommy Murphy Cup 2008 [2007 champions - Wicklow] Eligible Counties - Antrim, Tipperary, Wicklow, London, Waterford, Carlow, Clare, Offaly, Kilkenny * Exception: Any County from Division four which reaches its respective Provincial Final Preliminary Round 12.07.08 (Sat) Round 1 19.07.08 (Sat) Semi-Finals 26.08.2008 (Sat) Final 2/3/4.08.08 (Sun) All-Ireland U21FC 2008 (ALL IRELAND SERIES) [2007 - All Ireland Under 21 Champions - Cork] Semi-Finals 19.04.08 (Sat) Ulster v Leinster Munster v Connacht Final 03.05.08 (Sat) All-Ireland MFC 2008 (ALL IRELAND SERIES) [2007 - All Ireland Minor Champions - Galway) Quarter-Finals - 09-10.08.08 (Sat/Sun) Connacht Winners v Ulster Runners Up Leinster Winners v Munster Runners Up Munster Winners v Leinster Runners Up Ulster Winners v Connacht Runners UP Semi-Finals 24.08.08 (Sun) Connacht v Munster 31.08.08 (Sun) Leinster v Ulsterdh Final - 21.09.08 (Sun) INTERPROVINCIAL FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP2008 [2007 - Interprovincial Football Champions - Ulster] Semi-Finals (TBC) Leinster v Connacht Ulster v Munster Final (TBC) All-Ireland JFC 2008 (ALL IRELAND SERIES) [2007 - All Ireland Junior Football Champions - Cork] Semi-Finals 12.07.08 (Sat) Connacht v Munster UK v Leinster Final 26.07.08 (Sat) All-Ireland club SFC 2008/2009 Quarter Final 18.01.2009 (a) UK v Connacht Semi-Finals 22.02.2009 (a) v Leinster Munster v Ulster Final 17.03.2009 All-Ireland club IFC 2008/2009 Semi-Finals 25.01.2009 (Sun) Connacht v Leinster Munster v Ulster Final 15.02.2009 (Sun) All-Ireland club JFC 2008/2009 Quarter Final 18.01.2009 (Sun) (a) Leinster v UK Semi-Finals 25.01.2009 (Sun) Connacht v (a) Munster v Ulster Final 15.02.2009 (Sun)

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