Brennan not ruling out Rules revival

July 05, 2007
GAA President Nicky Brennan has not ruled out a possible revival of the International Rules series between Ireland and Australia, provided there are drastic changes made to the rules and attitudes towards the series. Talks will begin between the Irish and Australian bodies later in the month to see if a compromise can be made to rescue the series but Brennan admitted that serious alterations must be made to ensure that there is no a repeat of last years fiasco. ''The Australians are keen to continue with the series and it is no secret that the Irish players and management who were involved last year are anxious to have the series reinstated,'' Brennan said. ''However having decided not to proceed with this year's tour, we have to make absolutely sure that if the series is to be revived, it will be on a completely different basis to what we saw in Croke Park last year and in Melbourne the year before last. ''It's not just a matter of changing rules. There had to be a change of attitude too something we will be emphasising to the Australians. It is far too early at this stage to say if the series will be revived,'' he added.

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