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Players coming from the Navan area

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Replying To COUNTYTOCOUNTY:  "Some of the comments on here are absolutely laughable. Yous are on about De La Salle impact on football in Navan, like seriously.
NOM have declined there is no doubt about it but they were the second best team in the intermediate championship this year and were not far off league promotion. They had a very young panel.
Previous years at underage but still have players like Louis Collins, Jack McConnell, Aodhan Mallon and others coming through.
Won a Div2 Minor not so long ago.
Simonstown had a good league campaign and improved on their previous championships reaching this years QF.
Again, reached two Div1 minor league finals again and a championship SF where they lost to Cilles in the same year (think it was 2019). They also have a few nice young footballers in Josh Carolan (Meath young player 2019), Aaron Farrelly, Micheal Gavin, Mark Devlin and a lot of others too.
Its not that Navan has bad footballers its that other areas simply have more resources and a far greater pool to pick from.In the last 10 years a navan club has appeared in 5 finals.
If youre going on about North Meath having no football pedigree anymore you may give your head a wobble.
The Tones are always there or there abouts in championships and league. Kells had a freak year, as did Dunboyne. I don't hear anyone here talking about Dunboyne, Dunsh or Laytown/Bettystown questioning why their standard of football considering Navan clubs are hitting higher targets than these areas."
How were NOM the second best team? Duleek obviously were considering they made the final and pushed Rathkenny a lot closer than NOM did.

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