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Non-Gaa Forum - 5 Like(s)

Replying To BarneyGrant:  "According to the Census from 2022. Just under 20% of population of state was non Irish. That has gone up since Ukraine etc. It is a statement of fact, enough said."
Fact? or are you being multiplicated? Here is the headline. Almost 20% in 2022 do not claim to be exclusively Irish or in 2022 12 % claim to be non-Irish. You chose the former and decided it was the latter. Now either you did not check the headlines or you want to deliberately misrepresent the headline to suit your own bias. The number of non Irish as a % is slightly lower than it was in 2011 so are we been overrun? So what is your problem with all of this? that Connolly or Pearse wouldn't have wanted it that way? how would you know what they would have wanted in todays society - the only thing they knew at the time was immigration they would never imagined an Ireland so prosperous that someone from outside it would ever want to come and live in it. Here is a stat for you 77% in 2022 identify as white Irish - does that make the other 4% fake Irish as they must have come to Ireland after Pearse and Connally dies and given all Pearse's guff about where the Irish came from etc these people wouldn't really be Irish now would they. Finally in the same way that Irish people who l have immigrated would attempted to hold onto their Irish identity as long as possible so too do the immigrants to this country - do you have a problem with that?

zinny (National) - 06/12/2023 07:37:16

Galway Football thread - 3 Like(s)

Replying To MapleSyrup:  "Absolutely - if the chances were converted they could have got over the line in a game that they did not play well. Apparently, they trained Friday and Saturday. 19 members of the panel attended a wedding on Saturday afternoon and then they trained in Pearse Stadium. Not sure very wise training Friday and Saturday before a Connacht Final."
Well that sounds like total lies

veterngaa (National) - 06/12/2023 15:50:47

Non-Gaa Forum - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Seanfanbocht:  "Anyone applying for International Protection is NOT ILLEGAL unless their application is refused and they don't leave. They are "vetted" as part of the checking their application process. The eejits next door have stopped people from Europe immigrating but have had to get 500,000 people from India and Nigeria in instead."
They are reaping what they sowed in the 18th and 19th Centuries. #### them;-)

Viking66 (National) - 06/12/2023 09:45:57

Non-Gaa Forum - 2 Like(s)

Replying To CTGAA10:  "Interesting to hear our green government minister is flying home from that cop gathering to vote for mcentee and then flying back out..holy Jesus they are telling us we have to stop flying and burning fuels in our houses and they do the complete opposite..what a shower of hypocrites!!!!!!also does he actually think all the big boys at this meeting are listening to him.."
Nobody's listening to him but sure it's free. Paid to go holidaying around the globe and the attitude of , Don't do as I do , do as I say.

Saynothing (National) - 06/12/2023 13:24:48

Kerry GAA Thread - 2 Like(s)

Replying To oneoff:  "Despite what people might think but Fossa would have no business being a senior club. Without the Cliffords they have very little else. Milltown will likely also struggle next year. Legion have been Intermediate for a few years. If they were good enough to be a senior team they'd have won the Intermediate and gone back up again. This thing people have in their heads about teams being too strong for a grade don't stack up. People are know claiming Ballymc and Ardfert are too strong for Junior. This despite the fact Listowel won the Junior by beating Ballymc in the final. Strand Road better Club and Country championship this year won one game out of I think seven. How can anyone argue with that record not being good enough? Just because they've always been senior doesn't mean they've a right to always be there. Maybe 20 years ago or so Mitchels pulled a similar stunt and refused to be relegated when they lost in a relegation play off."
Obviously Fossa are extremely reliant on the Cliffords, but they were a whisker away from reaching the top 8 in Kerry. They've been on some journey. In their current form, they're knocking in the door. We can pick holes in every club, I can do the same in Galway. The basic issue is that having only 8 senior clubs in a strong footballing county, seems disproportionately low. I believe Kerry has around 70 football clubs, which is more than Galway or Mayo. Having only 8 of these in senior is quite lopsided. I've made the point before that it leads to a few of the divisional teams becoming extremely strong, as they have the pick of teams ranked 9th and below. This makes it very difficult for actual clubs like Dingle at the moment to win a county championship. Having at least 12 senior clubs will reduce the advantage of a few divisional teams and give the clubs a fairer chance.

WanPintWin (National) - 06/12/2023 15:53:52

Donegal GAA thread - 1 Like(s)

Replying To rorysboys:  "Big Difference mc Guinness said he was concentrating on soccer, Murphy announced he retired and wasn't coming back. No wild debate. Murphy has done his time now it's imperative that we keep gallen fit. We are short of marquee forwards."
No big difference in that you quashed both rumours and laughed at those who suggested either could return. It takes a good man to admit when he gets it wrong, which you did on Jim. You wanted to believe the bad old days were on the way so that Bonner's tenure could look decent. I see your game! Anyway, I agree that Gallen is special and hopefully stays fit but I also look forward to Jim getting the best out of all our players and finding tactical innovations to be creative and cohesive going forward. Not simply hand passing laterally with the feint hope of a Thompson or Langan Hail Mary point. For all we can say about the O'Rourke era, he did at least show we can attack and score well if encouraged to do so. We are a lot better in attack than some think, if we get players fit and committed.

Donegal_abroad (National) - 06/12/2023 12:10:30

Carlow GAA thread - 1 Like(s)
2024 NFL Fixtures Published: Tipperary (A), 27.01.2024, (Sat) 18.00 Waterford (H), 17.02.2024, (Sat) 18.00 Laois (A), 17.02.2024, (Sat) 18.00 Leitrim (H), 25.02.2024, (Sun) 14.00 Wexford (H), 02.03.2024, (Sat) 19.00 Longford (A), 17.03.2024, (Sun) 14.00 London (H), 23/03/2024, (Sun) 13.00 Not a bad schedule in terms of away matches Longford is the only longer distance trip and traditionally a hard place to get a result for Carlow. However, if Brendan Murphy gets back to his best we might shake them up.

Carlowrising (National) - 06/12/2023 14:58:11

Galway Football thread - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Marooned:  "Yeah he rattled the crossbar in the first half and put one just past the post early in the 2nd half. Add in all the scoreable frees Corofin missed and it could easily have been a very different game. Even if they didn't play particularly well on the day."
Sice missed two or three when game was tight, could have been different if they went over.

hopballref (National) - 06/12/2023 16:36:24

Galway Football thread - 1 Like(s)

Replying To hopballref:  "Sice missed two or three when game was tight, could have been different if they went over."
Corofin also had a legit point not awarded to them mid way through the 2nd half when the umpires, ref and linesmen somehow all missed a valid score. That would have made it a 1 point game at the time. They didn't really deserve to win I thought on their performance but they also didn't really get the bounce of the ball on the day.

Marooned (National) - 06/12/2023 18:24:49

Galway Football thread - 1 Like(s)

Replying To hopballref:  "Not sure it's wise questioning Corofin's preparation methods considering all they have won."
One certainly shouldn't question it matter of fact there is few better prepared sides club or county than Corofin and here was the pre match comments from Kevin Johnson. "30 plus lads at training every night and all chomping at the bit and we have a lot done with the panel having this group in top shape as we build it one game at a time and looking forward to the next challenge and this challenge on Sunday it probably our biggest of the year so far" "Brigids have a very strong back line led by Brian Stack and the spine of their team is strong but for us it's about focussing ourselves and to be the best that we can be and training has gone really well since beating Ballina and we are really happy to where we are" Can be no excuses here beaten by the better side on the day. Will be interesting to see can Corofin bounce next year some good players coming through but the older heads will need replacing in the next year or two. @MapleSyrup I've watched it back. Two goal chances not "numerous chances" and the first one should have been pulled up for overcarrying.

Drax_the_destroyer (National) - 06/12/2023 18:35:27

Ulster Club SFC - 1 Like(s)

Replying To germac:  "Yes they did , and won it fair and square but it doesent stop me thinking Kilcoo are a better team,"
Think what you like,the fact is scotstown beat pretty sure a lot more people wanted to see scotstown v glen

Monaghanlad (National) - 06/12/2023 06:11:17

Galway Hurling thread - 1 Like(s)
Thomas" way too big at 9/2 to beat Ballygunner. Ballygunner were playing against nothing in the Munster final, this game will at least be a fair step up from that game surely.

galway19 (National) - 06/12/2023 07:53:57

Galway Football thread - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Drax_the_destroyer:  "The Corofin team(s) we seen from 2013-19 never likely be seen again. A period that won 7 Galway titles in a row, 4 Connacht titles in 5 years and 4 All Ireland titles won in 6 years. I'll have to watch the game back a 3rd time to see these numerous goal chances missed. The one I recall in the first half against the run of play a foul really should have been called as Conor Cunningham made about 10 steps before taking on that shot on that came off the crossbar. Sunday was just another chapter in the Roscommon v Galway keenly contested and competitive rivalry. At both club and county level really nothing between the two counties, All on the day and matches between the sides never easy to call. Next competitive meeting (I don't count the waste of time FBD comp played indoors) will be the NFL Div 1 meeting on the first weekend in Feb. While it's disappointing for Corofin to make their exit on the plus side Padraic Joyce chances of winning that match will now be boosted by having Corofin players available for selection and if St Brigids go on to reach the AI final they won't be available for Roscommon."
Cunningham missed a goal chance in the first and 2nd half so i would suggest you re watch.

MapleSyrup (National) - 06/12/2023 09:19:00