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Football Goalkeeper - Marty Clarke

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It has been interesting to see how top intercounty goalkeepers have become more and more important in football.

From Cluxton bossing his defence and coming forward to take 45's, to the increasingly common sight of the goalie bombing forward in a conspicuous shirt and kicking a point from play.

Some will say it was inspired by the Aussie rules, where they remarked that GAA goalies are underused/wasted.

Clarke was the most exciting player to come out of Down in years and it was a real shame when he had to retire, but if this is true and he is back on the panel I will be intrigued. There's potential for these bold tactics to lead to costly mistakes but if Conor Laverty is up for it then let's move with the times. There has certainly been doubts about the Down goalie under the high ball as Armagh exploited last year in the Championship, and in certain key league matches.

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