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GAA Loss Of Earnings Process

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Just decided I would post on this platform regarding a recent GAA Loss of earnings process I am working on.

Does anybody have any experience in successfully receiving a claim from this process or know anybody who has?

I suffered a very nasty double bone fracture and dislocation in October keeping myself out of my manual job for 12 weeks as per recommendation by my consult ant. I have sent all documents so far required (as per the GAA guidelines) onto the GAA insurance portal (through my club insurance officer). I completed this Loss of earnings first stage in early December but I am yet to receive any update other than it is still in process.

Has anyone any idea on the timescale of this ?

Thanks very much.

GAA2024 (Monaghan) - Posts: 1 - 27/01/2024 00:02:05    2522281