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Great Hurling Rivalries - Cork Versus Limerick

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No guarantees in top level hurling year to year for sure. We went from an unbeaten championship run all the way to an AISF we should've won in 2019 to losing both our championship games comfortably in 2020. But as of now I'd still have yourselves as favourites. And then Clare and Cork.

Viking66 (Wexford) - Posts: 12971 - 27/01/2024 11:38:54    2522332


Replying To Viking66:  "Not from Munster myself but all the Cork hurling people I know see Tipp as their rivals, and Limerick people I know see Tipp or Clare as their rivals, although maybe that might be different in Mitchelstown or Kilmallock."
You are correct city borders clare and is near Tipp. South limerick is near Tipp as well but cork is the main rival. A healthy rivalry though. Charleville has a lot of businesses run by limerick people, and even Darragh fitzgibbon is born and living in limerick.

freetaker1 (Limerick) - Posts: 757 - 14/02/2024 10:48:51    2526001