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Was Joey Barton Correct When He Said Woman Should Not Discuss Mens Sport

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Replying To Chris6788:  "But people on here are also complaining about women commentators...."
Joey Barton was criticising a Man City PR employee, wasn't an analyst or a commentator or presenter. Joey Barton is a moron who was looking for controversy for a new podcast he was getting going. It's probably aimed at other neanderthals who can't hack women in non-traditional roles.

I'm well aware that Tom Smith is a bit of a court jester, I only comment on this thread because of some of the dopey things coming up in agreement with Barton.

On the, they haven't played the same game as the men how can they offer insight?

The game that Pat Spillane played wasn't the same as the one being played by Sean Cavanagh and yet people were happy to accept that for 20 years, to me that shows that it's sexism rather than expertise that's the issue here. You know what though, it's fine for Spillane to be on that show because he had built up a profile and a following but by the same token it is fine for the likes of Alex Scott to be getting football gigs, she also has a following and her following is in a growing demographic of the audience. As another poster has already stated, these women aren't being chosen simply for quotas, people (likely more women than men) also want to watch these ex women footballers. You know what it's great, they already get a bum deal in their careers compared to the men, I'm glad they get to leverage their profile in other ways.

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