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Replying To avonali:  "Was only looking at it the otherDay. Barney's split the nonexistent Cork defence apart and stuck it into the net."
Yes indeed Avon. The most bizarre of them all. Cork on route home as Barney hits the net.

CiarraiMick (Dublin) - Posts: 3674 - 09/07/2023 17:37:32    2493360


Replying To ExiledInWex:  "I was at both the 94 and 96 All-Irelands, I have never before or since seen anything like the end of the 94 All-Ireland. I left shortly after the cup presentation and the scenes of devastation along Jones and Clonliffe Road after it I have never seen since."
Devastation really is the word to describe it. Heart pounding, thinking we were seeing the game out and closing in on a first MacCarthy Cup title in 21 years. When Dooley's free hit the net the Canal end (where we were) was totally silent. When the second went in, we knew we were in deep trouble. Offaly's points just hammered it all home. I'll never forget the bus journey home, total silence. Got to Monasterevin and just tore into a few pints to try and get over the shock.

I thought the 1996 loss was worse, harder to accept, but 1994 was just a huge shock, all started by Dooley's free.

slayer (Limerick) - Posts: 6480 - 10/07/2023 08:48:53    2493488


Replying To Ollie2:  "Peter Canavans penalty against Down in the 2003 Ulster Final. Tyrone were 9 points down when they were awarded a penalty. They came back and leveled the match with Down on a scoreline of 1-17 to 4-08. Tyrone win the replay easily by 15 points on a scoreline of 0-23 to 1-05. Tyrone went on to win their maiden All Ireland that year and won another two in 2005 and 2008."
With the help of another "Tyrone Tumble!'

befair (Down) - Posts: 237 - 10/07/2023 16:44:40    2493637


Replying To befair:  "With the help of another "Tyrone Tumble!'"
Refs make mistakes in every game, Soccer, Rugby, GAA Etc. Its fair, I think , to say that most mistakes are made in gaa football, much more than hurling. For most counties the mistakes balance out over a few years, they get the benefit of a questionable penalty or sending off and another day suffer as one is called against them. What is harder to fathom is when the same few counties have calls going against them 90% of the time. I think there is a built in subconscious bias in all of us. When I am watching a game as a neutral with the outcome having no bearing on my own club/county I find myself rooting for one of the teams nevertheless. In most games I watch, after about 10 minutes, I perceive that the ref is not being impartial. As far as turning points go it is hard to best the 2 frees awarded to Donaghy in the 2014 replay V Mayo in Limerick, the game famous for the pitch incursion by a Mayo supporter. "There is no free there Marty" the assistant commentator (Tommy Carr) asserts. I will include a link to video of it here. The 2 frees in extra time were the last straw after having conceded 2 penalties, one very questionable during normal time. I cant remember a big call going Mayo's way in a knockout championship game ever. Remember this, Dublin won 4 of their most recent 8 All Irelands by 1 point, 2 of the games went to replays. So decisions often determine the outcome of a game, of a final. As they say across the water in the soccer, the big teams get the big calls and it is no different here.

giveitlong (Galway) - Posts: 1220 - 10/07/2023 20:01:03    2493677