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In Gaa Its Your Parish Team For Male And Female Players , What Transfers Caused Most Hollybaugh.

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Replying To oneoff:  "While it's not the point of this thread, but again I'm not sure what the point of it actually is, but a question. Is there a parish rule in ladies football or Camogie?"
A player who wishes to leave a club and play with another club must apply for a transfer.
However, a player who has not played League or Championship football for a period of 3
years is exempt from transfer rules provided other eligibility conditions are satisfied.

All transfer applications must be made on the official transfer form or website application
and approved by Club, County Board, Provincial or Central Council or sub-committees
thereof depending on the categories of transfer.

Where the relevant body is not satisfied with the evidence provided, the transfer may be

ExiledCuCu (Cavan) - Posts: 216 - 12/06/2023 16:03:11    2485932


I've been reading the Hollybough for some years now. Great magazine published every Christmas. No doubt this thread refers to this illustrious publication!

Ryanteam (Cork) - Posts: 189 - 12/06/2023 16:50:39    2485972