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Cluxton Back!

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Replying To rcarragh:  "[Ignoring the cross county spats and (alleged) begrudgery...

I might be in a minority in Dublin here but I have to say I am not too sure about Cluxton's return.
In a sense it's unearned. Does he fancy sitting on the bench for the year? I doubt it.
Should he get his place in the team? Regardless of what they say I would think that some of the players would feel it's unfair.
If Dublin win then it won't matter, but there are no guarantees.

This is going back to the past and I don't think that is a good idea. It's not like he's 32 with a good stretch ahead of him. Bringing him back now is taking the opportunity to develop away from another player. Cluxton himself was quite often a target of unwarranted abuse in his early days (e.g. after getting sent off against Armagh in 2003) but was able to develop into the player he did.
It also reeks of closed shop-ness. Like they used to say about the Irish rugby team, it was harder to get off it than it was to get on.

It also reminds me of starting out as a 17/18 year old player (a good few years ago) and playing junior football with a club who also had senior team. Quite often when the junior championship came round a former senior player would appear just for the championship game, not having played any other games and get a start for someone who had played all year, usually disrupting the team by requiring wholesale positional changes, thereby annoying (to put it politely) all the players who had put in the effort already. Inevitably it wouldn't work out and the next week it would be back to the usual suspects with a chance to play in the championship missed for a player for another year. I realise that the Dublin junior championship is not quite at the same level as intercounty football but just the same I guess many people on this forum will have experienced this a player."]Spoke like a boy and man who has been there and done it, as you say at finish, goes on up and down the county. I said a while back in a thread about Shane Walsh, it's not all about winning when local lads who are there all year can get a game.

Saynothing (Tyrone) - Posts: 2090 - 05/04/2023 18:40:18    2469144


Replying To jimbodub:  "That's not us saying there's a conveyer belt. That's what you were throwing out,.

Using that term clearly indicates there is/was an never ending manufacturing of players, it is a term used to indicate dominance, and a never ending source of players.

I can find posts of mine in here indicating that we were only a couple of players better and that we could have and should have been beaten on a number of occasions during Dublin's dominance.

I said nothing to indicate that or prove your delusions to be correct at all, that Dublin posters were boasting about having a conveyer belt... How you can even imagine that nonsense

We simply spoke about players that might make it, or looked promising, like all county supporters do.. and certainly over the last few years there's been no talk of conveyer belts, that hysteria pumped by a few on here to indicate Dublin winning 10 in a row has largely vanished.. because the same posters did that very thing

The hysterics went with them..

It's chalk and cheese to the phrase "conveyer belt" that you were accusing Dublin posters of boasting about, I simply said I've seen NO Dublin poster using that strong a phrase for several years

So please stop being so disingenuous, noting I said indicated a conveyer belt of talent at Dublin's disposal

Here we go.. you copying and pasting something put to you only for you to accuse that person of being that thing.

Show me one Dublin posters mentioning the term "conveyer belt"

We are perfectly entitled to discuss players of interest that might make it without it being considered as if we have some sort of high-end industrial manufacturing conveyer belt for talent.. just spurting out players

We called it right, we were only ever a couple player's better and once they left, Dublin would not be the team they once were, we were 100% right.

So please save your exaggerations and/or back up your accusations..

Talking about a few lads having chance of success is not on par with your own clear as day over exaggerations of Dublin posters talking about a conveyer belt of talent"
"I simply said I've seen NO Dublin poster using that strong a phrase for several years" What phrase had they been using then? No need for one of your essays as an answer either.

oneoff (UK) - Posts: 1444 - 06/04/2023 07:36:35    2469178


Over the moon to have him, more marquee players the better - we have three more then we had this time last year, four if you count Kerry snuck by us without The King of Con.

TheUsername (Dublin) - Posts: 4458 - 07/04/2023 11:06:05    2469370


its amusing to read back on this after the year he had when he came back

Stmunnsriver (Wexford) - Posts: 2869 - 22/12/2023 13:54:53    2517639