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All Ireland SFC And Tailteann Cup 2023 Clarity

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Replying To BarneyGrant:  "It doesn't matter what way you arrange the groups of four, they are not only not going to magically create more contenders, but are going to give higher ranked teams (on past form) a virtual guarantee of making the play offs.

Which again raises the distinct possibility that a team could lose in their province, then lose twice in the group stage, draw one game in group stage and still go through on points difference. Theoretically possible to lose or draw as many games as won, and win All Ireland. That makes a joke of any championship.

All of this absurdity will be highlighted over the coming weeks."
That's a very extreme scenario and any team that qualified like that would have to dramatically and suddenly improve in order to win four knockout matches.

As it stands, it's already possible to win the hurling championship having lost three matches. For example, the Munster championship could finish with the bottom three teams all on two points from winning one match and losing the other three. One of those teams would then qualify on score difference. Again, they would then have to win four knockout matches to be champions.

Similarly, a team in soccer's champions league could lose four group matches and one of the legs in each of the round of 16, quarter-finals and semi-finals so losing seven matches overall and still win the competition.

In all those cases, the team would still be seen as the valid champions. Just like Italy were in the 1982 World Cup, despite not winning any of their group games (all three were draws) and barely scraping through.

CeachtPeile (Cavan) - Posts: 83 - 20/04/2023 22:26:15    2472060


To: Legendzxix

Flexible scheduling can allow for lesser impacts of dead rubbers and can allow for top 2 only qualifying from the groups. The preliminary quarter-finals is arguably unnecessary bloating of fixtures, especially in the split season structure. Mayo v Tyrone in the preliminary quarter-finals however would be some contest. Unnecessary bloating but it could be an exciting round of fixtures.
legendzxix (Kerry) - Posts: 7193 - 20/04/2023 20:28:12 2472040

I'd like to see a similar flexibility in drawing the AIC 4 groups of 4 (4x4) as well.

After the 12 Prov QFs are played (very early in the season), draw the Prov SF 16 to the various groups (max of one SF team from each Prov to each group) - note, a few weaker SF teams 'might' be drawn to the Tier 2 4x4 groups instead.

Similarly, draw the 'Prov 12 QF losers' (& 4 1st Rd losers) to the groups (max of one QF loser from each Prov to each group, Tier 1 or 2).

This splitting and spreading of Prov pairings across the groups allows for 'most' of the Prov pairings to count toward group pts as well, as all teams play full '12-match crossover schedule' against teams in its own Tier, 1 or 2 - 'most', as a few 'Tier 1v2 pairings' would be played separately as the results could not 'double up'.

omahant (USA) - Posts: 2297 - 21/04/2023 21:40:42    2472291


Does any know when Tyrone are playing next? Or have a schedule?

The_Fridge (Tyrone) - Posts: 2062 - 22/04/2023 07:15:26    2472309


Replying To The_Fridge:  "Does any know when Tyrone are playing next? Or have a schedule?"
Tyrone will be away to a provincial winner. If they draw the Connacht or Munster winner, they will play on the weekend after the Ulster final. If they draw the Leinster or Ulster winner, it will be two weeks after the Leinster final.

legendzxix (Kerry) - Posts: 7430 - 22/04/2023 11:35:59    2472350


Replying To The_Fridge:  "Does any know when Tyrone are playing next? Or have a schedule?"
Tyrone will be playing on weekend of 20/21 May or weekend of 27/28 May depending on the round robin draw. They will be playing away against a Provincial winner.
Have a look at the GAA Master Fixtures Schedule for 2023 here:

Aibrean (Kerry) - Posts: 233 - 22/04/2023 11:42:21    2472355


Where do New York enter tc??are there groups of 4 same as Sam maguire??

CTGAA10 (Limerick) - Posts: 1970 - 23/04/2023 12:21:25    2472687


Replying To CTGAA10:  "Where do New York enter tc??are there groups of 4 same as Sam maguire??"
The Tailteann preliminary quarter-finals will consist of 8 teams from the 4 group runners-up, the best 3 third placed teams and New York. The 4 group runners-up will have home advantage.

legendzxix (Kerry) - Posts: 7430 - 23/04/2023 12:48:39    2472700