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I Am Told Donegal Were Short 10 Players Against Kerry

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In the spirit of the thread ye should head over to see the club submitted match reports on the Meath page. Their purpose doesn't seem to be to give any information about the match, just to really really emphasise how many players their team was missing.

CastleBravo (Meath) - Posts: 1636 - 19/03/2023 13:25:58    2464694


Replying To foreveryoung:  "How many were Cavan short today versus Antrim? All of them?"
I'd say you will see a few more such meaningless games, including unfortunately some of the finals, over the next few weeks.

BarneyGrant (Dublin) - Posts: 2415 - 19/03/2023 13:26:20    2464695