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I thought the leagues were brilliant this year but the div 2 final was strange afterwards. It was obvious Dublin were nearly embarrassed to celebrate a div 2 final so it was a case of give us the cup and we will head for the showers. Rory Gallagher also admitted Derry could nt care less about a div 2 title either. The big thing was promotion. In fairness Cavan seemed to enjoy winning div 3 and Sligo were over the moon but in all honesty I don't think any top ten counties care about anything about a league title (unless it's div 1).Mayo look to be the form team coming into the championship but Galway are nt too far away either. Derry are that bad either and it was only when Conor Glass went off that Dublin really took over. If Derry stay injury free they will still be dangerous. Any team with a midfield like theirs and a forward like Mcguigan always has a chance. Dublin while only scoring 6 points (and were outscored by Derry) still played some lovely football. While their shooting was a bit off they always looked dangerous. Again a good midfield and when you have forwards like Con Ciarán and Mannion then they too can beat any team. I think this year's championship is the most open in over 20years with up to 6 or 7 teams having a chance to win. Congrats to Mayo Dublin Cavan and Sligo and looking forward to the championship now after a great league.

CiarraiMick (Dublin) - Posts: 3228 - 03/04/2023 17:16:35    2468617


The Sligo manager is in favour of retaining the league finals. They don't get too many days in Croke Park to be fair. 2023 had 2 rounds, a week off, 3 rounds, a week off and 3 rounds, including the finals. They could try 4 rounds, a week off and 4 rounds, including the finals. It will allow 2 weeks before the provincial championships.

legendzxix (Kerry) - Posts: 7430 - 03/04/2023 18:46:35    2468650


Yesterday was the first time Dublin won Division II. Another red letter day :-)

Interestingly, when Dublin won the All Ireland in 1974 they were promoted from Division II. They were beaten by Kildare in the final who had a handy enough team at the time. There was a crowd of little over 4,000 at it and Kildare had gone straight to their dressing room afterwards as they didn't realise there was a trophy to be presented!

BarneyGrant (Dublin) - Posts: 1510 - 03/04/2023 19:38:52    2468659


Replying To WanPintWin:  "Your alternative just replaces a system which can potentially be unfair in circumstances where a team has nothing to play for in the last game, with one which is even more unfair.
In your suggested format, you'll still have teams with nothing to play for at the end, but you're adding in the extra imbalance of teams in the same group playing different opponents to each other. Some teams will inevitably get an easier draw, which will help then finish above a team with a tougher run of fixtures.
Just because one system isn't perfectly fair, doesn't mean it should be replaced with something more imbalanced."
"....but you're adding in the extra imbalance of teams in the same group playing different opponents to each other...."

No, that's not true. Each team in a group plays the same 8 opponents - which are all 8 from the other 2 groups.

omahant (USA) - Posts: 2297 - 20/04/2023 20:07:29    2472036