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All Ireland Club Final, Kilmacud V Glen (Derry)

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Glen have issued a statement that they 'are withdrawing from the appeals process'. Fair play to them.
I wonder how many now will consider Kilmacud Crokes title "tainted"?

MillerX (Meath) - Posts: 950 - 03/02/2023 20:25:21    2456237


Glen have withdrawn their appeal. For many it will mean there was no winner of the 2022 AI senior club football championship.

Viking66 (Wexford) - Posts: 6670 - 03/02/2023 20:26:47    2456238


If Crokes don't want a replay then they should be banned for 5 years from club All Ireland championship and give the title to Glen, who now deserve it.

Looking back at the replay, it's clearly skulduggery that went on - the player knew well be should be off the pitch but stayed on to defend the free kick situation. As soon as it went wide he ran off. Disgraceful and Kilmacud should now be ashamed of themselves.

Crinigan (Meath) - Posts: 1230 - 03/02/2023 20:47:27    2456240


That's, that then Glen drop their appeal.

Right decision all round, whole thing turned into a circus, any replay wouldn't have had any integrity really.

Sorry process overall.

TheUsername (Dublin) - Posts: 4312 - 03/02/2023 20:49:43    2456241


Glen have withdrawn their appeal.

points50swiththeargyllsonthewrongfeet (Tyrone) - Posts: 107 - 03/02/2023 20:59:30    2456243


Replying To Kickitout:  "If Glen had scored a goal in that last play with the 16 men of crokes on the field would there being a replay. Ordered ??? I would assume that there would have be as the rules were still broken ,,,"
That makes no sense. In that case, Glen would have prevailed despite their opponents acting illegally.

Such a score would all the more deserve to be preserved because of the extra difficulty they would have faced in scoring it

What you are suggesting here would reward the team breaking the rules.

Following your logic, any team that saw it was about to concede a last-minute score which might lose it the match, all it would have to do would be to send a 16th player onto the pitch, and in that way it could always nullify the other team's winning score.

Have you never heard of the advantage rule?

points50swiththeargyllsonthewrongfeet (Tyrone) - Posts: 107 - 03/02/2023 21:09:54    2456244


Well done Glen. Made a point and kept their dignity and self respect in a wave of partitionist, anti-Northern bigotry from other so called Gaels. This was the right move by withdrawing their appeal. Kilmacud won the game on the pitch but rules were broken. They forced Croke Park to make a decision that should have done over a week ago. Many Glen players weren't happy at making Kilmacud play again, the game was won by the Leinster Champions but the Derry team has been vindicated. Take a bow.

Ulsterman (Antrim) - Posts: 9556 - 03/02/2023 21:33:52    2456249


Think glen have proven their point..rules were broken,they lodged an appeal which they interesting to see now how croke park deal with fall out..just short of 2 weeks and president of association hasn't uttered a word..

CTGAA10 (Limerick) - Posts: 1820 - 03/02/2023 21:35:20    2456250