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Well lads poor enough showing last night but for me only in 2nd half if we took our scores in first half would of been a lot tighter game… no point in blaming the referee getting a common thing when we loose what i wil say is we do seem to have to buy a free a lot harder than any other inter county team… Liam Ryan needs to cut out needless stupid frees seems to do it every game and gives away at least 3 to 4 scores from them every game… no ball wining half forward line been saying it for years when teams push up and we do go long we struggle for someone to put hand up and win dirty ball… without chin and Jacko we struggle..this free taking is becoming a joke for me even if banville was 70 percent fit he should of played for frees alone… mikie Dwyer is a player who really fustrates me very inconsistent and would not have him near starting 15… fanning mcguckian and foley and Damien reck again top performers….2 posters on here said subs were put on without warm ups which is nonsense they do warmups in blocks and were constantly doing these in front of us…and finally not a criticism of Mac himself or anyone but we have this thing that we have to pump high balls in to him the whole time, his marked Mcinerny was a perfit fit for him bigger and more physical than him and won all the duels in first few mins. Why not move Mac out the field and put maybe Dunbar some one nippy inside and try find them with low balls.. a fast nippy fullforward would of destroyed Mcinerny with fast low ball as the pace would of killed him… anyway one to Westmeath next week where i would like to see doran banville flood all start

gannett83 (Wexford) - Posts: 264 - 05/02/2023 16:35:41    2456589


Replying To hunting:  "OK first thing first, the last 20 minutes were very poor and slightly worrying. For me the three big issues were once again, free taking, wides and winning primary possession. The ref was poor but not the cause of the losing of the game. We should have been 4/5 points up at half time and we cannot afford to keep throwing away scores like we do.
When I saw both team sheets, I had a feeling Galway would win by 5 or more,as they had almost a fulll strength team and we were missing 6 to 7 starters.
Our younger lads looked very small and their touch was behind where it should be but there young. Disappointing night but it only the first league game."
Galway almost full strength team?! You must be joking.

Missing Daithi Burke (all stars falling out his pockets) and the St Thomas contingent for a start.

Galway will be much changed and stronger come championship.

ahsure. (Galway) - Posts: 1457 - 05/02/2023 17:47:44    2456643