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How Do We Protect Match Officials And What Can Be Done To Help Improve Officials And Respect Towards Them

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Replying To Canuck:  "
Replying To KillingFields:  "How can a free be given on the field for abuse shouted by spectators??? Let's be realistic with how we reduce abuse of officials.

Claretandblue (Westmeath) - Posts: 786 - 19/10/2022 19:45:54
Very hard to but something drastic needs to be done. Once its not a coach or player you cant penalise a team during the game but you can ban teams from having spectators at games and then do more.

the rules are terrible bad and enforcement worse. This in not the referees fault as they can only work with what given. One such example was the penalty for taking away a scoring opportunity. Aiden McCarthy of Clare was penalized for this about 20 meters in from the side line and defenders between him and the goal. With no announcement of an amendment the rule was ignored. Another similiar scoring chance was denied weeks latter slightly to the side of the goal and the explaination was it was off to the side of the goal. A ref was asked in another instance why he did not call one of these infringements. He said the rule states the player being pulled down not pulled back. Technicality left open and exploited. What does all this say about the competence of the rule designers. Ambigioius rules taken out of use when back firing and a referree in the first place having to establish an imaginary line.
The whole thing seems a little easier. Any foul committed within a marked out semi circle a free and two points awarded. ANY being the operative word. Any foul committed in the square a penalty awarded. Stick the black cards where they will never be found again as double punishment does nothing for our games. You have already a yellow and red. Use them as pretains to the foul and existing sanctions.
Canuck (Waterford) - Posts: 2292 - 19/10/2022 20:20:25

the rules are terrible and enforcement worse i agree but what assistance do refs get in terms of training? Ongoing every year?

I'll politely disagree with you. I believe all officials involved with teams should know the rules, if a rules test is the way to know that they do then so be it.
I attend a lot of games where its the sideline that ignites alot of the trouble and this manifests into the stands and onto the pitch. And alot of times this happens because a manager or coach doesn't know the rules.
reffingmad (Roscommon) - Posts: 339 - 21/10/2022 14:43:43

I just dont see a need for it. Having a rules test for coaches is fine but wont change any of their behaviour. It doesnt and wont do anything to change coaches or others behaviour towards officials.

I think the rules are a huge problem for everyone,especially the way they are implemented..a ref today can referee a game completely different to a fella doing a game tomorrow..another problem I see at matches are the numbers involved with club games every panel member seems to be included,some panels have 30 plus players..then there is the huge back room staff,every club and county team has 3,4 or more at stats..all you need is one word at times and then there could be 20/30 involved outside playing own opinion is no more than a panel of 24.manager,selector,medic,then perhaps 2 hurley carriers and they do water to..everyone else outside the fence,if clubs or counties don't adhere to this no match played..

CTGAA10 (Limerick) - Posts: 1770 - 21/10/2022 15:50:52

referees having different interpretations of rules isnt and shouldnt be considered a problem. Its not possible for all refs to referee all situations the same.
I do agree with you about numbers inside the fence/playing area. At rugby games all subs have to be outside fence/in stand. only 3 people allowed inside.

There may be a lot in what you are saying. However some form of approved communication on a controlled format is always better at defusing conflict. That's why I suggest the team captain be allowed aproach the ref. We'll say twice in a half. Of course if you are dealing with an individual or mentor, or manager who does not know, or does not care about the rules then it is a lost cause to begin with. If Joe s--t head in the stand sees an explanation been given to someone who matters he is going to look stupid ranting. Not saying he wont continue either. To me it is a no brainer that if you play, mentor or ref games you should be obliged to know the rules. After all we dont allow people drive cars if they do not know the rules of the road. There may be people still acting like they do not know the rules but there are consequences if an incident occurs. In the GAA consequences are scarce and in some instances dont exist at all.
Canuck (Waterford) - Posts: 2292- 21/10/2022 19:02:43

Team captain approaching ref is an issue with GAA when youve set positions. play could be up at one end of pitch and the captain is the goalie at far end.... far easier for captain to approach ref in rugby where players are far closer to officials all the time.
I wouldnt expect all coaches, especially voluntary coaches to know all the rules. it of course helps but having them do a rules test isnt necessary. what kind of rules test would you have them do and how often do they do this test and what happens if they fail the test?"
Okay appoint someone one th field or team trainor who wears an arm band that denotes they are the team contact.
The rule is not the American constitution in size and during the brief occasional interaction with the ref he could ask the contact person if he understands the rule applied. What happens if the test is failed ? I guess it is the same as any test that qualifies you to do something. Go away and learn it correctly and come back again."
Again very little point in having coaches doing any form of rules test that often. Them knowing ins and outs and very particulars of the rules isnt completely necessary. Of course it can assist them but i wouldnt be doing a rules test that often and certainly not anything binding about a rules test.

KillingFields (Limerick) - Posts: 3200 - 31/10/2022 21:47:04    2446079


Please explain how spectators can be banned from games?

Claretandblue (Westmeath) - Posts: 1170 - 01/11/2022 13:52:42    2446116