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Replying To Commodore:  "Elaborate on what in my comment you think is nonsense?"
There's no attendance criteria attaching to the current season ticket for starters. You had to buy 6 championship tickets up to the semi alright, to qualify for a final ticket, but you didn't need attend any of those games.

Pope_Benedict (Galway) - Posts: 3720 - 24/07/2024 14:25:30    2561235


Replying To togoutlads:  "It was very good. Well organised. Great grub and great guest speakers. Credit to the organisers. Fair play to the attending companies for putting their hands in their pockets to buy tables. Raffle raised money too. Same for Galmont event Thursday night, sold out before it was advertised. A lot of money for a table and still sold out. Mix of tickets."
It was impressive alright. 250 people each morning and then 600 Thursday evening. Ollie Turner was good too, phoning up the lad who won the tickets when he couldn't read the writing on the card, brilliant!!

smallfrank (Galway) - Posts: 401 - 24/07/2024 14:34:17    2561239


Replying To Commodore:  "Elaborate on what in my comment you think is nonsense?"
Clubs in Galway (depending on whether football/huring/dual/size) got at a max 150 tickets each. Clubs could have member numbers up to a 1000.....

Not sure how you think every fully paid club member will get a ticket because they won't. Not even close.

SamandLiamSoon (Galway) - Posts: 621 - 24/07/2024 15:02:52    2561251


Replying To anotheralias:  "Yes , but not in December to Feb/March. Wit hthe new season any club manager orgainising 2 pitch sessions in Dec/Jan should be seriously questioned."
What i meant by 3 nights a week is gym. We got knocked out of championship last October. Our strength and conditioning coach offered a winter plan which the majority of the squad did. 3 gym sessions per week from November until late January where it turned to 2 gym, 2 pitch a week, since march it is now 3 pitch sessions 1 gym per week which will continue until we are knocked out. Thats why myself and other players were disappointed in the fact nearly 50% of tickets were taken by committee with all the commitment we are giving and occasions we miss out on because of the club, wouldnt change it for the world but still i think club players deserve tickets when our county get to an all ireland, the GAA would fall apart without players at the end of the day

Galway456 (Galway) - Posts: 73 - 24/07/2024 15:12:48    2561254


Don't forgot they pre final show will be on YouTube this year too. I think it usually starts 90 mins before the final

Kew (Galway) - Posts: 53 - 24/07/2024 15:50:46    2561268


Replying To crankyincorofin:  "If your Chairman and Secretary were any sort of people (not all men now) they would decline them and put them in the raffle for the wider membership. Those roles are a service to the club and community. The reward for good work in the roles is seeing your club thrive. There is no thanks. For most people, you won't be remembered for anything you did. And for most decent people - that's enough."

Mayonman (Galway) - Posts: 1871 - 24/07/2024 15:54:23    2561269


Replying To anotheralias:  "Completely Disagree. Yes players deserve tickets but at a lower priority than committee members. As somebody who has done both roles there is a huge difference. Playing is great fun, players play because they want to. Committee participation is the opposite of fun, but people do it out of love of the sport and to facilitate the fun that the players get. If 5 players decide not to play for a year in a club there will be others to fill their shoes. If 5 committee members were to pull out in a given year, replacements would not be so easy to find and it will impact the club. Therefore to me , its a no brainer."
100% agree. All committee members get is abuse.

I am a committee member and I would much prefer to go back coaching but we have no committee members. Horrible job but the club would die without doing it. I absolutely hate it but do it so the kids have a pitch to play on, jerseys, footballs and buses etc. Sounds dramatic but it is true.

Plenty others do the hard yards. The lotto sellers, the pitch maintenance, etc. How to prioritise I am not sure.

Mayonman (Galway) - Posts: 1871 - 24/07/2024 16:13:35    2561278


Replying To SamandLiamSoon:  "League started on the 15th of March this year..... pre-season is pre season all teams will be doing more at the beginning which for all the friends I have still playing Senior in various clubs is 3 sessions a week at a minimum (whether it be pitch/gym/friendly.

As the year goes on they reduce down not increase. I think you have your prep back to front."
I doubt it somehow.

anotheralias (Galway) - Posts: 911 - 24/07/2024 16:19:36    2561279


I hope for everyone involved in our games and in Gaelic Football in particular (following a tremendous hurling final) that we have a tough but clean game of football on Sunday. It's what our youth should be witnessing and indeed anyone watching our flagship game. Do not be at all surprised if Armagh try to bring a deliberately manically intense first few minutes of aggression, well above and beyond the norm, either in the first 5-10 mins or immediately after half time. Some Ulster football people that should know a thing or two about Armagh are hinting at a period of heavy duty physicality from McGeeney's charges - to rock our marquee players and attempt to break our organisation and focus - the strong organisation piece being McGeeney's chief worry about Galway in general. While I have to respect Armagh and their journey to the final, I have zero respect for their highly dangerous and deliberate melee instigated against Galway in 2022, following their similar and undoubtedly planned efforts v Tyrone and v Donegal that year, along with large melees vs Cavan and Laois in recent years. There's a pattern. The stirrers were always Armagh - one example of an orchestrated melee was their lining up behind the Cavan flag for the pre match parade in an Ulster championship match and deliberately sparking a melee that saw a Cavan player taken out and unable to play. Armagh's captain said on the record that they had no regrets about the stunt they pulled to spark that brawl. McGeeney is big on 'hyper aggression' so we need to be careful, not get sucked into it and any disciplinary repercussions on the field on Sunday, and rather stay laser focused. Sean Hurson is a highly capable ref, very observant and a strict enforcer of the games rules - so he, his linesmen and umpires will be well aware of what to look out for. Our players need to be highly aware too. They'll get a good physical battle but let it be a fair one without any premeditated nonsense.

togoutlads (Galway) - Posts: 933 - 24/07/2024 16:55:42    2561286


I have a friend who is a committee member in a large neighbouring club.
He said the grief their secetary, chairman are getting this week over allocation of tickets is off the charts..
Mostly from parents and people who would hardly ever have stepped foot in the club for years..
Having pops on line as well..

Belclare7 (Galway) - Posts: 67 - 24/07/2024 16:56:33    2561287


Replying To anotheralias:  "I doubt it somehow."
Then you are out of touch with what current senior and some intermediate teams are currently doing. Galway 456's description is accurate in my experience with football clubs too. Heavy gym work earlier in year, then increase pitch sessions. 3/4 nights a week would not be unusual, would be actually very usual for Galway senior clubs.

systematic (Galway) - Posts: 92 - 24/07/2024 17:20:14    2561298


No luck in the Club Draw for Tickets. The club raffled loads for Fundraisers before doing Members Draw. I wonder can I put in a FOI request to galway GAA to see what clubs got how many tickets? Corofin raffled off 194 between Members. Good to see transparancy.

ref (Galway) - Posts: 248 - 24/07/2024 20:47:58    2561334