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Best Club Players Not To Play For Meath

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Interesting thread. i might be showing my age but Mick O'Dowd who later went on to manage us was one hell of a club player. i remember him coming on in a league game against Roscommon in Navan (during that spell in the early/mid '90s when even though we were good, leagues games could be a certain form of torture) and he banged in 1-1 to level a game that we were in terrible trouble in.
Roscommon got a free about 60m out in injury time and Graham Geraghty gave out the referee, who brought it in 20m upon which Roscommon stuck it over the bar to win the game with the last kick. It may have been Derek Duggan who kicked it.
Anyhow, I remember Geraghty hadn't really been taken to by Meath fans at that stage and a load of people giving out about him as we left after the game. How things were to change!

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