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Chris Healy And Nigel Dunne

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Kildare's Chris Healy and Offaly's Nigel Dunne speaking out about mental health in the last few days. Many of our Gaa players nationwide are starting to do this and its brilliant that there is that willinglness to open up.
In what is worrying times for all of us, its great to talk and reach out.
Best of Luck to the Two Lads.

KINGS2004 (Westmeath) - Posts: 5 - 19/03/2020 12:11:25    2274085


Chris: Chris Healy (@ChrisHealy5) · See Chris'sTwitter for his video Its very powerful and raw.


KINGS2004 (Westmeath) - Posts: 5 - 19/03/2020 12:21:18    2274087