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The Corona Virus And Possible Effects To GAA Matches

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Replying To GreenandRed:  "There's plenty of places North and South where there's high rates of COVID. I don't see how you can think it's insulting to any region to not want to go and play there because it might have a high rate of COVID if it's a fact. That's taking offence a bit too much for me. I agree with your post otherwise. I think this employer's wanting some lads to quarantine for two weeks is hard to believe. I think Waterford could still make the fixture with different plans like staying in a hotel in Dundalk the night before the match. I wouldn't be happy that Waterford are making so much an effort but we don't know the full circumstances for them. But I don't think that not wanting to go to Antrim because it has an unavoidably high COVID rate should cause offence to anyone in Antrim. If a 6 county team doesn't want to to play in a high COVID rate area in 26 counties it shouldn't be taken as an offence either."
The venue makes no difference other than it being scheduled as Antrims home game. Players do not come into contact with local people. I can't see any circumstances where a panel from the 6 continues would refuse to travel if the game has already been sanctioned as safe to do so by the GAA. Their county board wouldn't last a week. Look what Fermanagh did at the weekend to play that game even though they were actually impacted by the virus and players isolating. In the interests of some facts, although it's not relevant as Waterford would not be in contact with the people of Portglenone or the surrounding area, but the virus rate in that council area is about 230 per 100k . A bigger risk is probably staying overnight somewhere say for example Dundalk as mentioned which I am taking it would be seen as a safe option seeing as it's in the south !

RoverTin (Derry) - Posts: 216 - 22/10/2020 16:04:23    2300265


Replying To SaffronDon:  "Staying in a hotel would be a lot more risky than travelling separately to play a match on the day, regardless of where the venue is imo. The biggest danger the team will face will be from their own team mates before and after the match. Possibly the men they are marking too but then that wasn't an issue for Waterford if it was held in Dublin or wherever. I'm not sure they Waterford board meant to insult our great county, but I do struggle to see the logic in their statement."
Isn't the important thing is..that Antrim got 2pts without even breaking a sweat and currently sit top of the Table with 9pts and in a good position for promotion, that's the positive way of looking at it.

katser (Galway) - Posts: 970 - 22/10/2020 16:13:57    2300270