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Dublin Fans Behaviour

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Replying To traleegerry:  "But the boys behaved them self's that porter is too strong for the blue boys up in Longford or should I call them the boo boys from the hill"
What's this Paidi called the Kerry fans again?

Joxer (Dublin) - Posts: 4269 - 14/01/2020 21:25:17    2259817


Replying To Morty:  "Every single thread just descends into this Kerry / Dublin nonsense. So, so boring to read."
And admin clearly stating they wanted it to stop.

Time for admin to block these petty fights and put up a quick explanation as to why.

cavanman47 (Cavan) - Posts: 4130 - 15/01/2020 09:06:42    2259895


Replying To Jack L:  "Ashrules.

I am not referring to Dublin here with that comment. Every team the length and breath of Ireland, club, county scholl etc suffers from poor referere's decisions from time to time. My point is in a lot of cases they are balanced out over the season. Decisions goes your way one day and againsy you another day. Referees are under such much scrutiny nowadays (at intercounty at least) that they need to impress just like any player to get matches at latter end of season."
Actually I meant my comment specifically about the leinster council and specifically between westmeath/longfort.
They are most likely all interrelated anyway

Ashrules (Dublin) - Posts: 342 - 15/01/2020 12:02:27    2259953


Have to say I find most of Dublin fans to be good craic and like every other county you get the odd mouth,
The numbers they bring to home and away match they should be commended rather than trying to slate them all because a few lads in Dublin colours missed behaved.

The fact still remains we cant condone abuse of referees for any reason, one of the main Gaa stories today is that counties cant get referees and it's no wonder when most people that follow games think that is just part and parcel of the game now so it is ok when it really isn't

redbomb (Tyrone) - Posts: 165 - 15/01/2020 13:58:14    2259987