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2018 Club Championships

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Replying To BigJoe14:  "You are correct in saying that those teams did not win Leinsters or All Irelands etc, however they were teams full of grafters, battlers and talented footballers and they were competitive every year they went into it. Not since Senchalstown in 2007 can a Meath team say they gave a good account of themselves in the Leinster Senior Championship. Championship in Meath is a damp squib for large parts of it where some teams are just happy to stay Senior or Intermediate and see it as a bonus if they get to a quarter final etc. It is to long drawn out and players are going through the motions for large parts of it. Changing the structures will not make us better over night, however it will improve us over time and change is badly needed."
I think simonstown gave a good account last year losing the semi final away by a kick of ball. The team that bet them had the final won and threw it away.

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