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Crazy Decision Regarding Under 20 Football Final - 10 Like(s)
Only one game left. Surely they could go ahead with the match and get the competition finished. Very unfair on Dublin and Galway.

Marooning (National) - 21/10/2020 15:08:06

Have We All Gone Mad? - 8 Like(s)
Tonight I can go to the gym with sweat excretions flying everywhere. Tomorrow it could be the cinema. For the remainder of the week I could book a nice two night stay in a hotel and use their packed bar facilities right up to three am If I wanted. But what I really want this week is a ticket to see the Westmeath hurlers down in Carlow on Saturday or the big one, only over the road, with the Laois footballers on the Sunday. O Connor Park must hold twenty thousand and the powers that be dictate that only two hundred can apply for that golden ticket. These and rightly so will be given to the players involved. Good God, this crowd of only 200 does not make any kind of sense. Acres of space with not a soul around. Are the GAA kicking up any kind of fuss on the matter? Or are the lunatics, at last, really running the asylum?

Marooning (National) - 29/06/2021 16:51:28

Speedy Recovery Graham Geraghty - 4 Like(s)
Reliable word has it that Graham had his operation earlier today and everything went well.

Marooning (National) - 29/10/2020 16:27:54

Meath Vs Mayo - 3 Like(s)
You boys are blowing up Flynn and see him taking over from McEntee. D'ont get me wrong. Bernard was an absolute brilliant player but ask Mullingar Shamrocks people about him. I think they will say great player but not a great manager.

Marooning (Meath) - 02/06/2021 17:14:07

Kerry Need A Catcher - 2 Like(s)
Looking at Kerry against the Dubs last Sunday they reminded me of Tyrone back in 2003. All energy and buzz out the field with some terrific forwards capable of putting together big scores. But as in the Ulster final of that year the lack of a high fielding full back was their Achilles Heel. Down raised a number of easy green flags. Mickey Harte brought back midfielder Cormac McAnallen for the replay and Tyrone were on the way to their first All Ireland. The game is changed somewhat since 2003 but you still need those safe hands, a steadying influence in front of your goalkeeper. Every time the Dubs attacked you could see goals coming and sure enough they raised four green flags. The days of the solid, hard hitting, six foot two plus number three are gone, instead you require a certain amount of mobility and real ball skill as well. Strange that Kerry with their historical record of producing fine fielders are struggling in this position and have done so for years. Often players are tagged, they start off as a free scoring forward, this scoring ability reduces with age but the selectors automatically retain them in that position for their entire career. Tom Spillane's young fella has generally operated in the full forward line but he strikes me as someone who could offer more a lot more at the other end of the pitch. Certainly if he was half as good as his auld fella he would fit the bill. This is no reflection on the other Kingdom inner defenders who are all fine footballers. But if Peter Keane does not fill this vital position then Kerry are going to walk away empty handed again this year. Wonder what the Kerry readers feel about the situation.

Marooning (National) - 28/05/2021 12:38:19

Cork Goalkeeper Micheal Martin - 1 Like(s)
Is the Cork football goalkeeper the son of the Taoiseach Micheal Martin. Brought off some great saves against Kerry. Could be a future All Star. Would he have a safer pair of hands than the auld man?

Marooning (National) - 09/11/2020 16:30:31

We Will Take Ye On Sunday. - 1 Like(s)
Amazed. Andy Mac still has not found a free taker nor a goalie. He had months to do this. You have nothing to compare to John Heslin. I expect a Westmeath win at the weekend.

Marooning (Meath) - 13/05/2021 15:58:02

Knockout Championship. - 1 Like(s)
What a game between Cavan and Monaghan. Despite the terrible conditions had everything, extra time, point scoring goalkeepers, a great Cavan comeback. we nearly had our first championship penalty decider. Both sets of players really wanted to win. They knew there was no second chance on offer. Adds to the argument of those who favour a knockout championship.

Marooning (National) - 31/10/2020 15:55:27

Have Cork Any Chance In Killarney - 1 Like(s)
Cork usually put it up to the Kingdom. But Kerry will be gunning for revenge after last Winters late goal and humiliation. Cork football is a pale shadow of what it once was. Kerry to win by at least ten points

Marooning (National) - 22/07/2021 12:34:02