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2021 Hurling Championship - 4 Like(s)
Limerick's indiscipline will cost them yet. Two reds today, no debate, they better tread carefully from now on.

Claretandblue (National) - 18/07/2021 19:12:50

Proposed Hurling Rule Changes - 3 Like(s)
The irony of a man from Limerick finding fault with the new rules. Majority of Limerick side in Last three years have ignored the rules with impunity. Hegarty made 11 personal fouls between semi and final. No sanction.

Claretandblue (National) - 06/03/2021 15:35:53

Westmeath Senior Football Championship 2020 - 2 Like(s)
Petty post re Garrycastle. They are a well run club getting their act together at underage after a fallow few years. Any club based in urban areas is bound to have a few outsiders with people moving into the area. Sheerin is from Wicklow so hardly going to commute back over two hours to play club football. Loman's had Peter Foy and Paul Whelehan playing last week, Gerry Grehan and Ken Casey could feature in semi final, Shamrocks had a guy called Butler while Shandonagh had Cormac Gordon at midfield, Athlone have Darren Magee and even Bunbrosna had Garvan Dolan, all non locals. Goes with the territory. Doesn't happen as much or rarely in hurling but that's a different story.

Claretandblue (Westmeath) - 02/09/2020 15:52:03

Westmeath Hurlers 2021 - 2 Like(s)
What's your specialist subject on Mastermind Fons? Stating the bleedin obvious with negative overtones. Any worthwhile suggestions? Should we simply concede walkovers? Would we better off being like Kildare or Down? We haven't had a Westmeath game in either code to watch or talk about in six months and the likes of you add nothing of value here.

Claretandblue (Westmeath) - 28/04/2021 15:00:41

Minor Footballers - 2 Like(s)
Here we go again. Another whinge or gripe about socks or togs. Any player who chooses another sport due to gear is not worth worrying about. Minor board with Alan Leech and Kevin Jordan do Trojan work. Thankfully, club minors turned out in their droves to get on minor football panel so guess that renders your argument irrelevant.

Claretandblue (Westmeath) - 23/06/2021 23:31:17

Movathon 2021 - 2 Like(s)
Not as hard a time as you have answering a pretty straightforward question.

Claretandblue (Westmeath) - 06/04/2021 17:34:09

Movathon 2021 - 2 Like(s)
Ned Flynn R.I.P. I know it's not the correct thread but it's right to acknowledge the passing of a great Westmeath Gael. There can scarcely be any Westmeath person who ever had a cross word with Ned. He devoted his life to the GAA, especially in North Westmeath with his beloved Castletown Finea Coole Whitehall and with Castlepollard. He inspired hundreds of youngsters in both codes and amused thousands at matches with his wit which was never personal. Condolences to his family. A genuine legend.

Claretandblue (Westmeath) - 09/04/2021 21:23:29

Westmeath Senior Football Championship 2020 - 2 Like(s)
Who was held back by The Downs? That's pretty far fetched Latte. Joseph Moran has been training sporadically, he was dropped, who else? Their aim is to reach senior final. A junior title with no senior final appearance would be considered a poor year by them. They're almost certain to face Garrycastle in quarter final if they overcome Castledaly, then they would face Lomans in semi final. Why would they risk that difficult route by taking Rosemount for granted? Not a fear of it. Credit to Rosemount who were superb for forty mins and adequate for twenty. Sean Petitt, Andy McCormack, Boidu, Izzy, Theo Watts, Eoghan Carberry were all brilliant. Frankie Dolan had a game plan that focused on The Downs weak links and it worked perfectly.

Claretandblue (Westmeath) - 09/08/2020 22:36:48

Westmeath Hurling 2020 - 2 Like(s)
Peter Clarke's mother is from Tyrrellspass. His dad is Fintan Clarke, apparently his family have some tenuous links to Castletown Geo hurling club!!!!!!!! What are Castletown doing wrong if they're offering hurling to lads where there's no existing hurling club? Lads from Streamstown, Ballinagore and Kilbeggan are entitled to hurl and their nearest club is Castletown. Surely that's to be commended. Even Valley84 might struggle to find fault with that. Completely the opposite to Clonkill who take players from areas where there are existing hurling clubs like Turin, Crookedwood and Plunketts.

Claretandblue (Westmeath) - 19/10/2020 19:33:31

Movathon 2021 - 2 Like(s)
Just waiting for you Fonz to post a semi positive comment.

Claretandblue (Westmeath) - 03/05/2021 17:08:34

Congress Decisions - 1 Like(s)
Nonsense Greengrass. Congress was excellent in my view today. Did you bother watching it? The motions on cynical play are a great addition.

Claretandblue (National) - 27/02/2021 18:51:58

Congress Decisions - 1 Like(s)
Nonsense Greengrass. Congress was excellent in my view today. Did you bother watching it? The motions on cynical play are a great addition.

Claretandblue (National) - 27/02/2021 18:55:05

Westmeath Senior Football Championship 2020 - 1 Like(s)
It's that aspect of Loman's set up that rankles with genuine and knowledgeable GAA people. Sean Lancaster will be hurling with Castlepollard this weekend in their semi final, he's living and from Castlepollard, yet he plays football in the past three or four years with Loman's, 10-12 miles from his residence and depriving Ballycomoyle of a key player. His transfer should never have been sanctioned. He has very little chance of featuring in the football final. Likewise Enda Gaffney and Jamie Leavy left Delvin, a struggling rural club, to play with Loman's. Another mystery as to how they got transfers. They continued to hurl with Delvin so clearly not a residence transfer. These transfers are simply unfair on rural clubs and on other clubs.

Claretandblue (Westmeath) - 16/09/2020 16:31:46

Westmeath Hurling 2020 - 1 Like(s)
Fr. Dalton's arguably most impressive side in any of the hurling championships so far. Two very good performances resulting in comprehensive wins. The work at underage level in recent years has certainly paid off with great credit due to Denis O' Rourke and Brian McCabe amongst others and they are real contenders for the Senior B title. Raharney were no match for them on Sunday and the worrying thing for Raharney was that very few of their second team made strong cases to be on the Senior side, a Senior side that needs 3-4 new players. Eamonn Gallagher has a great track record with different teams over the past 10-12 years and getting Raharney past Castlepollard in the last group game is a huge challenge.

Claretandblue (Westmeath) - 17/08/2020 17:04:18

Westmeath Hurlers 2021 - 1 Like(s)
Incorrect Jobber. Fixture was originally fixed for 6th August, two weeks from this weekend. Surely it makes sense to have it this weekend when our lads are totally match sharp. Likewise, are clubs and players not entitled to have county players back in their ranks for the first time this year, it is late July after all. County players and teams are approx 2% of the association's players, surely the remainder are worthy of consideration?

Claretandblue (Westmeath) - 21/07/2021 12:02:45

Westmeath Senior Football Championship 2020 - 1 Like(s)
Loman's the more consistent side, 17 scores to 11 tells it's own tale, Tyrrellspass will be kicking themselves however as they had the ball and the lead deep in injury time. John Heslin again proved his worth with eight points, crucial late free to level under massive pressure. The poster here who criticised him last week should be embarrassed, Main talking point surely the treatment handed out to Ronan O' Toole throughout, he was surely fouled 10-12 times, Tyrrellspass clearly targeted him but he still fired three points and never reacted to the fouling. Conor O' Donoghue had a fine game at wing back too, made crucial interventions and attacked relentlessly. Denis Glennon got through an immense amount of work, Ger Egan good too and Aaron O' Brien scores two fine points. A decent final. Great win too for Killucan, some fine players in Clarke, Leech, Mulkerrins, Weir.

Claretandblue (Westmeath) - 27/09/2020 21:26:10

Westmeath J.F.C. 2021 - 1 Like(s)
Stop contradicting yourself Chick, freedom of choice? Ambition? Basically you're saying to play where you want to regardless of address as long as your new club is successful. Pathetic, selfish attitude which goes against the ethos of the Association and luckily vast majority of genuine GAA people don't have that attitude.

Claretandblue (Westmeath) - 29/01/2021 00:08:06

Movathon 2021 - 1 Like(s)
The first thing to look at in any post is what time it's posted at. That long rambling nonsensical post was sent twice in the late hours of a weekend night. The complete lack of punctuation another clue.

Claretandblue (Westmeath) - 02/05/2021 22:08:33

Junior Football 2020 - 1 Like(s)
What's county board clout got to do with it? It's a numbers game surely. Urban clubs mentioned have bigger pick, Loman's vs Ballinagore result was an eye catcher but not much can be done. Those junior clubs of senior teams surely entitled to compete in junior championship? Otherwise the competition would be very bare.

Claretandblue (Westmeath) - 30/08/2020 21:46:35

Westmeath Hurling 2020 - 1 Like(s)
Not sure that not reaching a final in last few years is necessarily a stick to beat the Gaels with. They simply don't have the strength in depth that three main teams have had over the past ten years. They rely heavily on players in central positions and struggle to beat sides who have talent in most positions. Derek Mc Nicholas is a talented hurler and has produced brilliance for his club but definitely showing signs of wear and tear. Jogger had his hands full with Luke Loughlin yesterday and that was a battle that the Gaels needed to win well, Clonkill have a panel that's very strong, Jordy Smith would be a certain starter for any other club as would Paddy Dowdall who probably will start the final. The final should be a riveting one as the two best teams are involved.

Claretandblue (Westmeath) - 21/09/2020 17:48:19