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Fair play TG4 - 7 Like(s)
Just want to say fair play to tg4. Streaming more underage games and schools games now. I would actually rather watch tg4 now than any other station.

wd45 (National) - 21/03/2017 15:46:52

All Over Before It Starts? - 6 Like(s)
Would you people on this trying to scare people ever get a grip. time people copped themselves on. we cant stay at home watching tv for the rest of our lives. some people do like to go out and play sports and enjoy themselves. Everyone that I have talked to that wants to keep the lockdown going are just boring xxxts that do nothing anyway so it suits them.

wd45 (National) - 10/07/2020 15:35:33

Sunday Game - 5 Like(s)
So the GAA has got a pile of money so less people can watch our games on TV. People can dress it up whatever way they want buts that's the facts. Not everyone has SKY and some that do cant afford SKY sports. Its not right for an amateur organisation to do this.

wd45 (National) - 31/05/2017 09:13:00

Sunday Game - 3 Like(s)
So would you be ok if the SKY had the rights to all televised games and RTE had none just because it makes more money.??? Everything with the GAA these days is down to money.. Fair enough they are bringing in more revenue than ever before but they are losing so many supporters by doing this. It shouldn't be always about money.

wd45 (National) - 31/05/2017 10:04:26

RTE V SKY - 2 Like(s)
Just had a look at the line up for the next few weeks and it seems RTE have very little games on. Why are they not showing games on a Saturday anymore. Its very frustrating for someone without sky..

wd45 (National) - 18/07/2016 14:50:00

All Over Before It Starts? - 1 Like(s)
In all honesty I think there's a massive group of people in this country that are hoping lockdown comes back because it's suits them. They don't go out socialising or add anything to the community. They just go to work and sit in at the weekend. Now that's fine if that's what you want to do but dont be pushing it on everyone else. We should be trying to motivate people to get out and about and get the country back on track. There won't be much of a country left soon with all this negativity.

wd45 (National) - 11/07/2020 20:20:06

Fair play TG4 - 1 Like(s)
Its a lot cheaper than sky and everyone has it. not everyone has sky.

wd45 (National) - 30/03/2017 09:07:36

All Over Before It Starts? - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Tod:  "First off can i ask how this post was published with all the bad language? I work on the frontline and have seen horrific cases of covid, we dont need GAA return to work out, its a hobby and a nice pastime, what we need is to keep the hospitals from getting under pressure even before winter season arrives and if GAA training and matches are shown to be adding to the covid crisis then they should be shutdown straight away. It must be great to have no worries only about playing a game of football , if you actually saw the frontline instead of of your statement above you may have a different opionion, shame on moderator for letting this post up"
So Tod what would have happen lock down everything until there's a vaccine. Who knows when that will be. We cannot live in fear of maybe getting this virus, which at the minute is a tiny chance. This lockdown is doing so much damage to the economy, and to people's life. Lockdown is not the answer. We need to learn to adapt to this virus and work around it. Of course vulnerable people should stay at and home and be supported but for the vast majority of the population it's time to get back to some sort of normality using the new precautions.

wd45 (National) - 11/07/2020 21:50:18

A brilliant start to the Senior Hurling Championship - 1 Like(s)
Proper order. Players should respect the hard work management and mentors do and make themselves available.

wd45 (Westmeath) - 17/08/2017 15:13:58

Footballers 2017 - 1 Like(s)
Widen the net to where? Start looking for Dublin players like Meath are ? Apart from that the manager is limited to the fish in his particular pond and making Westmeath championship contenders depends more on producing good underage teams again. Jack_Sparrow (Westmeath) - Posts:660 - 23/12/2016 14:41:37 1941908 "Start looking for Dublin players like Meath", would you please explain that ridiculous statement.

wd45 (Westmeath) - 05/04/2017 09:43:43

Moorefield v St Loman's - 1 Like(s)
Lomans got what they deserved. They tried to be to clever wasting time and throwing the ball back for the free. Lomans fans complaining about the ref need to have another look at the game. I remember Sweeney picking up a ball in the 2nd half and get a shoulder straight in the face and lomans actually got a line ball from it. Number 11 sticking his tongue out and pointing at the crowd should feel embarrassed today.

wd45 (National) - 18/12/2017 11:37:03

Moorefield v St Loman's - 1 Like(s)
He had a good 10 mins. If your going to be show boating and pointing out to the crowd you have to make sure you win the game. You look foolish when you do it and then lose. I didn't see much sign of him in the last 10 mins when it mattered.

wd45 (National) - 18/12/2017 11:58:53

All Over Before It Starts? - 1 Like(s)
Ah lads will yous stop with the doom and gloom. Getting boring at this stage.

wd45 (National) - 12/07/2020 19:50:52

Senior & intermediate championship 2016 - 1 Like(s)
County board have a lot to answer for.. SHC semi-final being played under lights in the middle of the week says it all..

wd45 (Westmeath) - 11/10/2016 15:54:26

Westmeath Hurling 2018 - 1 Like(s)
I can see Laois giving us a bit of a lesson this weekend. I heard numbers for training has been poor and some lads a bit fed up with the set-up.

wd45 (Westmeath) - 30/04/2018 15:46:56

Westmeath v Armagh - 1 Like(s)
The Westmeath county board are really letting themselves down. I was at the game and there was both sets of supporters giving it all that. Time to shut up and move on, stop whinging.

wd45 (National) - 27/07/2017 10:07:14

Fair play TG4 - 1 Like(s)
Whats this thread have to do with sky, its about tg4, anyway its not our devine right to see all these matches for free, thats my opinion on it, all premier league matches are on subscription channels, but theres no outcry about seeing man utd and liverpool on free tv, TrevorPhillips (Cork) - Posts:10 - 28/03/2017 21:56:06 1972559 Whats the big difference between watching man utd v Liverpool and watching Dublin v Kerry on sky for example. The soccer players get paid, the gaa lads don't. That is my problem with GAA on sky. The spectators have to pay to watch it yet the players get nothing.

wd45 (National) - 29/03/2017 07:15:03

All Over Before It Starts? - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Lockjaw:  "In a fairly competitive field, this is up there with one of the most stupid things I've ever read on this forum. Are parents with young kids part of your paradigm? Both my wife and I work and sit in at the weekend. We'd love to go out, but our kids are under 5. Selfishness is a horrible thing. Older and vulnerable people should be put at risk just so you can enjoy a pass-time and go on the rip every weekend? Good man. The economy needs to be re-open granted, but some people are failing to grasp where certain things stand in the priorities list."
Lockjaw you obviously don't read any of the previous posts. I said in an earlier posts that elderly and vulnerable people should stay at home and be supported. You say go on the rip every weekend, that's is not what I said. The GAA is much more than just a past-time. Its brilliant physically and mentally for everyone who plays but that's just a small part of it, the main bit is the supporters that go to watch the games and the enjoyment it brings to communities all over the country. On another note a lot of people on here about the frontline and how hospitals have been over-run obviously don't read the facts, since the lockdown hospitals have never been as quiet. And before yous start going mental saying how dare I run down the doctors and nurses of this country "IM NOT", the doctors and nurses do an unbelievable job and don't get half enough money for it but facts are facts.

wd45 (National) - 13/07/2020 12:23:43

Westmeath Hurling 2020 - 1 Like(s)
LLG have been knocking on the door in recent years but have always been short a scoring forward up front. Now with young Williams looking the real deal and with Daly to come back as well they now have the fire power.

wd45 (Westmeath) - 27/07/2020 15:11:24

Red Herring Of Travelling To Games - 1 Like(s)
Alright snowfkxxes calm down. lets just remember that 99% of people who get this virus recover.

wd45 (National) - 07/08/2020 14:05:00