Duff questions Casement Park investment

February 22, 2024

The redeveloped Casement Park

Shelbourne manager Damien Duff believes the €50 million pledged by the Irish Government towards the redevelopment of Casement Park would be better spent on League of Ireland academies.

Speaking ahead of Shels’ Dublin derby with Shamrocks Rovers, the former Republic of Ireland star asked: “Will Casement Park bring through footballers? Maybe in a roundabout way. Academies for me is where the future of Irish football is.

“Fifty million euro, how many games will it host? Four? Great. We’ll go to the toilet four times. I’d rather it be spent on academies.

“It’s not always black and white. Some people would prefer to spend it on stadiums. People get peed off because a lot of stuff comes down to common sense, and not a lot of people have that.”

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