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What's Going On In Roscommon? - 8 Like(s)
No evidence of player power and hard to believe that someone from Roscommon would run with such fake news. Plenty of evidence however of a poorly run county board and I think Roscommon especially the players have dodged a bullet by not getting O'Rourke. With his poor management CV, the distance to travel,his struggle to put any management team together and worse of all his S&C coach sub letting his job on social media. The fact is Roscommon can do so much better than him.

Yondu (National) - 25/10/2018 11:55:14

National Football League 2019 - 7 Like(s)
I watched the full game on TG4 and my neutral view point is not only did Roscommon deserve to win that game but they deserved to win that game by a bit to spare. Half of the Tyrone frees, all tap over frees at that, was Tyrone playing the ref as a stronger ref would not have given them as fouls at all. Tyrone's correct score yesterday should have been about 1-6 and there is question marks about a square ball on their goal also. Roscommon for their effort should have scored more than 1-10 but no doubt on the day the team that defended,attacked better and scored the most from play was Roscommon. Morgan and the rest of his team mates must still be laughing today at how they stole the draw at the end and young Harney will have to learn about the antics of the top sides. That performance by Roscommon was so far removed from the Super 8's game last August when Roscommon players were bullied and tossed aside like rag dogs and time and time again their porous defence was cut to shreds by waves of Tyrone attacks. Yesterday Roscommon stood strong and at times out muscled Tyrone physically and defended every attack like their lives depended on it. Roscommon should take great heart from all 3 league performances, there is now a solid steel spine running through this Rossie team. Conor Cox has been the find of the year and with a number of regulars to come back in the next few weeks, there is every reason to be optimistic of maintaining Division 1 status which would be an outstanding achievement.

Yondu (Roscommon) - 11/02/2019 14:54:50

The Corona Virus And Possible Effects To GAA Matches - 6 Like(s)

Replying To dec:  "Looking at the daily figures 34 today, we are in the same position now as the original lock down, hopefully we won't return to full lockdown, but phase 2 may happen which would mean an end to all gaa activity, probably wiser for John horan to call a halt to all activity so the gaa can do their bit to stop the spread instead of trying to add to it"
40 cases back then may as well have been 500 with the amount of people showing symptoms and waiting for a test. Right now the testing has ramped up and we have a very good track and trace operation in place to stop any clusters getting out of control as they did in March and April. For the record 13 counties in the ROI have not had a case in 5+ days and 19 haven't had a case in over 2 days. To get the R number down there will be a big focus on the 7 counties have had cases in the last 2 days.

Yondu (National) - 17/07/2020 19:02:04

Tricky Back Door - 6 Like(s)
Not sure where this Mayo will be grand if they avoid Tyrone comes from? last year Derry and Cork should have beaten them and they were less than convincing in other games the year before v Fermanagh,Westmeath etc.. Tyrone are a younger and fresher team I would be more sure of them reaching the super 8 than Mayo.

Yondu (National) - 20/05/2018 20:32:52

Next Dublin Manager - 6 Like(s)
Joe Brolly has to take over. Loves talking about and watching Dublin plus he's free to do so after RTÉ sacked him.

Yondu (National) - 30/11/2019 16:02:40

New Galway Football Manager - 6 Like(s)

Replying To PressureKick:  "Who are the people coming from other counties onto a Galway page liking this post and disliking others? Really odd behaviour, you'd really want to get a life. The inaccuracies here are funny. Two excellent Archer goals at the start had Galway way behind in that u20 game and yet they got it back to level despite missing loads of chances. Joyces tactics looked spot on that day, he can't go out and correct players missing easy frees and chances. They dominated possession and didnt execute. Conveniently ignore them winning the Kerins cup at ease beating Cork, Dublin & Kerry along the way. Divillys coaching credentials are superb. UCD have been consistently high scoring in sigerson, a competition renowned for low scores due to poor conditions of games played in winter. But sure lets make stuff up to try have a little dig, all coming from concerned posters from Roscommon, a county that only plays 1 sport and has less than 1/4 the All Irelands of Galway and half the Connacht titles. Maybe turn your concern inward."
The green thumbs are for agreeing with an opinion the opposite for the red thumbs. You need to deal with that instead of getting upset. I'm not from Roscommon but you must a bee in your bonnet with them for some reason. I have a very good life which over the years has included GAA coaching in both the UK and Ireland what is your life other than trying to play online keyboard warrior? You would want to do a little more research on John Divillys and how his sigerson cup teams were set up especially against the better colleges. Kerins Cup is a pre-season competition and shouldn't be brought into any convesation when talking up or down a manager. U20 is a poor man's U21 competition and Dublin management gave Galway a schooling in that AI semi final, game was won early on and they kept Galway at arms length for the rest of the game. Was enough evidence in that game alone that PJ needed more time at that grade before stepping up to senior management however if Divilly is given more of influence you should at least see Galway seniors more organised in defence than they were this year under Kevin Walsh.

Yondu (Galway) - 12/10/2019 22:24:17

NFL 2020 - 5 Like(s)

Replying To Jack L:  "In the first two matches the biggest issue was not been able to hold onto a six point lead. In the laois match we were six points up (against a team who were promoted from D3) going into injury time. On Sunday we were six point up at half time. Every county outside D1 are missing players who are no longer available. We are in the same boat."
You aren't the sharpest knife in the drawer are you. With a stronger hand Roscommon would have conceded less and scored more in their last two games = 4 points. And tougher games are to come yet away to Cavan, Armagh and Kildare.

Yondu (Roscommon) - 03/02/2020 14:15:54

The Corona Virus And Possible Effects To GAA Matches - 5 Like(s)
Pubs are indoors and with the Irish drinking culture can become packed, just a bit different than allowing 500 attend outdoor gaa match where social distancing would be respected unlike a pub when some one has too many to drink will be invade your space. John Horan is right to call for 500 to at least to attend GAA games. All the doctors in the press news conferences over the last numbers of weeks told us it was positivity % from testing, hospital admissions and ICU numbers gives a more accurate idea of how things are going than any R Rate number that can shoot up due to one isolated cluster outbreak.

Yondu (National) - 17/07/2020 17:03:01

The Corona Virus And Possible Effects To GAA Matches - 5 Like(s)

Replying To Tod:  "Social distancing will be observed, give me a break, that is one thing that won't be observed not at the matches iv seen, the traditional rows between supporters!! Horan is a joke and and embarrassment and totally wrapped up in his own world otherwise he would never have come out with this statement today"
You don't know the GAA community well very if you don't think supporters during this virus would have compliance to follow set rules. Nothing Horan said was a joke. Up until yesterday the GAA was expecting 500 to attend games come July 20th and all plans was put in place for that including online ticketing. To quote John Fogarty one of our best sport journalists. "GAA has played it safe, safer than most during this pandemic. It more than played its part in the lockdown. Restricted capacity of 200 shouldn't apply where sports venues can safely accommodate social distancing.

Yondu (National) - 17/07/2020 18:54:53

New Galway Football Manager - 5 Like(s)

Replying To PressureKick:  "This is laughable. Dublin won the game early and kept Galway at arms length for the rest of the game. How can you explain the game being level then midway through the second half? How would you define arms length? You're not from Roscommon yet turn up in every Roscommon related discussion. Grand. If you've such a good life (yet felt the need to emigrate, obviously things weren't going so well for you here) then why do you and your merry band of likers come onto an opposing page making things up to have a dig?"
Nothing I said was laughable. Have you got that joker condition of uncontrollable laughter? Dublin U20s laid down the platform to win early on, at no stage did they not control that game and won pulling up. The very definition of having the opposition at arms length. Turning up at every Roscommon related discussion, you clearly are confusing me with someone else. And newsflash this is the new Galway football manager thread you should park your weird obsession with the rossies. I went where my work brought me and would highly recommend other young coaches to do some experience in the UK also. Why did you go did the pressure get so much that you had to emigrate? Going by the amount of red thumbs you get on here it seems you aren't the most popular Galway poster.

Yondu (Galway) - 13/10/2019 14:12:23

Galway V Mayo Connacht Final - 5 Like(s)
First Galway v Mayo Connacht final for 6 years and that was a very comfortable 7 point win for Mayo who was up against a Mulholland managed Galway team that was easy to score against and easy to beat. A lot of hype about P Joyce as manager, brought a lot of it onto himself by saying Galway will be training for All Ireland final when appointed but Sunday will prove if he's any better than Mulholland especially defensively. I think the answer will be no and Mayo will win comfortably scoring in the region of 3-14 again.

Yondu (National) - 11/11/2020 17:13:53

New Galway Football Manager - 5 Like(s)

Replying To kazoochka:  "First half of Mayo U20 game is pretty much it i think. Nothing special in the Ros game and Dubs game was over after 5 minutes. I assume he will get the job and hope he does great but im not going to be blindly optimistic basically on basis he is one of our best ever players. This could be Solskjaer territory lol"
First thing that came into my head is that Pádraic Joyce could become Solskjear territory. To me he looked like a manager that needed at least another year at U20 level before making the step up to senior. Roscommon and Mayo weren't at a high level this year so let's be honest that Connacht title won was low hanging fruit. Joyce and his management were outsmarted by Dublin in the semi final and as shown in the final that was a less than a great U20 team. Seeing that Divilly is the main coach he will have a big focus on defence as he had with his sigerson Cup teams. Anyone expecting Galway to be a free-flowing attacking team under this new management could well be let disappointed.

Yondu (Galway) - 11/10/2019 22:22:52

Galway V Mayo Connacht Final - 5 Like(s)

Replying To Trump2020:  "I would think every counties goal would be the All Ireland. I like them so far under him. I'd give him a bit more time due to this weird year."
Galway haven't played in All Ireland final for 19 years, goals are fine among the panel of players but coming out to the media and saying it raised plenty of eyebrows. He'll be given at least 2 years, longer if he turns out as successful, Sunday is PJs first big test at senior County management against James Horan who has managed Mayo in 4 Connacht finals and produced 4 wins in those finals.

Yondu (National) - 11/11/2020 19:02:21

Well Done Anthony Cunningham - 5 Like(s)
@Pope_Benedict To be fair Anthony Cunningham deserves a lot of credit for stopping the rot in Galway hurling, In the previous 5 years before he became Galway manager they reached zero AI finals. He turned a bunch of talented but flaky Galway men and molded them into a very physical hard nosed outfit. The Galway panel that won the 2017 All Ireland was basically built under the good work by Cunningham. And i might add what i seen with Galway hurlers this year is the return to their flaky self. On last Sunday and where in your view Galway played "bad" I'd more to the fact they were made look bad by a team that out fought them and out thought them tactically by Cunnigham and his management. Can't really be going on about the unavailability of players when Roscommon were also missing some key players and lost 3 important players to injury during the game (Cregg,Smith and Devaney) Regardless what happens in the super 8s i don't think Roscommon winning this Connacht title beating Galway in Pearse Stadium and Mayo in MacHale Park will be forgotten about for some time and that achievement should not be belittled.

Yondu (National) - 20/06/2019 15:10:36

National Football League 2019 - 4 Like(s)
After a promising start it's all gone pear shaped for Roscommon. 22,20,20 conceded the last 3 games is the prime reason why Roscommon lost all 3 and Roscommon needed to keep the scores down to stand any chance of winning those games. I think players that are missing has caught up with Roscommon. Niall McInerney John McManus,Cathal Compton,Brian Stack Fintan Cregg,Ciaran Murtagh Diarmuid Murtagh would all be starters in this league if they were around or fit. Other counties in Div 1 with big picks such as Galway can cope with a few players missing but not Roscommon as even with a full hand they lack in strength in depth and can't afford to be missing so many first choice players. Bringing in Fitzmaurice,Darcy,Lyons etc and expecting them to make impact off the bench in Div 1 is just a prime example to how light on numbers and options Roscommon have right now. Roscommon were never expected to stay up with such a high player turn over from last summer and injury list and I suppose to be still within a chance and hope of staying up with a game to play is not something most Roscommon supporters expected.

Yondu (Roscommon) - 21/03/2019 15:34:06

Kevin Walsh Has Stepped Down - 4 Like(s)

Replying To Mailman98:  "Not before time. The first year he managed us we played Donegal in Croke Park. With the exception of Dublin they were the best team we played under his tenure. He hadn't yet fully ensconced us in the blanket defence so we played a decent brand of football and if it wasn't for poor decisions from KW on the day we might even have won. With the exception of 3 wins over very undercooked Mayo teams it's been all down hill since. The only way is up no matter who the new man is."
Any Galway supporter has a serious chip on their shoulder if they choose not to acknowledge the improvement and progress done under Kevin Walsh. Brushing off the Mayo wins like you have done so here is humorous posting. The new man will have a good squad with a good age profile to work with. I'm hearing Alan Flynn is posed to be Walsh's replacement. I don't think he's up grade on Walsh. Won the U21 All Ireland in 2013 but Galway were real lucky to get out of Connacht that year and the following year Flynn overseen a championship knock out to Leitrim.

Yondu (Galway) - 05/09/2019 17:26:52

The Corona Virus And Possible Effects To GAA Matches - 4 Like(s)

Replying To Administrator:  "A very good post from Zinny on the Wexford forum: I think the one thing that has not yet been discussed is how Covid 19 will change the rules and behavior of our games. The most basic one - nobody will be allowed share water bottles. This will have a major impact as players will have to have one bottle assigned to them and only be allowed use that one. The water man with his single bottle will be gone as there is no way he can use it. Does it mean specific water breaks during a game? who knows. All pitches were games are played will have to be fenced and only players and management allowed into the grounds. After game pitch incursions at all levels have to go. Shaking of hands before and after games will have to stop. Spitting at a player - thankfully not something you often see but the penalty will have to be even more severe. Spitting or spitting out of water after drinking etc all have to stop on the pitch - this will be a hard one for some people to stop but stop it has to. Players who are not feeling well or just recovered from illness should have a minimum amount of time before they go back to training - hard to police but we all know that we and other lads when out on the pitch not 100%. Swapping jerseys - gone. Those are some of the items I can think about however if there is one major lesson that could be taken from this is that people do not obey rules or advice unless there is serious consequences and even then, some idiots still don't. Translate that to the pitch and you see the same, unless the consequences for breaking the rules are tough and enforced nothing changes, stop making excuses, such as it was an accident or he didn't mean it.  I am sure nobody doesn't deliberately wash their hands but they do forget.  Forgetting can have tragic consequences."
You must be very short on what to write when you use a poster views on here to create an article. Once this current crisis blows over things will return to normal and none of the above restrictions will be required.

Yondu (National) - 31/03/2020 15:24:28

James Horan Is Back - 4 Like(s)

Replying To Inaroundehouse:  "Is there a better panel in Mayo now than when Horan left previously. I don't think so. So what's going to make the difference this year or next year above any other year previous?"
The panel James Horan left behind in 2014 still had Alan Dillion,Barry Moran on it who were still able to provide a capable role for the team. Andy Moran,David Clarke aged 30 Keith Higgins 29 Colm Boyle 28 Seamus O Shea,Ger Cafferky,Chris Barrett 27 Tom Parsons 26 Donal Vaughan,Kevin McLoughlin 25 Jason Doherty,Aidan O Shea,Lee Keegan 24 Cillan O Connor 22 Add 5 years onto to ages for 2019 plus the high mileage on their legs and you see clearly that this panel will not be better or at the same level. Some good players coming through but nearly every county in the top 10 has that but what Mayo need is replacements that are going to be as good as the likes of Boyle,Higgins,Moran and be able to make an impact in the business end of the championship. Challenging time ahead for Mayo and much tougher job for Horan on his return.

Yondu (National) - 25/09/2018 17:09:25

Manager For Galway U20 Job - 4 Like(s)
Lets be honest that Galway U20 team did not live up to the hype. A team should not be given hype for winning a challenge game tournament and Connacht like it was minor 2017 was mediocre this year. PJ should be left at underage management for a while yet as he has lots to learn. To let Dublin's main scoring forward in for two easy goals early on and never broke even in midfield was like Galway management did no homework on Dublin at all. Thats a good Dublin but not one of their recent better underage teams and I won't be surprised if Cork or Tyrone beat them in the final.

Yondu (Galway) - 27/07/2019 21:27:40

The Super 8 - 4 Like(s)

Replying To Rosineri1:  "everyone seems to be saying its all down to mgmt, S&C, mental attitude.... I know a lot of people won't like this being said, but maybe our players aren't good enough for this level. Most of our players are good talented footballers, but who do we have that are top top level, I mean to be talked about with the likes of McBrearty, McManus, Geaney, Fenton, Keegan etc... We keep talking about potential, but most of these lads have been around a few years now. Also our team to me seem to be far too nice, there is no streak of nastiness in the team, lads who will do the dirty work to ensure you cross the line as winners. You will find all the top teams have a few lads who other teams hate, to be honest I don't see that in this team. I think we can get bullied far to easily by the bigger stronger teams, you need a few players on the team who can ensure that we don't get pushed around to easily."
Good players you mentioned there are only so good because they play in well organized teams put most of them into the Roscommon unorganized team and they would struggle to stand out at all. I'm not from Roscommon but i must say my heart went out to those Roscommon players who were sent out like lambs to the slaughter last Saturday. Nothing was learnt from that Mayo 20 point defeat at all last year it was case of McStay thinking what worked against Armagh that don't defend would work against extremely well drilled Tyrone team. You might be one supporter that doesn't see it but Roscommon have the best pick of players available to them right now in the county since 1998-2001. In a few years time Roscommon will be picking from a much weaker hand. Its up to any management to pick their best panel,team and to have players that are tough enough for this level and to have them fit and conditioned which after 3 years they still aren't. I don't believe he has his best panel available to him after all he has some players on the 26 last week that wouldn't get starts on the top clubs in the county. He and his management team has never sorted out the goal keeping issues why? there is plenty of decent defenders in the Dalys,McInerney,McManus,Murray etc but decent defenders are no use if the defence has no structure or system to it and again this is ongoing problem in McStays term. Can't play defensive he says well how about defending in a respectable manner? stop playing forwards in defence might be a start. How many different players has now played at number 3 and 6 in the last 3 years? The Kilroy sweeper thing is killed stone dead at this stage why continue it? someone taller and stronger should be given that role. O Rourke is in his 2nd year now and isn't cutting at at senior level at all and probably never will. Too many small nippy similar players are selected in the forward line and D Murtagh for example is crying out for target man to play along side him I'd say he'll be given one more year to correct all of these issues which should include bringing in a defensive,tackling and proper fitness coach and if those issues remain in 2019 its probably best for Roscommon football to part ways with McStay and his management team.

Yondu (Roscommon) - 18/07/2018 19:24:23