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The Dubs Propaganda Machine - 18 Like(s)

Replying To KingdomBoy1:  "The Dubs propaganda machine has kicked into gear proper this week with diamonds from manager Jim Gavin blaming cold play for Dean Rocks black card.

Also Charlie Redmonds attack on Jim McGuinness for calling Jim Gavin out on the Diarmuid Connolly fiasco.

And then last night I read Alan Brogan going to town on Nial Morgan for goading a player when the Dubs team under Pillar took that art to new heights them selves in the naughties.

Who's next on the Dubs propaganda hit list? Let's watch this space."
How could he blame Coldplay for a black card. I'd understand if it was yellow. * Goes and gets coat *

Forpucksake (National) - 19/07/2017 20:07:21

Kildare V Mayo - 4 Like(s)

Replying To mightydubs:  "Can't say how happy i am to see mayo caught out, they where cleaned out in midfield and bar durcan and moran they where hopeless, hopefully that'll be that with that team. Where was Keegan tonight"
It's a shame after such a great contest, that there are still so called GAA fans that can spout this sort of nonsense.

Forpucksake (National) - 30/06/2018 22:47:47

Dublin V Mayo - Call It - 3 Like(s)
I think Mayo will win because of the weather. Work to begin on the new roof for Croke Park in October

Forpucksake (National) - 09/08/2019 18:30:11

Confess Your Really Unpopular View/Opinion - 3 Like(s)
1. Dublin do not receive enough funding from the GAA. They can't afford to ensure another 75 years of dominance unless the GAA put their hand in their pockets and stop short changing the capital. 2. Hurling should be banned. Nothing good ever came from messing around with sticks

Forpucksake (National) - 23/02/2018 18:36:03

Meath V Kildare - 3 Like(s)

Replying To DUBJOHN:  "Was just about to post that ! Dublin on a bad day would hammer either of these teams, we'll get the usual Meath aren't afraid of Dublin nonsense from certain posters on here!"
So Dublin are much better than Kildare or Meath. Massive statement. I hope everyone is now aware of this fact. Thanks for the briefing.

Forpucksake (National) - 15/11/2020 15:34:14

Kerry V Tyrone - 3 Like(s)
The nonsense being spouted about the ref deciding the game is ridiculous. Kerry were absolutely dominant in the second half. Tyrone were simply nowhere to be seen.

Forpucksake (National) - 11/08/2019 17:33:54

Galway Vs Kerry - 2 Like(s)
Awful game, awful performance from Kerry. Fitzmaurice did nothing to change things up and be more positive. A new era of players should have been accompanied by a new coach. Congrats to Galway, fully deserved their win. If Dublin don't win Sam I'll eat all mine and my wife's hats.

Forpucksake (National) - 15/07/2018 19:32:58

Kerry V Dublin - 2 Like(s)

Replying To maroondiesel:  "Why did the senior game not go to extra time?"
And the winner of the weirdest question ever goes to Maroondiesel

Forpucksake (National) - 02/09/2019 13:56:06

El Clasico 2020 Monaghan Vs Cavan - 2 Like(s)
Fair play to Cavan pushing this to extra time. Monaghan supporters must be disgusted by the negative tactics in the second half. Trying to hold on to a 6 or 7 point lead for an entire half is utter nonsense.

Forpucksake (National) - 31/10/2020 14:59:24

El Clasico 2020 Monaghan Vs Cavan - 2 Like(s)
Well done Cavan. Feel so sorry for Monaghan supporters having to watch that. Banty should be shown the door for that. Those tactics have just got exactly what they deserve

Forpucksake (National) - 31/10/2020 15:39:48

Mayo V Dublin - 2 Like(s)

Replying To TheUsername:  "Well now, a festival of color and atmosphere in the home of those raised on songs and stories on Saturday, as the two war horses that have defined this decade in football, took center stage in front of over 82k in Dublin 3. So much for football being dead. I often feel Semi finals are a far better atmosphere than finals and so it proved as Croker rocked to one of the biggest occasions in modern football, Dublin Vs Mayo. Dublin lined up pretty much as advertised, Stephen Cluxton; David Byrne, Jonny Cooper, Michael Fitzsimons; Jack McCaffrey, James McCarthy, John Small; Brian Fenton (1-01), Michael Darragh Macauley; Niall Scully (0-01), Con O'Callaghan (2-00), Brian Howard (0-01); Paul Mannion (0-05), Dean Rock (0-06, 6f), Ciarán Kilkenny. Mayo similarly: Rob Hennelly; Chris Barrett, Brendan Harrison, Stephen Coen (0-01); Lee Keegan (1-00), Colm Boyle (0-01), Patrick Durcan (0-02); Aidan O'Shea Séamus O'Shea (0-01); Fionn McDonagh, Donal Vaughan, Matthew Ruane; Cillian O'Connor (0-03, 2f), Diarmuid O'Connor, James Carr (0-01). Despite much talk of their demise, as expected Mayo came roaring out of the blocks, bringing the intensity, physicality, force of will and mania only a Mayo team Vs Dublin, with the a huge crowd behind them can bring. The Dubs cautiously feeling their way into the game to see how they could do damage and where the threats would come from. The curious case of the match ups became clearer with Keegan going on King Con, SOS going on Fenton and Boyle going on Kilkenny and Durcan going on Jack. The biggest fear for us Dubs was pretty much having things are own way leading up to this game in the championship and Mayo were determined that, that state of affairs came to an end early doors Saturday and so it proved. To put it simply Mayo were the better team in the first half, they brought pace, intensity physicality and sheer will and determination. Something you dont always attatch to Mayo is game management but at times they held the ball and worked the score rather then give into rush of bloods to the head. This was backed up by huge intensity, Jack McCaffery, Brain Fenton and a few other knocked of their groove and forced into giving away turnovers as uncharacteristic mistakes were forced. Mayo tackling was just simply brilliant. With Dublin struggling without their usual oxygen, Mayo made hay, Durcan got forward for a couple of points, COC knocked a couple of frees and even one from play, while S O Shea, Boyle and Carr also kicked over to let Dublin know there would be know gaurd of honor toward a final coming from Mayo. Dublin were blowing hard as they went in at half time, with an uncharacteristic six points on the board, thanks mainly to Dean Rock frees and a gift from Rob Hennelly to Mannion, which probably should have raised a green flag. Im on record as saying last week that unless Mayo went in five points + ahead at half time they hadn't a chance. I will openly admit that logic went out the window as i milled about the concourse at half time and i was worried very worried, such was the loss of the groove Dublin were knocked off. After years of being gifted, watching this team i should have known better. What followed was the brilliance of Dublin at their very apex as every power was utilised to just completely destroy Mayo, in what is becoming known as the 12 in 12. Dublin came out putting over 1-5 before Mayo had the opportunity to put over a wide, im not sure what you with that, as it renders the opposition irrelevant. In the blink of an eye the game ended as Kilkenny, Con, Fenton and Mannion went about their work Dublin went from two down to 1-11 to 0-8 in front. Mannion and Con in particular putting on an exhibition of goal and point scoring forward play. It wasnt to end there, in the 46th minute, got his second goal in 11 minutes as he bamboozled of all players Lee Keegan. To create a 9 point difference between the team as Mayo legs started to get wobbly. This was then backed up with Dublin winning most ball in the middle, a facet that had been hugely missed from the first. This set up wave after wave of Dublin scores, as they progressively increased their lead. With the game well won, Dublin dropped the intensity level and ran the bench, with Murch, Cian, Costello, Philly, Andrews and Dermo entering the fray. Two lovely receptions given, the stadium came to its feet for Tom Parsons, absolutely brilliant to see him back and hes been missed. What an achievement to work his way back from that awful injury. The second was the homecoming of Dermo, not even Eric Lowdness spoilt the party this time. And so with the benches were run, all that remained was to manage the game, Dublin seemed to stay at the same intensity as Mayo wained and the final nail in the coffin came as the imperious second half Fenton snuck in and cracked the final goal. After the game you could see the huge respect both held for each other. In analysis i have seen plenty of obituaries written about Mayo (as usual) since. I actually think Mayo have been very unlucky this year, injuries have been horrible, as has the relentless run in the back door. With different circumstances i think they could have gone down to Killarney and won, that was a kicker really, As was the game Vs Roscommon. It just goes to show you, you are better off not playing hard and loose with the championship, just win when you can and should on a game by game basis. That might sound rich i admit given Dublin and Kerry have advantages in their provinces. If mayo beat Roscommon though their path way is far more different. Some good young players, D O Connor, Ruanne, Carr, Durkan etc. They are building, there. Will be one or two that go but not the mass exodus people are talking about. I wouldn't be surprised to be in exactly the same position playing them next year. In fact with no injuries they will fancy their chances next year. All in, a national title in the bag its a good year from Mayo in Horans first season. As for us, things are getting real now. The only people who seem not to see what the fuss is about is the Dublin team itself. Absolute great white shark stuff, circle the opposition, let them expend their energy and then boom, full tilt, end the game and sit back and pick them off. On the players themselves, Fenton, Kilkenny, Con and Mannion in that 12 in 12 spell were brilliant. Each one getting better and better. They got much of the headlines and deservedly so, they are majestic. But i want to highlight two players i thought were terrific and very close to my man of the match, Davy Byrne put in a terrific shift, both defending and providing a platform for progressive play driving into space. Secondly Brian Howard, he is absolutely superb, he is absolutely key for Dublin, fielding, workrate physical presence, he has the best feet in Ireland and can turn defense into attack in one side step or change of direction, vision, skills, creativity, work rate - what a player. He really is the most underrated and unacknowledged player in Ireland. Kind of like James MC Carthy up to a couple of years ago. Im glad hes our wouldn't swap him for the world. Else wise many good performances, the defense kept us in it first half so big shout out to Cooper and Fitzey, Cluxton just breaks the opposition hearts watching him play, when everything is going mental he just plays like he doesnt know what the fuss is about. What a leader. Thought MDM, had a poor first half, but came on in the second, Scully equally a tale of two halfs. Jack was held brilliantly by Durcan - who should be nailed on for an All Star, while Small gave us what Small does ultimate commitment and hard as bails approach. All in you have to be delighted with that second half performance, its as good as Dublin played this year and maybe in a long lg time. I dont know how you stop them because it has nothing to do with the opposition. Dublin clocking up 8 points before the opposition can get their hands on the ball. So a big step made toward the goal of winning another this year, Mayo will be a big miss from the biggest day, but Kerry parachute in there, so not so bad. Am very pleased Tyrone are out, they are the team i was most weary off left in it. 70 mins away, to keeping Sam for another year, which is the goal, next up we welcome Kerry to the home of those raised on songs and stories, cant wait. ;)"
See this is why you should never drink and post.

Forpucksake (National) - 12/08/2019 17:11:04

Mayo V Kerry - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Gaa_lover:  "Fresher and younger side are Kerry. The conditioning advantage that Mayo had for 5 or 6 years is now gone and what is left is a lot of bodies with loads of mileage on the clock. Time doesn't stand still for any man or team!"
Hard not to hear Yoda's voice narrating that first line.

Forpucksake (National) - 14/07/2019 20:50:18

Dublin Vs Kerry Replay - 2 Like(s)

Replying To mayotyroneman:  "Outside of the competing counties there is actually zero interest in this game. I live in Tyrone and people are more concerned about the upcoming county quarter my home county of mayo people seem to have forgotten that the all Ireland is still being played parents are from Galway and they are more concerned about who is going to be county managers next year and my wife is from Tipperary and they are still revelling in their hurling success..the country really couldn't care less"
I'd like to thank you on behalf of everyone, for taking the time out to compile this pin point accurate survey of the nations feelings. The fact you were willing to travel the length and breadth of the country to gather this information is very impressive. I feel bad now, for only talking to my wife and a few lads in the bar. Anyway if the rest of the country doesn't care, why should I?. Definitely not going to watch it. Now where did I leave them sour grapes.

Forpucksake (National) - 11/09/2019 10:42:34

Why Are Kerry The Worst Supported County In Ireland ? - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Jack_Goff:  "Meath's football bandwagon has completely collapsed since Dublin started dominating us. The meath team hasn't been too bad on average the last 15 years but losing to your main rivals everytime you play them bar one championship match and one O'Byrne Cup game takes it's toll. Now, any sensible meath person recognises we'll never reach the heights Dublin are at, so we're down to the hardcore when it comes to travelling to Croker. I think next year there will be big crowds in navan for our league matches but we won't travel in numbers. I boycotted the leinster final. Next year I'll extend that to any leinster match that isn't in navan. I can see a stage where I'll only go to league matches. The AI final hasn't happened yet and it feels like the season has already ended. There's no buzz anymore."
Absolutely no buzz at all in the bars of London. Very similar to last year, when everyone knew it was a foregone conclusion. I hope I'm wrong, but can't see anything but a fairly comfortable win for the Dubs. If we get a hammering, as the so called best of the rest, what will that do for the rest of the counties hopes next year. I'm hoping for a really exciting tight game. The sport really needs it. If nothing more than to prevent country wide apathy next year.

Forpucksake (National) - 23/08/2019 10:42:46

Ominous Summer Ahead - 1 Like(s)

Replying To dec:  "the only ones i would have interest in watching would be connaught to see who out of mayo-galway or roscommon can come out of it at least there is a bit of competition within connaught, Ulster to a lesser extent because in all likely hood it will be tyrone and plus the football is so negative to watch. leinster and munster are a waste of time. and in terms of the sam it is Dublin's even if they only play in second gear!! but as i say i will have the world cup to watch !!"
I hate to break this to you bud, but we didn't qualify

Forpucksake (National) - 11/04/2018 10:54:38

Kildare V Mayo - 1 Like(s)
Fantastic game, let's not write the obituaries for Football yet. Massive congrats to Kildare

Forpucksake (National) - 30/06/2018 20:40:53

Andy Moran Hands On Maurice Deegan - 1 Like(s)

Replying To clondalkindub:  "Of course there was contact that's why he was black carded no other reason."
If that were the case he would have received a red card. Remonstrating aggressively with a match official is a black card offence. That is why he got the black card, because that is the offence the ref obviously thought he committed.

Forpucksake (National) - 21/03/2018 18:24:24

Offaly V Kerry, 1982 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To thelongridge:  "The late John Egan was a very good corner forward on that Kerry team, I would say that he was underrated, but was an essential part of that team. His son John Egan is a professional soccer player in England, in the championship, someone will confirm this. I thought the 1982 final was one of the better finals, it was a different football era then, and looking back almost 40 years later in the current game , the game is bound to look different. They trained just as hard, Offaly climbed a hill in Rhode , as part of their preparations, not a favourite with the panel!. There was less hype then."
Yeah his Son as at Sheffield Utd

Forpucksake (National) - 09/08/2019 20:02:48

Neutral venue for Dublin and Tipperary - 1 Like(s)

Replying To kildare73:  "[quote=bloodyban:  "[quote=kildare73:  "[quote=Kurt_Angle:  "We are always told for reasons of maximising revenues and capacity Croke Park is deemed a neutral venue even when Dublin are playing. First I've heard of that rationale. Croke Park is considered a neutral venue as Parnell Park is Dublin's home venue. Whether its effectively a home venue for Dublin footballers is a debate that's i) been covered loads of times and ii) is completely off topic for this thread. Croke Park is unavailable this weekend so now Semple Stadium is being used for reasons of maximising revenues and capacity and is deemed a neutral venue for the weekend even though Tipperary are playing. Semple has been deemed a neutral venue? First I've heard of that. Why is Tipperary playing in Tipperary a problem if Dublin playing in Dublin isn't a problem? Because the original idea was that the venue for the game should be neutral and now its not. Just because you say Semple Stadium is a neutral venue in this instance, this doesn't mean its the case. Dublin (footballers) playing in Dublin certainly does seem to be a problem based on the number of managers, pundits and keyboard warriors who regularly comment on this. Just as an aside, I happen to think Thurles is the most logical venue for this weekend's double header. I just can't make head nor tail of your argument."
Not that hard really. It's as neutral in this instance as Croke Park would have been given the pairing involved."]So by that insane logic Galway v Roscommon this weekend in Pearse could actually be a neutral venue if Croke Park deem it so even though it's Galways home pitch..!!"]Every ground in the country is someone's home pitch. By your "insane logic", where do you want matches to be played.........the moon?? Thurles is the venue this weekend, end of."]Croke Park isn't anyone's home pitch......or is it????

Forpucksake (National) - 04/07/2017 21:14:18

Why are Kerry considered as better than Mayo? - 1 Like(s)

Replying To The_analyser:  "Let me guess the OP Forpucksake (UK) is ether playing the full yerra kerry or he is a Mayo man pretending to be from Kerry and trying to catch a few flies on here?"
Wow, that's amazing. You truly live up to you're name

Forpucksake (National) - 21/07/2017 19:20:58