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Easy Road Is Blocked - 9 Like(s)
First year of super 8's and Kerry don't make a semi final. Canavan is right and is probably talking for counties who have had unfair paths in years gone by. The days of Kerry walking into the last 4 in first gear seem to be a thing of the past. Super 8's if nothing else ensures fairness, it might prove to an unpopular change in Kerry going forward.

sam1884 (National) - 04/08/2018 20:15:27

NFL Division 1 - 8 Like(s)

Replying To Furlong1949:  "Congratulations to Donegal. Best kickout in the country, Pattton. Murphy is one of the modern greats. Bonner/Rockford managment team, quality management, lots of quality young players, a team to look out for in the coming years and I wouldnt be surprised they are All Ireland champions in 2 to 3 years time. They will be an All Ireland final at least in the next 2 to 3 years. Well done Donegal , better team won. Meath we are not good enough. Its simple as. I was hoping we could improve on super 8s but its not happening. We are in trouble and Mayo is a must win game, lose that and its pretty much curtains. What we can hope for then is get more players back from injury. Get more div 1 experience and try and get a victory in div 2. If the league is over, its the championship, get players back from injury and aim for super 8s again. Playing the top teams will help. And if we go down, we should be young enough to go up again. Even though div 2 again this year is an unreal competitive division looking at the results in first two weeks. Its never easy getting out of div 2. Div 1 is a steep learning curve, best teams in the country , all the evidence is pointing to Meath are not good enough. But we just got keep at it. These games v best teams in the country , best players in the country, is invaluable experience for Meath. I suspose the question is will we learn from it. Are will we continue to be a kind of top div 2 team but not good enough for div 1 team. A team.that can reach super 8s but are losing badly at that level. Thats the level it seems we are at the moment. Still there is the championship. All GAA in every county when the championship comes the hope is a bit stronger. But at the moment Meath are getting a tough lesson by the best teams in the country. Thats what sport is at the elite level. Brutally tough. We just gotta keep at. Hopefully over a couple seasons can make headway. But it looks at the moment we are not good enough. Well done again Donegal. A modern superpower in the game. And great gaa supporters."
For all the talk of Meath being a top 8 team and making inroads today confirms what a lot of neutrals already knew. A 10 point defeat in Navan is quite a result for Donegal, no Meath team in the past would have allowed such an embarassing result. Meath are in the top 14 teams but a long way from the top 6. They wouldn't be guaranteed promotion if they were playing Div 2 this year never mind trying to compete in Div 1. My prediction was they'll end pointless and it's hard to see that not happening after today - sad state of affairs for such a great footballing county.

sam1884 (National) - 02/02/2020 16:48:07

Best Of This Generation - 8 Like(s)

Replying To TheHermit:  "Jesus those last two paragraphs are some tripe. A team that won 5 All Ireland's and was in 6 finals in a row? You know, at a time when teams had to rely on just talent and not being thrown money by Croke Park. A team that contained the O'Ses, Galvin, Declan, Gooch, Star?? And they're not worth a mention compared to lads these past ten years? But hey whatever you think lad, you've the anti Kerry crowd slapping you on the back anyway :D"
The thread started with "2005 to 2020"; that is 15 years worth of teams and players. Within that period we had a decade where the best team ever to play our game was at it's peak; a team that achieved something never achieved before and likely never will again ( 5 in a row). A team that when put up against his direct opponents in their era in big finals their big players performed; made a difference and ultimately never lost one of these big finals. The great JMCG caught them with his tactical ability but they learnt quick and didn't come back to lose more big games after it like good teams in previous era's or even this era. Most neutral football people acknowledge and will acknowledge further how special this team is; it's ok for Kerry to mention money as you have done but conventient not to mention the significant sponsorship advantage Kerry had for years (that's another argument). Of course Kerry had great players during 2005 to 2020 but it's my view they didn't perform in the big tests of 05 and 08; they didn't beat their main rivals in that era and have been fairly average from 2010 - 2020 winning the 14 final which again I thought they were lucky to do. For those reasons I don't see any of their players in the top 5 from the period mentioned; if it was 2000 to 2010 then yes but over the past 15 years the top 5 I choose were well ahead of any Kerry players in that era but it's not a surprise when you look at the consistent performances over 10 of those years from them 5 and when you acknowledge just how special Dublin were; there could be argument all 5 should come from there. All about opinions

sam1884 (National) - 04/10/2020 07:30:14

NFL Division 1 - 7 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "Very true. And while it is also true that everyone is missing players, I think the importance of some of the players to Meath is a huge problem. That been said I think we will win tomorrow. Time for the newbies to shine. Hon the royal"
Whilst it's nice to see fans supporting their county Meath were never going to win today. My prediction is Meath will be pointless at the end of Div 1 which shows the gap between Div 1 and Div 2.

sam1884 (National) - 26/01/2020 20:00:44

Meath - 7 Like(s)
Meath football does not seem to be getting any better. Is there a link between all counties bringing strength and conditioning to a new level and Meath no longer being competitive?! The traditional strength of Meath football can be easily matched now, which appears to be stopping them making any progress. For a county it's size they are gone again, before the Leinster final is even played.

sam1884 (National) - 09/07/2017 08:54:16

All Ireland Football Final 2020 - Dublin V Mayo - 7 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "Where are these cracks ?? Dublin barely got out of second gear. Please tell me where is their cracks ?? Apart from a few stupid shots at the end that is the best mayo performance of the year. So where is their any hope for another county ? Dublin magnificent 7 is a cert. the question is the 10 in a row. And tbh I don't see how they can be beat."
This Dublin team are the best sporting team Ireland has ever produced; just remarkable what've achieved. Yes like all counties they've added players but the nucleus is there; Cluxton, McCarthy, Fenton, Kilkenny, Rock to name a few; footballers that would have graced any era. Mayo whilst being in the wrong era as usual turned up in Croke Park and weren't annilated before they took the field; the same way Kerry weren't last year and the way Mickey Harte always respected this Dublin team but never allowed a narrative they're uncatchable. Yes he didn't beat them in a big championship game but did draw a super 8 game and win a few league games putting everything into catching them. Sometimes special teams come along in sport but history shows eventually as the main players leave the stage so does the untouchable narrative. Dublin for the first team in a decade looked flustered in the sense they didn't have calm control. The half time antics, the second half assault on Keegan, the bouncing off players to win frees is something we don't see from this group of players. I believed Mayo would win yesterday due to the short season; they competed and were right there but in the end it was clear Mayo were in fact three years too late; they missed their chance previously and yesterday didn't have the depth to go from 55mins to 75mins. When Dublin freshened up the main areas of the field Mayo sadly for them had no answer and that was the difference. Kerry, Mayo, Galway lets see what happens in Tyrone and I'm not sure how much is left in Donegal are building and not allowing the untouchable Dublin narrative. Galway U20's showed yesterday they have respect for their county and won't throw in the towel. Other proud football counties need to build their own castle and be in a position to one day beat Dublin; I fear for many the psychological damage is extensive and in a few years even an average Dublin team will beat some before entering the field. Galway showed yesterday Dublin football isn't successful due to money; it's just the senior team are a very special set of players, we should respect them whilst they're around, as they are and will be GAA legends for generations to come. However I don't think 10 will happen; I sense we're getting closer to the day Sam is handed over to someone else; sadly it won't be to an another Leinster county.

sam1884 (National) - 20/12/2020 10:32:11

David Gough To Referee The Final - 6 Like(s)

Replying To TheHermit:  "I'm just going to say the below one last time and then leave it there because there's no point talking anymore now that the decision has been made. Kerry will just have to grin and bare it and move one. However as a general principle: How would Dublin react if the man in the middle was some fella from Cork or Limerick who lived in Tralee, was essentially a member of Strand Road having thought in the school connected and right next to that GAA club, had been previously photographed after an All-Ireland win with players of the team and the Cup and finally had been allegedly invited into Kerry training sessions that very summer to take charge of practice matches. I mean if people can't see a conflict of interest there (unintentional as it might be on the part of the official) than you'd have to wonder! How can someone so heavily involved at club level in a competing county and working and living there be expected to be seen as impartial. For the next 3 weeks he will be in Dublin during the buildup and will face the consequences of his actions every day for months after in the capital. And you are telling me that, even at a subconscious level, that can't and won't have an impact? In the run in to the 2015/16 Premiership title race a ref appointed to one of Leicester's games was stood down because he had, in a private capacity, attended one of their games as a spectator earlier on that season. That was the only link he had with the club and yet the Premier League felt the need to stand him down, he had absolutely no issues with it and neither had Leicester or any of the media. And yet in the GAA we have the above. How far we have regressed in 90 years. In the early 1930s Cavan objected to playing Kerry because a Munster ref was appointed and the official was duly changed. That was a common enough back then and it was understood that ref's often needed to be changed depending on teams drawn to ensure impartiality. Like I said, I'll say no more now on it as there's no point. It's just another pothole placed in front of Kerry on the road to trying to stop an inevitable 5 in a Row."
As mentioned in another post Kerry's problem isn't the ref lives and works in Dublin. Kerry are doing two things - 1) Intimidate the referee, try and get a ref who is in awe of Kerry and is afraid to make a big call (2009 All Ireland Final throw in incident) 2) Get a fussy ref who will slow the game down, fall for Kerry cynical tactics and give them easy frees (Deegan in this years semi final) Gough is neither of the things Kerry want, he's the best referee in the country who will allow a fast paced game of football and won't be intimidated by either team. Kerry's tactics in previous finals won't work with Gough, he won't be biased in any way and won't allow any previous success or tradition to alter his decisions - with Gough in charge the best team on the day usually wins. Kerry simply didn't want him because he is such a fair referee who they can't imtimidate or fool, nothing to do with him living in Dublin, he is a Meath man at the end of day who hardly have much love for Dublin so Kerry's argument is hilarious and didn't fool the referee committee.

sam1884 (National) - 14/08/2019 16:32:04

MONEY - 6 Like(s)

Replying To HighStoolBandit:  "Have to laugh at the Dubs arguing that money doesnt matter. Come up the country and see the difference in facilites, training and medical teams us mere mortals have to utilise to try to now beat the most professional team ever in the GAA. He won one all ireland in 20 years and then you had to even the playing fields as they say. But sure all the Dublin players are a great bunch of lads. And that makes it ok. The most amateur response to a professional problem."
I have to laugh at a Tyrone poster talking about money! I'm unsure if you followed or remember the GAA a mere decade ago. There are dozens of articles, radio/tv shows and marketing opportunites promoting the club Tyrone concept. It was preached how a GAA county were ahead of their time in putting together a business which had representation on the county board. We were told about the finance, cultural aspect of this concept with the aim of improving Tyrone GAA. We were given this as one the reasons the county won All Irelands and with their forward thinking approach would dominate for years to come. We then seen the plans for a professional training centre never seen in the GAA before with better facilities than all northern sporting organisations including Ulster Rugby. Tyrone over a period of time were able to far outspend other Ulster counties and it appeared they'd dominate the province whilst ramming their financal muscle down the throats of rivals. Historical neighbours simply couldn't compete; not due to coaching or players but purely down to the sheer amount of finance going into preparation. This is the reason one of the first things McGuinness did as Donegal manager was tap into his counties ex pat potential. When he had the finance he targeted Tyrone more than anybody else and when Tyrone and Donegal were at a level playing field finance wise Donegal under McGuinness easily took care of Tyrone and stopped the Tyrone plan of using finance to dominate Ulster and beyond. They still possess a professional training centre but the initial plan hasn't worked which is part of Tyrone's frustration. There are now five top counties in the country generating eye watering sums of money for coaching and preparation. These counties are miles ahead but amongst their own small group they can all spend the same amount of money on preparation making it innaccurate Dublin are purely winning because of finance. The top 5 counties will not be caught for a generation and are living a life the others can only dream about. If you want to enter this exclusive group counties have to find a way to finance it. Tyrone, Mayo, Donegal and Kerry in particular have no right to cry about Dublin's finance as they are part of the same group.

sam1884 (National) - 30/09/2019 15:58:35

The Corona Virus And Possible Effects To GAA Matches - 6 Like(s)

Replying To Crinigan:  "Great post Furlong. The GAA community of which we are all members should be ashamed of themselves. If I see some nonsense posts from certain GAA clubs putting up fb posts during imminent lockdown about charity this or buying groceries for cocooned Rosie and Jim I'll let them have it."
Someone said Meath want the championship cancelled; I don't think that is the agenda at all. I think the truth is they didn't want the national league restarted as they're about to finish pointless. Yes the county who celebrated being "back where they belong" "making inroads on the top teams after years in the doldrums are going back to Div 2 tails between their legs with a points total of zero. Yes we have a pandemic and safety is and always has to be the priority. If it's safe then the games will continue this year and if not the national league will be finished prior to a new season commencing. It's obvious from the Meath posters here; what they really want is everything cancelled and for them to start back afresh in Div 1. That isn't going to happen!

sam1884 (National) - 17/10/2020 20:58:27

Houses In Order? - 6 Like(s)

Replying To wicklowsupport:  "To be balanced about it, there is more than Dublin who are being backed by lots of money. Ok, Dublin probably have the biggest financial pot but there are other counties that have been mentioned on this thread who have massive backing from big companies or from wealth individuals abroad. The top hurling counties are the same. So if Dublin are being scrutinised, it should be extended to other top counties as it goes beyond Dublin. I had to laugh last Saturday when I heard that there was a motion to stop two captains receiving the cup at a presentation; the GAA Congress would discuss anything it seems aside from the obvious issues around semi professional counties competing against amateur counties due to the imbalance in resources. The answer from the GAA is that these weaker, less well resourced counties need to get their house in order, try harder, playing in a second competition but we won't investigate the imbalance in resources between the top and the bottom. Outside Dublin, I would think the imbalance at the top of hurling is more profound than in football. Imagine the difference in resource between Cork-Tipperary-Kilkenny and a hurling county like Roscommon. There are players in weaker counties that have as much talent as a hurler in a top county but they haven't a chance of making it due to the imbalance in terms of coaching and resources from underage up but they need to work harder to caught up!!!"
The fact is Dublin were relatively late to the commerical/financial game. Yes they had Arnott's but where a long way from reaching their potential. Kerry, Mayo, Tyrone through the lucrative Club Tyrone model all had hundreds of thousands of pounds being pumped into them and still do. This is just to name three but there are others. Yes Dublin receive funding from the GAA for coaching and games across a huge population. I'm not naive not to see the GAA are facing challenging times, now Dublin GAA have got their commercial house in order. A lot of frustration coming from other major counties, is because they had that advantage for decades and don't like they're now facing a new richer problem. In saying that there are a number of counties who were well able to afford multi million pound training centres, expensive training weekends, full time coaching staff to manage sports science and to spend close to one million euro in preparing county teams. It's the middle tier counties that now see a number of super powers above them.

sam1884 (National) - 05/03/2021 20:38:52

The Last 5 Years In Football - 5 Like(s)

Replying To JDF:  "Sensible debate seems beyond some of the Dublin posters so they respond with sarcasm. It has been a poor era since 2015, very rare to see Cork, Galway, Meath & Down all so poor at once. Those 4 counties had shared 11 All Irelands in the previous 28 finals prior to 2015. Add in that a great Kerry team were finished its left for a dull championship which only left one contender who have their own psychological issues to get over. I think we're in for a great era of football going forward over the next 5 years."
Football was hardly the strongest during Kerry's 4 in-a-row with Dublin gone, Ulster in turmoil and Galway/Mayo fairly weak at the time. But yet that team is seen as the best ever yet in a stronger era this Dublin team "only won All Ireland's because of other counties being weak at this time". A great team is never given credit whilst they remain successful, it will be in twenty years time people look back and acknowledge just how special they were. Due to the agenda of people they probably have to win the 5 to leave no doubt they are the best ever because some just don't want to acknowledge their success.

sam1884 (National) - 21/03/2019 15:12:38

Kerry 4 In A Row V Dublin 5 In A Row - 5 Like(s)
It's very hard to compare different era's and debates often take different angles. Despite the era teams have rivals, challengers and the need to prepare and remain focused. The reality is Kerry were unable to win the 5 in a row whereas Dublin were so statistically Dublin are the best and without any arguments have achieved something no team has achieved. It's true Kerry used more of the same players but not to mention that era would leave a huge gap in the debate. For one the national football league was as many players have acknowledged "a p*** up" or a tour of the country with a ball threw onto a field at some stage over the weekend. Ireland was in deep recession and there was no sign of the Celtic tiger leaving in particular little challenge coming from the Connacht Championship. The vast majority of Ulster was at war with the obvious problems those teams would have encountered. It's little coincidence when things started to somewhat settle in Ulster a number of All Ireland's were won in the 90's. Munster as always was a hurling province moreso in those days with little thought or effort put into football and of course there was no back door. That left the Kerry team with one game to win in Munster and in reality only one challenger (Leinster Champions) in the All Ireland series. With no competitive National league the Kerry four in a row team had in essence two competitive games a year. It's therefore much easier to field the same team over a number of years compared to the current era when we have much stronger competitions, back door and a much larger workload. I don't think Dublin being able to freshen up whilst being successful is a critcism. They're the best team ever but by introducing new systems and new players whilst at the top shows Gavin is probably the best football manager ever as well. Cody is a legend in hurling terms but he allowed his great Kilkenny team to stay at the top together resulting in a transitional era when they stepped aside together - Gavin has been ruthless which shows in football terms he is the best already and thinks about the overall well being of the county rather than loyality to individuals like all great sporting coaches. I know Kerry won't like it but it's only a week since the 5 in a row and already we're seeing the effect this is having. I would hope all GAA success's prior to the 5 in a row are not forgotten about but I fear with the enormity of this achievement it will overshadow anything that happened before for future generations. The Offaly 1982 team and that famous goal will be talked about less now. It's like history now starts from 2019 for generations ahead. Dublin have changed the landscape.

sam1884 (National) - 22/09/2019 15:07:24

Meath V Dublin Leinster Final. - 5 Like(s)

Replying To Ulsterman:  "The Association should take a long hard look, this is the future of Gaelic football and the game will die if drastic action isn't taken. The crowds are staying away and people are bored stiff now. Turgid, turgid rubbish but you can't blame Meath who just want to keep the score down. The GAA have created a monster in Dublin that they can't, or more likely don't want to control. The game is dying a death."
All the "money", "unfair funding", "population" cannot be blamed for a team not having the ability to kick very scorable chances and frees. Meath shooting is shocking and adds weight to the GAA's view of counties looking at their own coaching of basic skills. Today's match shows something beyond "unfairness" is an issue in Leinster. Cutting Dublin's €1.3million will not result in other teams having the basic skills to compete overnight. What has happened a big, successful, traditional county like Meath? I'm afraid the GAA are correct when questioning coaching practices in some counties. You cannot blame Dublin for this!

sam1884 (National) - 23/06/2019 17:26:40

The Dublin Trinity - 5 Like(s)
The great traditionalists in Kerry will and would be hurting at this suggestion. A county who prides itself in being the aristrocrats of football, a county who fears nobody, who respects no other county and prides itself in taking on the best of any era. Has the great Kerry GAA in 2019 now accepted they cannot take on Dublin - especially Dublin who it's great past leaders loved battling with despite the difficulities. Maybe it's a sign of the times that Kerry don't want to work out the challenge they just want it to disappear - lets split the rival so Kerry can return to their "rightful place". A massive mentality split down in the Kingdom.

sam1884 (National) - 18/09/2019 10:50:55

All Ireland Final 18 - Dublin V Tyrone - 5 Like(s)

Replying To TheHermit:  "Never mind them lads - the usual cohort of Dub posters going out of their way to put the boot into Kerry even when they have an All-Ireland final to look forward to! Says it all about them. The arrogance and self-importance they show on here is nauseating at this stage and to see the tripe they're now continually posting (and being allowed post) just because they've experienced a few years of unprecedented and extraordinary success. They think what they have done in 8 years means they can degrade and dismiss Kerry's great history and tradition which has been built up over 120 years. It's really irritating to hear this guff constantly posted by them on the back of a few All-Ireland titles. At least, like I said, they are not representative of the actual Dublin fans you meet at League games etc. For the record I had no intention in getting involved in this discussion on the final, until I saw the slurry username was posting. And that's the last I'll be saying on this thread anyway. The only posting I will be doing on here come Sunday or Monday will be on how our minors got on on Sunday. To the real Tyrone and Dublin fans out there I hope ye enjoy Sunday."
Dublin success not going down well in Kerry!

sam1884 (National) - 30/08/2018 18:19:25

MONEY - 5 Like(s)

Replying To jonjon:  "''Tyrone, Mayo, Donegal and Kerry in particular have no right to cry about Dublin's finance as they are part of the same group." No they're not."
In terms of financing and preparing senior teams yes they are! Look at the figures coming out of the states in regards to Mayo GAA. This is only half the story; not including money from Australia and the UK. Mayo are well able to prepare a team to professional standards.

sam1884 (National) - 30/09/2019 17:10:34

Proposals For 2Nd Tier Championship Pathetic - 5 Like(s)

Replying To sponger:  "I am sick of hoping Wicklow get a kind draw in the qualifiers every year. Not that we win anyway. The gap is too big between the big and small. This thing about having a big day out against a big team is silly. There is no scope for development. Give it a chance, it can be modified."
Without arrogance the reality is 8 teams who will potentially have to compete in Tier 2 next year voted against it. If the likes of Derry, Cork, Down, Kildare, Roscommon, Cavan, Armagh, Laois, end up in Div 3, don't get to a provinical final then don't expect any of those counties to keep their teams together to then travel the country to play a second tier competition. I'd say they'll field some kind of team to fulfil the fixture but club championships, America and London will be the priority. If the likes of Wicklow want to play against counties "C" or "D" teams who turn up untrained and for a weekend away then fair play to them. The reality is the top brass won't care that players leave panels en masse after losing their provinicial game, they'll have their Tier 1 Championship set up which is the only priority. The top brass talk about democracy which is very true. Players are amateur and they're allowed their own form of democracy and to make decisions which benefit them. In huge numbers they'll take the payday of America or London and the large majority of players from those counties that stay at home will spend the summer with their clubs. 16 teams was too many and you won't be able to motivate players or counties around 9th to 18th to compete or put the effort, finance and preparation into this farce.

sam1884 (National) - 20/10/2019 10:54:40

Dublin 2015 - 2019 - 5 Like(s)

Replying To Crinigan:  "The lack of hype and buildup as well the reaction on social media says it all. 5 in a win, supposed to be special and nobody cares. Why? It's a 100% tainted achievement."
History won't mention the jealousy from other counties - it will honour a great group of footballers.

sam1884 (National) - 14/09/2019 20:38:03

Best Of This Generation - 5 Like(s)

Replying To Whammo86:  "Because Dublin have a very large percentage of the juvenile population in the country. It also was the part of the country with the largest opportunity to grow the game. There's a lot of counties with very little capacity to reach more people than they already do. Plenty of money is spent in other counties, just in a different way than is spent in Dublin. Although there are also plenty of coaches all over the country. Dublin have 64 of 365 development officers, 17% or so. Dublin has a bit over 20% of the population of the island and over 20% of the births in the island each year. I just don't see what is untoward about the spending in Dublin. We're talking 1.3m or so per annum out of 11.5m or so spent overall on games development. We're also talking 2.25m or so out of about 45m total distributions back into the provincial councils and county boards. The GAA's doing lots throughout the country. You know what really bugs me about this whole Dublin spending conversation. It really is some of the most effective use of funds that the GAA have put in. It's so positive and it's turned into something negative by you lot because of petty rivalries. I always kind of think, imagine the FAI had a similar project to get better grassroots coaching in Dublin and had a similar impact in terms of producing players, we'd all be bloody delighted by it and consider it money well spent. It's only because of the make up of our competitions being based around teams drawn around county boundaries that makes this an issue and it's a bit pathetic to be honest. To me the issue is with the demographics of the country. It's not the GAA's doing that we've a Dublin centric economy but they have to respond to that and they have to provide the coaches to the areas where there are the numbers. I honestly don't see how it could be any other way."
Sadly you're wasting your time; the bulk of this conversation sadly comes from Kerry. They simply don't want to hear any logic or any debate; it's the stick they've choose to discredit Dublin's dominance; as the stick in the 00's was "puke football". Back then Kerry didn't want to hear about the Dooher's, Canavan's or Cavanagh's; they had to find a way to discredit the success and the defeats Kerry suffered. When they find the reason, nobody will shift their belief as they simply don't want to admit Kerry are just second best or even further back. As a result I wouldn't entertain it; the vast majority of neutrals, media, gaels respect Dublin's success; the same way they respect Tyrone comfortably had Kerry's number in the 00's. Yes there is a number of number questioning finance in other counties but that's more to do with the relentless Kerry campaign.

sam1884 (National) - 11/10/2020 16:15:51

MONEY - 4 Like(s)
Kerry are truly hurting over Dublin's success. I can't see Kerry people getting over this success. The only research that needs mentioned is Kerry failed in 1982 and all other GAA teams have also failed. Dublin won the 5 and if I was a Kerry person I'd keep the hurt out of national domains and try to get over it amongst Kerry GAA channels. It's becoming painful to watch for other GAA folk.

sam1884 (National) - 24/09/2019 11:41:51