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Never Heard Of Him! - 8 Like(s)
It's amazing to see someone so proud of their ignorance. I always got the impression you only started watching football around 2003 Ulsterman, nobody would expect you to know of a fine footballer who played in an All-Ireland final before then.

Soma (National) - 15/07/2017 14:42:33

Galway v Tipperary - 6 Like(s)
An outstanding game of hurling between 2 teams who have demonstrated everything that is great about sport in general and hurling in particular. 2 teams who fully believed that they had the skill and ability to beat their opponents in a full blooded battle. 2 teams managed by gentlemen and who reflected this in how they played the game and accepted victory and defeat. Anyone who wants to talk about the referee after a game like that is probably better suited to watching reality tv where they can boo the pantomine villain. Ireland does not know how lucky it is to have events like this to savour each summer.

Soma (National) - 06/08/2017 23:01:42

Well done RTE - 5 Like(s)
Not often RTE get praise on here but they should be applauded for deciding to televise the 5 remaining games in senior camogie this year. The players are long overdue this type of recognition and anyone who cant see the football this Saturday due to it being on Sky will at least have the chance to watch what should be 2 very competitive camogie games. Lets hope its a sign of better things to come.

Soma (National) - 04/08/2017 12:31:19

Would AOS or COC be a Dublin regular? - 5 Like(s)
If Eoghan O'Gara is good enough to make it then there are a huge amount of footballers in the country good enough to make it.

Soma (National) - 20/09/2017 14:44:24

'The People's Game' - 5 Like(s)

Replying To keeper7:  "Possibly...mocking our association, no doubt."
Generally the 2 games are referred to as bogball and stickfighting on rugby forums. I think there are some sectors of society embarrassed about the GAA and the role it plays in Irish culture, which is why adds promoting Ireland don't include the sports and also why it is not played or even banned in some schools.

Soma (National) - 19/03/2018 14:17:36

Monaghan v Longford - 4 Like(s)

Replying To border Gael:  "See this been a very one sided affair. We will be trying to get back on track and have a very strong and experienced team."
Should have had more faith in yer lads, ye ended up giving them a really good game! Well done to Longford, another excellent win for them and hopefully they start getting the credit they deserve. I'd imagine an evening like this evening would be cherished more by them than any silverware they might win in a B competition.

Soma (National) - 09/07/2016 20:12:05

Gordon Kelly: Facing 3 Month Ban - 4 Like(s)

Replying To jimbodub:  "I didn't say anyone was a "true Gael" note quotation marks. Merely that if it even existed I believe Gavin would hold the virtues of such. You've simply misunderstood something Not to worry.. it happens. Perhaps I wasn't clear enough. That could well be the case. No harm. You see that's the trouble. If it was Connolly Id be able to provide you with multiple clips in slow mo from various angles.. but this incident happened last weekend and it'll be the first time many people have even heard of it.. Selective condemnation and all that"
If Diarmuid Connolly scored a brilliant individual goal in a summer championship game it would also probably have far more replays and tv angles than a Clare footballer doing the same in a February league game. If anything this shows the disciplinary system may be working fairly across the board - 2 players not red carded but reported afterwards for minor interference with an official and banned for 12 weeks. You should enjoy your well earned success and not be looking for conspiracy theories around every corner.

Soma (National) - 15/02/2018 19:02:47

NFL Division 1 - 4 Like(s)

Replying To Aibrean:  "5.13 To remonstrate in an aggressive manner with a Match Official.. PENALTY FOR THE ABOVE FOULS - (i) Order the offender off by showing him a Black Card."
You didn't mention he was aggressive, and clearly the referee didn't think he was aggressive either. Rule 6.1 says if a player challenges the authority of a referee, linesman or umpire then he should be given a yellow card. It's amazing how many people think they know the rules better than experienced referees who are examined on these things every year.

Soma (National) - 10/02/2020 23:09:33

Advice Needed - 4 Like(s)
I have no idea about Navan or Tralee but Meath and Kerry posters are plentiful on here and can surely help? This place is gone a bit weird that even the posters request gets 2 red thumbs. Enjoy the trip anyway Martin, you have a bit of driving ahead of you but should get 2 good games.

Soma (National) - 21/01/2020 14:14:37

Andy Moran Hands On Maurice Deegan - 4 Like(s)

Replying To JayP:  "Look, Andy's a decent lad and no doubt he had a moment of madness. Nobody died, very little in it. But there was very little in the Connolly incident and he was made out to be a hothead, and demonised. Certain analysts made it their business to hang him out to dry. The same guys didnt feel the need to quote from rulebook last night. Last year I said that this was only enforced as it was Dublin, and Connolly! If the GAA are transparent in their enforcing of the rules Andy Moran needs to get a 12 week ban. I dont think he deserves it, but a precedent was set with Connolly last year and it would be unfair not to enforce the rules because people like Andy."
A Clare footballer is currently serving a 12 week ban for squirting water at an umpire. A Tipperary footballer got a 12 week ban last year for knocking the book out of a referees hands. There is no big Dublin conspiracy, it's just rules being applied.

Soma (National) - 19/03/2018 11:21:31

Clonkill - 4 Like(s)
I think this thread should be closed. Most of the posts have wrong information in it and some posters are now telling a club what the right way to deal with unimaginable grief is. The decision had to be Clonkills alone and their decision was to play last night. They put in an extraordinary effort in the circumstances and deserve the respect of everyone. Well done to Ballyboden on their win and the solidarity they showed in the build up and on the night.

Soma (National) - 07/11/2018 10:28:27

Inter County Player Failed Drugs Test - 4 Like(s)
I know from my time that taking Nurofen Cold & Flu tablets could be enough to fail a drugs test. But if I was going to bed at night with a bit of a cold and had to do a day's work the next day on a building site I would take them anyway if that was all that was in the house. There is no good excuse for professional sports people to be getting done for drugs, but I'd have real sympathy for an amateur whose first priority is to make a living at his job. I don't know what happened here, I'd be amazed if it was a lad deliberately cheating but I can well understand why he wouldn't bother contesting the ban at his age, I'm sure it wouldn't be cheap to start into that. The good news is that these tests are happening and must be a good deterrent for anyone who would consider doping just for improved performance.

Soma (National) - 29/04/2020 21:23:53

Joe Canning for Hurler of the Year - 4 Like(s)

Replying To tiobraid:  "Media hype this year is farcical. He hurled for 10-12 mins max against Tipp and he was Galways worst player in the first half. He got three fantastic scores but missed at least 3 easy chances in the first half. He was outscored this year from play by Niall Burke. He certainly wasn't a playmaker either. If he was then Galway would surely have scored more goals. I still stand by the fact that I don't think he can get an all star based on what I seen this year."
The biggest moment arguably of Galways season was in that first half when Canning put in a huge hit on Breen, sending him out over the sideline. Canning then put the sideline cut over the bar from 60 yards. It was a real statement and I don't think there is another hurler in the country who could have done it, but Joe gets measured by different standards by many.

Soma (National) - 20/09/2017 11:46:44

What's going wrong with Ulster teams? - 3 Like(s)

Replying To seanfinn:  "It was not competitive though. It does not matter if the game was lost by 3 points or 13 points. They lost. End of story. Competitive would say the winning streak was broke. It wasn't. I don't see a big difference in how any of the top teams play in the last few years...Maybe Mayo are a little more traditional at a push. Ultimately they all defend in numbers frequently and have cynical play throughout. Dublin are just a bit better than Kerry, Mayo. By current form, I would throw my own county, Donegal and Tyrone in there. As an Offaly supporter I expect you have more concerns than Ulster football."
So you wouldn't say Monaghan have been competitive with Dublin in the league in recent seasons?

Soma (National) - 19/04/2017 21:34:33

Irish Rugby Must Look To GAA's Top Talent For A Brighter Future - 3 Like(s)

Replying To bad.monkey:  "I agree with some of your post but you cant say it is Rugby that is a closed shop when clearly there are several non fee-paying school players on the Irish Team and players from all religions, political and social backgrounds. But yet there are no Unionists on any county Teams - even in counties where they are in a majority !... Doesnt seem that it is rugby that is the closed shop?"
When was this survey of the politics of all intercounty players completed?

Soma (National) - 05/11/2019 16:19:49

Michael Duignan on Sky coverage and the GAA - 3 Like(s)

Replying To mon:  "Is it just me or is it that Sky are showing more games live this year? Out of the next 12 televised games, Sky are showing 8. I cant remember it being like this in the last few years."
After this weekend Carlow will have had live games shown on Sky twice this summer. I wonder in total how many times a Carlow game has been shown live on RTE, in either football or hurling?

Soma (National) - 12/07/2017 18:15:30

Combined Pro12 and Champions Cup Thread - 3 Like(s)

Replying To KillingFields:  "Always the same with you, attacking posters for being trolls and pathetic when perfectly valid points are being made. What do you think is more important, the welfare of the players or getting the games played? If games can be called off at a world cup I fail to see how Pro14 games can't be called off also. Why are players allowed take to the field when they say they are unprepared, the game is already dangerous enough when the players are fully prepared? As for the slander suggestion, slander relates to the spoken word. It's not libelous or defamation either as I am simply repeating what players stated, and even you acknowledged. And finally the IRFU have enough court cases running already, I don't think they will be looking to start bogus cases about defamation anytime soon. Soma (UK) - Posts: 2417 - 24/08/2020 14:52:01 Who said players were unprepared? Yet again you are alleging mis practice by professional medics. Munster didnt train enough. That doesnt mean the game shouldnt have happened. The games called off at world cup were off because they couldnt be played. That wasnt the case with the game this weekend. To allege mispractice is embarrasing"
Good grief. I haven't alleged mispractice by professional medics. You ask who said the players were unprepared and in the next breath say Munster didn't train enough. You have also stated previously it was no surprise there were so many serious injuries as it was the same in other leagues. Why were there not multiple friendly matches arranged to allow players start back safely? It is clear throwing them into competitive games after 6 months off with little preparation is incredibly dangerous and numerous players have paid a heavy price, why was that allowed to happen? Il not debate this with you further but having seen first hand some horrendous consequences of injuries picked up playing rugby I am absolutely disgusted this was allowed to happen and that nobody in the media is prepared to take the IRFU to task. If they are willing to take such risks with players when they have numerous court cases pending then I don't see them ever changing.

Soma (OtherSports) - 24/08/2020 15:17:33

Does GAA get fair coverage compared to soccer and rugby - 3 Like(s)

Replying To jimski:  "Whinge whinge whinge whinge whinge Whinge whinge whinge whinge whinge Do something about it, get on to the GAA - no it's easier to whinge whinge whinge whinge whinge"
Mediaman is there any chance you could do a quick letter, phonecall or email to RTE just to put an end to tiresome posts like this? I enjoy your statistical analysis and am somewhat fascinated that a national TV station would report the country's national games in such a negative light. But about half the posts in here now seem to be from posters who just come on to whinge that you are not complaining to the correct audience.

Soma (National) - 14/06/2016 12:03:32

2021 6 Nations - 3 Like(s)

Replying To KillingFields:  "Too slow based on what? His performances in Wales in backrow show he isnt too slow."
Based on the speed he moves at.

Soma (OtherSports) - 02/02/2021 20:08:29

Does GAA get fair coverage compared to soccer and rugby - 3 Like(s)

Replying To janesboro:  "GOtmilk - think €20 for stand ticket for a kid is too much myself Ill bring my lads to the terrace and tell them its the proper all blacks- keep them happy, we will even get a HAka. CAT is middle third of the stand i.e. second tier -terrace is first tier, The Maoris and new zealands second squad, but like dublins or kilkennys second squad there will be lots of quality players on show , believe it will be competitive it wont be a friendly"
I thought the NZ Maori team can not have any players playing who don't have Maori roots? So it wouldn't be correct to call it the second team for the All-Blacks as many of the best players in NZ don't qualify to play? And Munster themselves won't have any of their best players as they should be away on international duty. Call it a friendly, a challenge, a test or whatever you wish but the reality is its a fundraiser for an organisation with huge debts due largely to paying unsustainable wages and getting poor attendances - ironic considering the abuse some English rugby clubs get on this forum. Perhaps reviewing ticket prices might improve attendances?

Soma (National) - 20/07/2016 08:29:43