Cork GAA club raised over €300k in a weekend for family hit by tragedy

May 30, 2023

A view of a Cork flag.

A GAA club in east Cork has rallied to the cause of a local family who lost their father and home in the space of just over a week.

Killeagh GAA, which is the club of Cork hurling great Joe Deane, raised over €300,000 in just three days after setting up a GoFundMe page for the Walsh family who were left homeless after their home was destroyed by fire last month. The trauma of the blaze affected their father Brendan’s mental health and he died tragically on May 1.    

In thanking the public for their generosity, Killeagh GAA vice-chairman Denis O’Sullivan has appealed to members of the building trade to lend their support.

"This family has suffered a horrendous tragedy. They allowed us to tell the story openly and honestly as it happened, and the public has responded in an outstanding way,” he told 96FM.

"We hit the button to launch the GoFundMe at 4.15 pm on Friday last, and all we did was send it to the members of Killeagh, asking them to retweet it and put it on every social media. By 10 o'clock Friday evening €100,000 was raised. By 24 hours the fund had gone up to €209,000.

"I’m also appealing today that anyone who can help - builders, providers, fitters, whatever - please lend a hand in whatever way you can. The Walsh’s lost absolutely everything."

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