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Gods or what - 20 Like(s)
Drink!!...Feck!!..MUNSTER Champ!!!..Girls!!...LEInster!!..Arrrrrse!!....Burp!!!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....... Jim wakes up to find that he has wrote a short novel with his face over-night.

jimbodub (National) - 08/09/2008 15:21:23

Dublin GAA thread - 18 Like(s)
Not a bad save from a distraction, 42 year old blah blah Another clean sheet Isn't it terrible having him back

jimbodub (National) - 14/05/2023 22:13:41

Gods or what - 18 Like(s)
Jim, oh Jim where are you? We HS posters don't have a clue!... You blessed us with your post so long ago but where are you now?.. that's what I want to know! Your inspired words have built bridges on this site uniting ancient enemies...each caringly enquiring into your plight. Many Jokes and poems have been scribed about you good hearted Banter in the kindest appreciation! It's true. We recognize in ourselves a little of you... a honest GAA man through and through. We hope that one day soon you'll return to bless this site but until then dear Jim Adieu and good night.

jimbodub (National) - 24/10/2008 17:07:39

All Ireland Football Final 2020 - Dublin V Mayo - 15 Like(s)

Replying To Htaem:  "To me it seemed quite obvious, Dublin were making remarkably basic errors that Dublin just don't make, eg: 1. Kicked a sideline ball straight to an unmarked Mayo player's hands 2. For 55mins they were incredibly poor on their own kickouts and at contesting Mayo's, poorest I've seen them in a long long time. At one stage the ball went through a Dublin players legs from a short kickout by Cluxton under no pressure, unbelieve stuff! 3. Con O'Callaghan going for a goal that was never on In the final 15-20mins though Dublin just took over and sealed the game but you'd do well to convince me Dublin weren't just going a bit handy for large parts of that match. Again, no insult intended to the Dublin players, they are remarkable, but I'm not sure the opposition have the tools to catch Dublin any more."
It's interesting to think you typed all that thinking you might be insulting Dublin players.. For someone with such a razor sharp perception. . I'll leave you to figure it out. To think of the shambles of an effort Meath have put in against Dublin two years in a row. Abysmal stuff. Embarrassing. To belittle Mayo's efforts tonight when they were right in it up until late in the game with your theory that Dublin purposely sabotaged themselves... I've read some nonsense on here but well done, that's right up there. I can picture the training sessions with them practicing all the carefully orchestrated self sabotage plays.. Dear oh dear

jimbodub (National) - 19/12/2020 21:30:51

Dublin GAA thread - 15 Like(s)
Not at home this weekend Had to rely on twitter updates That was squeeky bum territory Look forward to catching the highlights Sounds like Kildare did their homework.. that's as close a game for many a year..

jimbodub (National) - 30/04/2023 18:22:19

Dublin GAA thread - 15 Like(s) Great to hear that Kevin Nolan is still enjoying his football and in far better health now. He had a lot taken from him but thankfully he had achieved an awful lot before his health issues. Dublin legend and we owe him plenty.

jimbodub (National) - 05/05/2023 20:08:22

Dublin GAA thread - 15 Like(s)
The goal chances were finished very nicely, Dublin have commonly butchered plenty of goal chances, right across the six in a row, today I enjoyed the composure displayed and clinical finishing on show. They no doubt identified a weakness in Kildare and went about trying to expose it, an excellent Leinster campaign after a woeful league. Now to address a few injury concerns and hopefully have a fully fit team for the big games ahead. Great to see McCarthy lift the cup as Captain and an excellent display of high end attacking football. Congrats to the Dubs and management team Up the Dubs The quest for the 1 in a row continues

jimbodub (National) - 28/05/2022 19:56:33

Dublin GAA thread - 15 Like(s)

Replying To thelongridge:  "It was a decision for Dessie Farrell to make. Dublin have a very good keeper in O'Hanlon. Why didn't he start?"
Dublin have two goalkeepers One of which hadn't kicked an inter county football in 3 years He managed to keep a clean sheet and find 100% of his kickouts Positive news for Dublin

jimbodub (National) - 02/05/2023 12:10:03

Dublin GAA thread - 15 Like(s)

Replying To CiarraiMick:  "Glad you thanking management Jimbo. I always felt Dessie was getting bad press unfairly. Dessie got a hard gig and is doing fine."
For me the Jury is still out on Dublin as a whole,not the first time I've seen Dublin hyped up after cake walking a poor Leinster championship, Meath and Kildare were a bit of a shambles for varying reasons Undoubtedly Dessie has a hard job, to his credit he has Dublin playing very differently and has blooded and now introduced some fine young footballers into the panel He deserves his chance to give it his best to rectify a couple of things As a fan, I'm enjoying this brand of football and I had full value for money thus far from what I've seen in Leinster It's one game at a time, I set my expectations at "let's see what happens this year" before a ball was kicked Bigger tests to come but I'm enjoying it What more do you want as a fan

jimbodub (National) - 30/05/2022 20:34:31

Dublin GAA thread - 15 Like(s)
If the Dubs don't reach a final this year I'd be surprised Injuries threw a right spanner in the works though last year, so hopefully it won't happen again. As it stands, with that panel, it's an AI final this year or bust

jimbodub (National) - 24/04/2023 16:39:28

Dublin Senior Football Team - 14 Like(s)
Just back from Albert College Park on the Ballymun Road. Playground mobbed and a full scale soccer match on the go amongst the DCU students, not a long lens in sight ;) Listen what the Dublin lads did was irresponsible and down right amateurish in the extreme. The Dublin CB has rightly come down hard on Dessie, a man that only a few months ago won Dublin an All Ireland title.. being handed a 12 week suspension by his own is unheard of. It's been dealt with swiftly and without excuses, without being ignored or appealed. The message was clear. But the hyperbole is just as clear to see, it's to be expected of course and the selective condemnation is nothing new regarding Dublin but fair dues to the many level headed and shrewd contributions highlighting that very thing from across the country.

jimbodub (National) - 04/04/2021 16:11:20

Non-Gaa Forum - 14 Like(s)

Replying To KillingFields:  "Yeah we're at the misogynistic posts.... well done jimbodud... that really adds to things."
Ah come on, I was messing.. although, jeeze, some very beautiful and athletic women playing. Sure I've seen plenty of comments from our GAA supporting ladies on this site complimenting tgr like of Bernard Brogan etc Zero harm in finding another human to he attractive Silly tongue in cheek response to another sort of one, nothing to see here precious.

jimbodub (National) - 22/07/2023 13:19:24

Jim Gavin Steps Down - 14 Like(s)
Best of luck to you Jim You leave a legend Great servant Thank you

jimbodub (National) - 30/11/2019 13:07:59

Dublin GAA thread - 14 Like(s)

Replying To realdub:  "Outside of Kildare there is no competition. Kildare showed they learnt from last years mauling and nearly caught us. They have just won the U20 All-Ireland. Maybe they'll catch us someday soon."
Kikdare were very well prepared against an unmotivated Dublin side, listening to Paul Flynn last night and he's talking sense, there's no buzz from winning these Leinster's unless you're a new player.. Do you still get solid gold medals for winning Leinster titles With the gold price these days, the Dubs must have a nice few quid in their sock drawer

jimbodub (National) - 15/05/2023 10:15:39

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year - 14 Like(s)
Merry Chri5tma5

jimbodub (National) - 17/12/2019 09:27:23

Dublin GAA thread - 14 Like(s)
Kicked on from the Wexford game Excellent 1st half performance, best they've played in a couple of seasons. One game at a time, hopefully can maintain that level of performance next day out. I'm liking the leadership being shown and there's a better balance to the team now compared to last year. Onwards and Upwards Up the Dubs

jimbodub (National) - 15/05/2022 20:38:02

Dublin GAA thread - 14 Like(s)
Jeeze you couldn't have asked for any worse injuries to key players James & Con.. both were in form as Captain and Vice Captain. Major kick in the balls that!! You no doubt need a wee bit of luck with injuries on the way to winning Sam, lady luck wasn't shinging on Dessie & Co.. great pity as the team looked to be refreshed and moving with real purpose. A good win against Cork but you could see the loss of the two lads for large parts, but the team stood up and finished the game well. We don't know if they'll be available for the next day, I'm sure the work is being done to maximise their chances but for me, it'll be lucky if even one of them make it, even at that they probably won't be 100% So not great news but it is what it is, it's going to be very difficult. Fingers crossed on their availability

jimbodub (National) - 28/06/2022 12:21:11

Dublin GAA thread - 14 Like(s)
One game at a time Hopefully another good performance against Meath and look to build on the Wexford game. Solid leadership in place now with James and Con Standards will need to be met. A very poor league campaign will be a distant memory if another Leinster Final can be reached. No better motivation than the green of Meath standing in the way. Up the Dubs

jimbodub (National) - 07/05/2022 17:22:39

Dublin GAA thread - 14 Like(s)

Replying To SimonstownBack:  "That was an incredible save tbf. Would have been a great goal had it gone in too."
Easily one of his best, top class save. Eamon Fitmaurice to his credit made sure to highlight it in his commentary, he just sort of laughed in appreciation, almost a "this fecker is still at it' acknowledgement.. Don't think we'll see many better this year across the championship

jimbodub (National) - 15/05/2023 10:23:50

Dublin GAA thread - 13 Like(s)
The Dublin drop off I remember back in 05/06 on this site When the Dubs were in the doldrums.. the bleak bad times. The amount of Dub supporters on here, all trying valiantly to give as good as we got, but the ABDs had so much ammo, year after year of Dublin being found out, even embarrassed at times. We were dragged through the muck backwards, but the support never deminished. We stuck our chests out and gave it a go.. but there was some right gits that knew how to twist the knife.. boot you when you were down. Although many of them (if not all) vanished quick enough when the going wasn't so easy.. It's gas seeing it now, we are all bloated with success, we are ravaged by rich living and All Ireland gout. Witnessed history being made in layers, multiple records stacked and packed in Sky Blue. We conquered it all, we drank it up and fed until we couldn't touch another bite. The drop off in support is obvious now, I have to admit it myself, I'll personally be satisfied as a supporter for the rest of my days,. But yeah it obvious, look at this thread. You have other county threads up in the thousands, even though we are losing again, even the desire to twist the knife isn't there, they know well that we couldn't give a bollix. You need a quest, you need hardship and the knife in the guts.. that's why 2011 meant so much, the release at the final whistle was something unforgettable. It just not the same, the next generation of Dub support might have that build up of disappointment and frustration, but for us, we had our great moment as supporters. I'll die a satisfied Dub supporter, we were there to witness it all.

jimbodub (National) - 17/06/2023 13:58:32