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Keegan Cup 2019 - 27 Like(s)
Drumconrath seem to get a lot of games, maybe a few of those will go Slane direction for the next while......

Analyst (Meath) - 10/09/2019 15:33:28

New Managers - 24 Like(s)

Replying To braxton_hicks:  "Speaking to a Ratoath member last night and apparently Mossie Quinn from Vincents has been approached , being brought before the board tonight for ratification"
Makes sense , another Dub to replace a Dub to manage dubs

Analyst (Meath) - 10/01/2020 14:46:18

So It'S Clare - 23 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "Classy. From a guy who thinks those that turned their back on county should be groveled to to come back. And make a classless attack on a man who has given everything to his county. Very classy of you."
Never suggested begging anyone to play, no point in going begging after alienating them in the first place. As for classless attacks, show me where i attacked the man ?? You are still regularly slating the management team of a few years ago including the great Trevor Giles, a man that can handle himself in a manner befitting county management. Good luck to all on Sunday, a win will see us in bonus territory this year. We owe Colm Nally a lot

Analyst (Meath) - 05/07/2019 11:46:22

Meath V Tipperary NFL Rd 1 - 22 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "I'll totally disagree with you on Graham Reilly (also all star nominated) he was very well marshaled v Tyrone, which the top teams do. It's a known fact take Graham Reilly out of Meath team and they easily beat. Said by Kildare management after the semi final win over us."
If we play Wicklow or Wexford then Graham is the man

Analyst (Meath) - 22/01/2019 12:31:22

Andy McEntee Was Right To Tell A Reporter To Stick It - 22 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "According to the Meath county board. It is the players themselves who make the decision whether to play for club or not. So perhaps the journalist should have known this?"
Oh my god, that is some statement. The day that any club, hurling or football is asked to play a championship match without county players is the day the club game is finished. That statement is code for players being bullied by a county manager that if they play with club then they are out in the cold. Simonstown lads took a stand on this last year

Analyst (Meath) - 26/06/2019 21:51:19

Meath Player Of The Decade? - 22 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "Donal keoghan, graham Reilly, micky burke , stephen bray Kevin Reilly. Hard to take one out of those."
To put biggy in that list is jaw dropping.. i would have Menton ahead of him. Bray was outstanding and if any of he, Joe Sheridan, Cian Ward or Brian Farrell were in their prime now we would be in a great position. Keogan just gets nod for consistency and longevity

Analyst (Meath) - 25/07/2019 23:30:11

New Additions For Meath Panel 2020... - 22 Like(s)

Replying To StickFan:  "could Cillian o sullivan do a job in midfield, pace, power and decent footballer, can cover the ground moving back and forward, not the tallest i know but maybe an option."
He would put it up to Brian Fenton or David Moran alright

Analyst (Meath) - 08/11/2019 21:54:20

So It'S Clare - 21 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "It's up to him. I hope he does. The cb need to be clear offer him another 3 years with a review after 2. The man has a young family, and really the type of thing that went on with the chronicle was disgusting, and he may say feck this , I don't need this crap. However he is absolutely dedicated to Meath his passion and enthusiasm for the county is second to none. Will he stay? I don't know , I pray he does. But the cb must do everything possible to ensure he does."
The man should be given the freedom.of the county and a 10 year deal. New stand in navan named after Andy and a testimonial for him also. Its the least he deserves

Analyst (Meath) - 02/07/2019 12:15:47

So It'S Clare - 21 Like(s)

Replying To Talking_Sense:  "I don't agree. Freedom of the county for what ?. Nally has saved his bacon if ye ask any players around the squad. Andy is to abrasive, and loads of players don't want to play for Meath and Ye have to wonder why. Sure the journalist who had a pop at him was out of order but he as manager can't behave like that . I also think he is poor tactically and poor on the line. Lumping ball Into wee Conlon says it all. Some tactic that is. We should be beating Clare but there is simply no certainty with Andy McEntees teams. Laois comfortably beat Offaly but Offaly should have beaten us. I would not be surprised if Clare put it up to us in big way."
There was a hint of sarcasm in my post

Analyst (Meath) - 03/07/2019 23:16:21

Keegan Cup 2019 - 21 Like(s)
A lot of negative comments on Kells here which i don't understand. They have been in 4 semi finals and a Quarter final i n past 5 years, Yesterday i believe was Ratoaths first semi final, kells have been operating with more or less the same players in that time, no real underage talent came through to bolster the squad. Very entertaining side who play good football but were beaten by a slick Ratoath side yesterday. Yes kells lost the head in the final 8 minutes or so but they cannot be described as a dirty team and one thing they can take is their beating fair and square. There is a bit more steel in Ratoath this year, why they played such a slow boring lack lustre first half i don't know but when they get early ball into Mc Mahon and Joey wallace they are almost un markable. Kells will find it tough to ho again but the have proven to be a very good side over the past few seasons under Lar Wall.

Analyst (Meath) - 14/10/2019 17:49:51

Change Of Management? - 21 Like(s)
A lot of people getting a bit over excited about this, it is a democracy we operate in, people/clubs are all entitled to their opinions and that should be respected. The vote went the way in the end that i would have agreed with but i don't see why it shouldn't have been debated, nodding dogs or yes men are not good for any organisation. All this name and shame stuff is nonsense. Regardless who is in charge we should all be getting behind them for the good of Meath football

Analyst (Meath) - 18/10/2021 09:07:15

Meath V Tyrone - 20 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "You mean the graham that came on v Kildare and laid a inch perfect pass that led to the penalty that won us the game? Or the graham who came on v Clare and won the game for us?? Shows how many games you go to."
Sure bring Wardy back and Brian Farrell when your at it

Analyst (Meath) - 27/01/2020 22:22:53

So It'S Clare - 20 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "Show me one post where I said anything about Trevor?? One"
This one

Analyst (Meath) - 06/07/2019 01:01:47

Meath U20's - 20 Like(s)

Replying To royal1967:  "I believe there was no written agreement it was only verbal"
There was an agreement, that's the important part, if roles were reversed what would Mc entee have done ......honouring your word is still something that decent people do

Analyst (Meath) - 21/07/2021 11:21:37

Meath v Kildare Semi-final - 20 Like(s)

Replying To meath1977:  "you must be a micko dowd man. Andy will prove me right on that."
I am a Meath man, a realistic unbiased one. Credit will be given when and if due, but family loyalty is a bad start

Analyst (Meath) - 14/06/2017 23:31:33

Meath v Kildare Semi-final - 20 Like(s)

Replying To meath1977:  "there is no one in this world that wants meath To win this game then me but we are leaking too many scores . Kildare have a very strong mid field and will play men back so we won't have the space. no game is a given . Andy is a great manger the best we have since Sean but meath fans need to keep their feet on the ground , our replacement for our backs are very weak and it will take time for Andy to build a strong panel"
So based on 1 championship win against Louth Andy mc is the best manager we have had since 2005, some statement........ is Shane the best wing back since Martin o Connell too ??

Analyst (Meath) - 14/06/2017 20:43:31

Meath V Donegal - 20 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "Well said. 100% agree"
And i think Graham had a massive impact yesterday, kickout and keeper are fine and the slow transition of ball from defence to attack is genius. Conlon should have been left on and if Brennan was there we would have won it.

Analyst (Meath) - 15/07/2019 23:21:06

David Gough To Referee The All Ireland Final - 20 Like(s)
Yeah had a good game, lets the silly stuff gp, great from a spectators point of view

Analyst (Meath) - 01/09/2019 22:39:40

Meath Minor Footballers 2019 - 20 Like(s)

Replying To dickie10:  "sure very few minors would be on those teams. if you were at that there would never be a club game played"
I mean ftom spectators point of view

Analyst (Meath) - 08/05/2019 14:03:52

O Byrne Cup, Meath V Louth - 20 Like(s)

Replying To LoyalRoyal66:  "Great chance of silverwear. Louth still hurting from 2010. Set up to be a cracker. Can't wait"
Oh it will be a clash of titans, will RTE show it live, tickets will be at a premium.....

Analyst (Meath) - 16/11/2019 12:49:37