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Meath V Laois - 24 Like(s)

Replying To Jack_Goff:  "Funny to think if we win this, many Dublin fans will have seen us play 3 times! I'm expecting a tough battle but unless we are 5+ down with 15 to go I think our fitness will see us through. The league final experience in Croker will stand to this team. I suppose you could say the same for Laois. They are Div 3 champs yeah? If we win will many of you attend the leinster final? The result is a foregone conclusion and it's not going to be cheap."
If Meath are in a Leinster Final I'll be there and so should we all, whether it's a forgone conclusion or not, that way of thinking has to change someday, the Dubs have two arms, two legs and a head the same as our lads but if your mental state is such that your going out to get an ass whipping then that's invariably what happens, positive thoughts gentlemen, positive thoughts

Richieq (Meath) - 27/05/2019 15:51:29

Sean Boyan Documentary Thursday 6Th August At 10.10Pm On RTÉ One - 23 Like(s)
Gerry McEntee's response to Tommy Conlon's article in today's Indo; I think it is only appropriate to reply to Tommy Conlon's poisonous article in last week's Sunday Independent ('Enigma of Boylan goes unexplained') about our former manager and great personal friend Seán Boylan. There is no enigma Mr Conlon. What you see is what you get - a true gentleman. Conlon will no doubt be disappointed and a long time "waiting for a glimpse of the darkness behind this sunny façade" because there is no darkness. Seán Boylan only sees the good in everybody - Meath people or otherwise. Never once did I ever hear him vilify any of the opposition and never once did he encourage "assault and battery" as Conlon suggested. If his players overstepped the mark, and at times they did (myself included), they did so of their own volition but never could it be attributed to the influence of Seán. But let's take a look at Conlon's recollection of Gaelic football over the last 40 years and ask if his tainted memory is the same as ours. He says the Kerry team of 1975-1986 "elevated Gaelic football with charisma and class". They were truly a fantastic team but where was the "charisma" in Kerry's renowned corner-back dragging Jimmy Barry Murphy throughout at least one Munster final and highlighted by many reporters at the time, including Paddy Downey and Con Houlihan, two journalists quoted in his condemnation of Meath. And was it any different to Mark O'Reilly's approach in the 1996 Leinster final. Where was the "class" in Kerry's renowned half-back's "assault and battery" of Dinny Allen in the 1975 Munster final that went completely unpunished by a referee standing within striking distance but lucky to have slipped at the appropriate time. Mr Conlon also has a selective memory if he thinks the Meath teams of the 1980s and '90s were "the last incarnation of that long and ignoble era". Has he forgotten the carefully orchestrated cynicism of four - or was it five - Dublin forwards in the final minutes of the 2017 All-Ireland final when they dragged Mayo players to the ground to prevent them receiving a kickout in a match described on as "unsurprisingly ill-tempered"? Has he suitably forgotten his very own criticism of Tyrone and Armagh on these pages, who he claims pioneered the "endemic" and "seriously disruptive" strategy of fouling opponents outside the scoring zone. Conlon suggests that Seán Boylan inspired his "young men into doing things that have consequences for others". Never in the eight years that I had the privilege of playing under him did I ever hear him encourage or promote any negative activity on or off the field. Does Conlon, I wonder, feel that the inspirational qualities of Mick O'Dwyer, Mickey Harte, Joe Kiernan and Jim Gavin likewise "had consequences for players on other teams who felt cheated and deprived of justice" because of the cynicism of the teams these people managed or is he abusing his privileged position to vilify a person admired and respected throughout the country? Gaelic football, like all contact sports, is a physical game, and as such, all teams aspiring to get to the top have to at least match the physicality of the other top teams of their day. This inevitably leads to some players overstepping the mark, but let's have a bit of balanced analysis here. Cynical play went on before the Boylan era and will continue long after the Boylan era. It is carried out by both the victors and the vanquished, as the very Meath matches referred to by Conlon will testify. But to suggest that somehow Seán Boylan promoted "macho cynicism" shows how unbalanced some analysts can be. Seán is a wonderful human being, as anyone who knows him will verify.

Richieq (Meath) - 16/08/2020 10:49:20

Meath V Clare - 22 Like(s)
Over in New York and by God I had an extra pep in my step walking about the place today, had a feeling this would be a tough game as Clare had some much to play for so to come away with a 5 point win was fantastic, plenty to work on still but the work rate and intensity is improving all the time. Very important to keep momentum going now and beat Fermanagh to seal promotion in style, if we though Navan was loud v Kildare by Christ wait till next Sunday :-)

Richieq (Meath) - 18/03/2019 00:48:00

Meath Vs Mayo - 22 Like(s)

Replying To Jackpot:  "Goodman Royaldunne. Championship is preparation for the league now. That's some statement."
I think what is meant is that being in the Super 8's gives us a real idea of what we will face in Division 1 and give us a much improved chance of surviving in it, Division 1 is crucially important to this team and surviving in it next year should be a priority, the more games this team gets against high level opposition the better it is for them.

Richieq (Meath) - 17/07/2019 18:56:29

Meath V Tipperary NFL Rd 1 - 22 Like(s)

Replying To Young_gael:  "Seeing as youre in that kind of mood old fella, I think youre too opinionated and sometimes write garbage. So much for your own expertise. Thank you for welcoming me to the forum but I dont need a welcoming committee from you because its totally public."
Well that escalated quickly!!!!

Richieq (Meath) - 14/01/2019 21:21:18

Meath V Dublin - 22 Like(s)

Replying To waynoI:  "1) no issues with you being optimistic. Good on ya. Of course there is no pressure on Meath. I don't agree its win win though, get an absolute drubbing and I wouldn't be so sure your players will recover mentally from that to play potentially Monaghan/Tyrone/Mayo, a decent calibre of team basically, could be wrong though, we will see should that play out how Meath react. 2) With respect If you, as a Meath man, are hoping Dublin, a team who are serial winners, Who have had the bottle and the experience to win every close championship game they've played in recent memory including the biggest of games, all Ireland finals, will feel a bit of pressure about a loss coming either this year or next in a competition weve won 13 years out of 14, then youre seriously, seriously clutching at straws 3) There is a reason why Meath have never been bigger odds to win a game of football and it makes total sense. If Dublin start the game the same as they did v Kildare with maybe rock coming in, they'll start with 180 medals (all Irelands, Leinsters, allianz leagues) between them, The Meath team will likely have zero. Dublin have beaten every opponent in the province and beaten the handicap which this weekend is -12, over the past 3 or 4 years, all by double figures. Dublin are going for 5 all Irelands in a row, Meanwhile Meath haven't played a D1 team in Croke Pk in the championship since, 2016, when Dublin beat them by 10 pts. The bookies are neutral, They aren't interested in supporting one team or the other, and they don't give Meath much hope, most of the country don't give Meath much hope and the reasons behind why are completely logical."
1) Last year we lost to Longford and then should have beaten Tyrone in Navan, Kildare beat us out the gate in 2017 and afterwards we should have beaten Donegal, as McEntee had said whatever happens Sunday will not define our year and at any rate I would question whether Monaghan/Mayo/Tyrone are of the quality you refer to right now I wouldn't fear any of those teams irregardless of what happens Sunday. 2) Dublin have bottle and experience, they also have luck, Kerry and Mayo twice lost All Ireland's more than Dublin won them and that's a fact most Dublin supporters accept, not that there is anything wrong with a bit of luck, all teams need it, but it wasn't bottle and experience alone that has gotten Dublin this far 3) The past is irrelevant, what you have won in years gone by doesn't ensure you will win again in 2019, in fact given that amount of success and that amount of football you could make the argument that despite all of Jim Gavin's good management skills complacency could set in, let no one tell me that any Dublin players expect anything but to win Sunday and win well, you can say all you want on radio and in front of a camera or to a newspaper but every one of those Dublin players expect to wipe the floor with Meath as they done in 2014 and 2016 with little effort exhausted, in their minds this is just an irritating step on the road to history and whilst they will never admit and and neither will you it is a fact.

Richieq (Meath) - 20/06/2019 19:45:09

Well Said Bryan Menton - 22 Like(s)
What was more shocking was the admin of that Facebook page deleting comments of those who questioned why they were seemingly siding with the Dubs and giving no acknowledgement to local GAA, an almost unbelievable PR disaster for a financial institution that has many local Meath people as customers and as founding members.

Richieq (Meath) - 17/09/2019 01:05:36

Kildalkey V Ratoath - 21 Like(s)

Replying To lagoreX:  "Too obvious :-D Which Blues would he be talking about then!! Who the hell are Rathoath and Kildalky anyway ?"
Yes can we just clarify once and the all that there is only one H in Ratoath, the Dubs introduced a second H as a way of trying to mark their territory and attempted to make it sound like a place in Dublin by pronouncing it "Raaa Howth", please let us not have the name sullied on this auspicious forum. As for the game I have not heard the finer details nor was I at it but needless to say it's a shameful carry on which I'm sure will see heavy punishment handed out, a game being abandoned can not be brushed under the carpet

Richieq (Meath) - 01/05/2019 17:14:09

Meath V Kildare - 21 Like(s)

Replying To Foley91:  "Against popular opinion I'm with nobull on this. Meath were very poor at times and pass and shot selection was well below whats required. I'm not sure what o'sullivans role is. He's all over the place and on a wet day carried the ball for too long. We were wide open in the first half and our full back ok were exposed one on one. Kildare lauded the midfield in the first half. It's a reflection of how far we've fallen that we are dancing out of navan in March after a win over a poor kildare team on the way down."
Ah give over will you, yes the performance was below par at times and yes our shooting was way off at times but the guts, heart and determination shown in that second half was immense, 12 months ago we wouldn't have won a game like that and you would be spouting the exact same stuff, we have won 4 out of 5 and are on the brink of Division 1 after a display and ending that had Navan on its feet and in all honesty if we had our shooting boots on we would have won that game between 4-6 points, we dominated the second half almost entirely. There is improvement in this team and I'm glad to see Meath supporters realise that and showed their support in numbers today despite the awful weather.

Richieq (Meath) - 03/03/2019 20:14:28

Meath V Donegal - 20 Like(s)

Replying To FoolsGold:  "We know our own affairs. We have more players missing then Meath but get on with it."
Tell that Cavan couple from the Aldi ad they can feck off too, trying to make out Meath people are tight, cheeky feckers

Richieq (Meath) - 03/02/2020 16:25:07

Change Of Management? - 20 Like(s)
A sorry affair, the 8 individuals should have been asked for their reasoning in not recommending McEntee. I sincerely hope we learn from this and don't have such unprofessional behaviour again but I won't hold my breath on that one

Richieq (Meath) - 13/10/2021 10:32:31

All Ireland - Leinster Championship Draw 2020 - 20 Like(s)
Judging by the way that draw went I believe we should be at home to either Wicklow or Wexford in that quarter final too, although if it's Wicklow our last clash with them was in Navan so a trip to Aughrim could be in the cards.

Richieq (Meath) - 08/10/2019 20:27:16

Senior Championship Match Predictions - 20 Like(s)
Seneschalstown V Dunshaughlin - Hard one to call this although I think Seneschalstown might just scrape through but I've no exact science in thinking that Curraha V Nobber - Again hard one to call but Nobber were really disappointing against Skryne after the high of the Simonstown game, I would have expected that result to give them a real pep in their step but Skryne dominated them, Curraha unlucky not to get points in their group, I think they are better equipped and will win a close game. Summerhill V Ratoath - One could say neither have hit top form this year, although with everything that's going on that is not necessarily surprising, I think Ratoath have more scope to improve on their performance and should get home by 3-4 points Na Fianna V Gaeil Colmcille - Interesting tussle this, Na Fianna have some really well this year and like Ratoath have a double to play for, I always thought Kells would be Ratoath's biggest danger this year and I stick with them to get through this but I think it will be a right battle for them

Richieq (Meath) - 15/09/2020 21:53:59

Meath V Offaly - 20 Like(s)
Can we please stop this nonsense talk of changing managers, Colm hasn't done everything perfect buy he is most certainly not deserving of some of the criticism I see posted here and elsewhere by people who I thought knew better, the problems run much deeper than a manager and here we have a 65 years old man who answered the call of the county and sacrificed a lot to answer that call, he deserves more respect in my opinion and the gleeful jeering by Keegan and Cavanagh on the Sunday Gane yesterday was nothing short of shameful and the fact it was almost promoted by the host was even more sickening, its bad enough when we have clowns like that taking pot shots without people in our own county doing it as well

Richieq (Meath) - 24/04/2023 15:21:27

Meath Player Of The Decade? - 20 Like(s)

Replying To bert09:  "Discuss?"
I would have to say Keoghan, consistently high performance level

Richieq (Meath) - 24/07/2019 19:47:57

So It'S Clare - 20 Like(s)
Tight, close and uncomfortable just as I thought it would be, firstly the negatives 1) Kickouts are a real issue and under a high ball Colgan doesn't look comfortable 2) Possession given away to cheaply/easily at times and we could have been punished more for it 3) Midfield is not gaining enough primary possession, got a lot of breaking ball in second half but we need more clean possessions The Positives 1) Only 4 wides and kicked 2-16, huge improvement 2) We have a fantastic half back line 3) Conor McGill continues to grow and impress 4) Mickey Newman's leadership up front 5) James Conlon proving his quality Just a few of the more obvious points from both sides, we should be proud of this squad today as after the Leinster Final any game was going to be difficult and Clare are no fools and are an improving side, to respond the way we did after the Clare goal was fantastic and the winning of the game was that 5-6 minute period after that Clare goal where we kicked 1-2 to go four up, Clare kept battling as I knew they would, they done the same v Kerry in Munster but we worked equally hard and got our rewards, we will learn an awful lot from the next three games which is a fantastic opportunity for these players, no pressure on no one expects us to do anything and we have nothing to lose and that is often when we have played our best. Management and players should embrace the challenge of the next few weeks and use it as an opportunity to learn and develop, no better preparation for Division 1 next year could we have, well done all you have given us something to shout about again.

Richieq (Meath) - 07/07/2019 16:53:03

Pairc Tailteann - 20 Like(s)

Replying To Boynerover:  "Meath GAA have not applied for a €13m million grant so therefore won't get €13m. Government don't totally fund projects so I'd would imagine for a €10m project county would have a application for 8m. I hope announcements will be soon as spring start would be ideal."
Nobody said they did.......

Richieq (Meath) - 18/10/2019 17:35:10

Meath V Carlow - 20 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "Can't disagree with that. Look I'm old fashioned, I don't think these vigorous warmups before a game is necessary, and can often be counterproductive. I'll give you a example think it was 12 in Croke Park I know it was against Kildare we came out with a under pressure banty in charge we did a normal enough warm up, and quite a bit of shooting, mcgeeney had Kildare bouncing off big orange foam and doing extreme drills. Kildare couldn't hit the side of a hay shed during game, we were 5/1 to win that match (I made a fortune) . I'm not a fan of lots of warming up."
Rumour has it the squad had a very intensive training weekend in Fota the week before the Offaly game which included that challenge match against Kerry, "McEntee ran the sh**e out of them" was how I was told, mightn't be wholly accurate but if they did have a fairly hard workout it may explain the seemingly lacklustre performance v Offaly, time will tell I suppose. Personally I would like to see warm ups that just concentrate on kick outs, passing and kicking scores, get the simple things right should be the priority at all times.

Richieq (Meath) - 20/05/2019 11:18:16

Meath V Carlow - 20 Like(s)

Replying To seadog54:  "Sent back to CAC"
Blow for Carlow as Turlough O'Brien, Stephen Poacher and Brendan Murphy lose suspension appeals Carlow's prospects of beating Meath in Saturday's Leinster football quarter-final in Portlaoise have been hit with a serious setback after the latest attempt to have manager, Turlough O'Connor, coach, Stephen Poacher and midfielder, Brendan Murphy cleared for duty failed. The GAA's Central Appeals Committee (CAC) last night dismissed appeals by the trio against lengthy suspensions, imposed following an investigation into incidents after Carlow's one-point defeat by Down in a Division 3 Allianz League game in mid-March. O'Brien was suspended for 20 weeks while Poacher and Murphy were each banned for 12 weeks. They took their case all the way to the Disputes Resolution Authority (DRA), who sent it back for hearing to the CAC. It was heard last night, but brought no relief for the trio. Carlow still have the option of challenging the CAC decision before the DRA, but given the tight timescale it's thought unlikely they will take the matter any further.

Richieq (Meath) - 21/05/2019 12:45:51

Meath Vs Down - 20 Like(s)
Fantastic win and one that I think will give a real boost to the team, true Down had 17 wides but we had a fair clutch of them ourselves and our scoring rate is still an issue but well done Daithi McGowan on two massive scores towards the end. A home quarter final and a big vocal crowd hopefully, these lads and management deserve no less.

Richieq (Meath) - 03/06/2023 14:49:05